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Dragos Wiki Maintainer App

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Hello, the main concern in accepting this app is related to your current status as part of the Lore, Dev, and Moderation teams. While a lot of intersectionality exists between the Lore and the Wiki team, therefore I would have few issues accepting this app if that were your only other Staff role, I strain my mind fathoming how you intend to actively moderate the game, actively write Lore for the game, actively write code for the game, and actively improve pages on the wiki for the game. Is the purpose of applying simply to obtain the formal go-ahead to improve pages? If so, I can simply grant you that under the current wiki perms you have as a Lore deputy without giving you the full responsibilities of a wiki maintainer. I'd advise you to maybe slow down a little however since all of these responsibilities are likely to burn you out. (They would definitely burn me out) Any issue with this?

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