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Character Feedback: Daniel Blaze!

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The space cop who has it all!

He's got looks, hair, money and nothing could go wrong!

Is he just some rich kid that found himself stuck in Tau Ceti after a trading expedition gone wrong? Yes. Actually that's basically his entire backstory, and I would like your opinion on it. His parents were very successful interstellar traders and Danny wound up getting his ship impounded due to not having any proof of ownership.

Unable to really get anywhere, and with only a few bucks he wound up working in Security.

Technically Daniel is an off-worlder. But I made him before I knew off-worlders were mechanically a thing. Does it make sense that he just doesn't have any off-worlder defects because his parents were rich and despite growing up in space, he had it pretty lavish?

Would love ya'll feedback.

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