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Shark's unban request

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BYOND Key:Sharkguy37

Total Ban Length:permanet

Banning staff member's Key: Yonnimer

Reason of Ban: Not reading the rules

Reason for Appeal: I was joing the server after a 1 day ban and i read the rules which may i say that 1 day ban was probably the worst decision made by this same staff member who said that it takes a day for me to read the rules. Anyhow i was joining when i selected a character i made before my original ban who didn't have a last name and I wasn't aware of the shell race because the character was made to be an android.

I am going to paste the entire chat with the admin (the chat of players and in game stuff will be cut out im just showing the conversation.): 

 [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: hi. Need to speak

  to Yonnimer: Hello Detective i am connor, the android sent by cyberlife. i am here to assist in any formal investigations.

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: ok. have you read the rules?

  to Yonnimer: yeah

  to Yonnimer: My last name can be Connor Connor XD

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: If you have read th erules, you would know not reference names, and single-word names are against the rules as a human. You've already been spoken to about naming rules, why have you done it again?

  to Yonnimer: Honestly i had no idea what last name to give him

 [Common] Camryn Hujsak says, "Trying to get an announcement. Avoid Cargo, for now."
 to Yonnimer: also im an android

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: ok. Well. You've been told to read the rules multiple times, and being banned recently for this, but you still cleary have not. 

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: you are not. You are a human.

  to Yonnimer: i did read the rules
  to Yonnimer: set my name to Connor Fetcher
  to Yonnimer: i'll fix it when the round ends

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: Okay. Regarding andriods, there's a species for that, called shells.

  to Yonnimer: oh i didn't know that
  to Yonnimer: what are the shells?

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: IPCs. They are andriods, basicly.

  to Yonnimer: cool i'll do that next round

 [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: Okay. Well. Here's my question. You've been spoken to multiple times about the rules, and you've kept breaking them. Why should I belive this time will change?

  to Yonnimer: because last time i didn't read the rules and also you can check by the fact if i did wahat i said i was going to do next round

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: Okay. You've been told to read the rules, given a day ban for it. ANd I still have no reason to think you have here, so I will be applying a perma ban, once you read the rules. You will be free to appeal it on the forums.

  to Yonnimer: i will fix my name and race next round when i get the chance

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: Again, just because you do this, I have no reason to think you have understood the rules, even have a ban, being told to read the rules, or you will be permad. So this will be a perma.

   to Yonnimer: i think your a bit fast on the ban hammer

  [Secondary Admin PM] Yonnimer: I am escelating this based off of a ban you have from yesterday.

 to Yonnimer: i haven't been on since the ban

This is a permanent ban.
To try to resolve this matter head to https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewforum.php?f=38 

I belive that this ban was unjust as i had fully planned to fix my mistakes the next round whenever i could access the character selection however this admin clearly is impatient and I don't at all think this was justified.

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Hi, Aplogies for not saying this in the original ban, but. You need to make a staff complaint if you disagree with the ban, not a unban request. As a unban is for if you agree with the punishment.

If you want to edit this thread, I can move it to the staff complaint section, or you can make a new thread for the complaint.

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While action definitely need to be taken against you i feel like a permaban here is inappropriate. The sum total of all of your notes in your time here are relatively tame in nature. While it is true you just came off a day temp ban its kind of strange to go to a permaban right after it. I would expect someone to spam the N word or plasma grief the shuttle for something like that. After speaking with yonni on discord i am dropping this ban down to a basic warning. 

This all being i understand that adjusting to the way a server does RP can be a little frustrating or obtuse. While these instances are all minor and tame if they pile up enough you can and will be banned. I am not attempting to threaten you i just want to convey that eventually we do have to take action to effectively do our jobs. If you ever have a question for any behavior you might want to exhibit in game you can always ask us by ahelping. 

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