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[ACCEPTED]Diggiez Kicks the Anthill Whitelist

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BYOND Key: diggiez

Character Names: Preston Fulton, Orde Halson, Gage Birolen, Gabriel Archonisol, Josuke Houstani, Zakaria Ibn-Eazim, Duanmuhe Haogan, Jyar'Qoin Abuii, Qim Aulo'Uol, Oraa Nul'kyx, Ron Roids

Species you are applying to play: Vaurcae

 What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Moist Clay Brown (81, 21, 0)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I read the Vaurcan lore section of the wiki last year, out of leisure and when I scoping out potential whitelists for my first whitelist. I reread them recently, read them over again after that and it's just as I remember so Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Last year, I said Vaurcae were the most alien race in Aurora Lore...a few months ago, I stood by it, and I still stand by it. These giant, terrifying-to-look-at bug-people have the most eccentric..history in the Auroraverse lore. You have this species in a caste-based society, which on its own isn't too interesting, that used to be much stronger and more powerful years ago in a crippled & weak position, left to the mercy of aliens they don't understand nor fully trust. Unlike Vox, the Vaurcae can't even replicate some or most of their best weaponry, and while they do have powerful organic troops, those troops take a lot to maintain, train, and actually grow (again, unlike the Vox since Vox are just bodies w/ stacks inserted).

Vaurcae are at a point in their history where they could technically be wiped out if they started a war since the rest of their population suffering on Sedantis don't have enough materials to forge new hiveships and evacuate the dying planet & the Vaurcae in Tau Ceti and systems near are very concentrated...a few well positioned bombs could wipe most of them out and the High Queen C'thur can get fucked by Jargon at any moment.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Vaurcae have an extreme biological dependency on Phoron...which happens to be what the Aurora is famous for working with! (right?) They are very bug-like and rely on pheromones for a hefty amount of stuff. Each Vaurcan, regardless of caste, is augmented to assist them (commonly with an internal tank so they don't DIE because they're not in PHORON LAND). The bugmen are also well-known for their lack of physical expression and occasional confusion on how humans choose to convey or act theirs. A human could genuinely confuse a Vaurcan by crying while smiling. "Are you in joy or discontent? Your facial expression befuddles me." (though this would apply mostly to vaurcae who haven't researched humans too much in the VR because their job doesn't demand extensive knowledge)

Character Name: Ka'Viax'Vuklz Zo'ra

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Ka'Viax'Vuklz Zo'ra was a fresh worker, born shortly before the Titan Prime was first detected, and under the Brood of Ta'Akaix'Xakt'yagz'isk Zo'ra, Queen of Corpses & the soon-to-be partner of Getmore Corp. At some time during 2458, Vuklz was appointed by the Queen to be sent to work at a Getmore facility to increase her ties with the corporation as well as the Brood's industrial strenght. The Bound worked endlessly at the facility, often sleeping inside of it only to resume work the next shift so the Queen could show her usefulness to the corporation.

At the turn of 2460, Vuklz was arranged by Getmore to be transferred to the NSS Aurora, from the Worker's shown of seamless work and cooking. As a chef, they would be able to keep the Vaurcan workforce at the station fed whilst advertising Zorane products, free marketing on the Queen's end.


What do you like about this character?

Vuklz is just a cook who cooks and cooks and cooks until it would be pointless to continue creating food. They've had all the training they needed for the most common human foods (as well as some of the most well-known/expensive) & could fit ICly as a small connection to Zo'ra and their influence. They're a literal alien cooking food that you'd eat normally, but also alien drinks that might weird you out. For other vaurcae, Vuklz works as a small middle-man who gets them a quick bit of K'ois paste or an energy drink to get them through the shift & maybe gives them a small factoid about what they've observed humans to act like.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I'll never use objective, numerical ratings to describe my subjective view of myself so I'll continue to describe it in words:

I think that when I try, I could easily get into the mind of the character I'm playing; I often think about small IC consequences that some players don't consider for their character whenever anything happens, especially big things like pay changes or money drains; all that good criminal stuff. [In order words...still average]

Notes: Vuklz is a concept and may not be the character I play for my first vaurcae (though I'm actually interested in making a Bound similar to them after writing this)

Also, the reason I compared Vaurcae to Vox a couple of times earlier is because they both give me a similar tone of 'Fallen Empire desperately trying to regain tech'. Once, I even called Vaurcae 'Vox, if they had actual lore' because of the themes until I learned bugs were actually slaves to vox or something at one point

I used to be a dumb dumb and crush anthills when I was fucking 5 and get confused why I couldn't find the holes I just caved in

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Added an extra tidbit to the Notes section about why I mention Vox
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Hello, Pair of Dogs here. While I'm not really concerned about the lack of feedback (it's a niche species), and while the rest of your application is of a good shine, the fact that you made a Bound makes it complicated to gauge how well you are at crafting a Vaurca character. I will have you reply to this post with a quick (it doesn't have to be any greater than 2 paragraphs) example Unbound, you don't need to answer what you like about them if you don't see it fit, though it would be preferable.

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Ka'Akaix'Wxkri C'thur, an Unbound worker, born in 246 to the middle daughter Ta'Akaix'Xetl'jyatk'yatu C'thur. In the VR, they were known to laugh at what were typically racial slurs to Vaurcae, often visiting simulated bars full of racist aliens as their personal 'comedy night'. Wxkri began to research the psychology behind humans and what made them tick, emotion-wise, so they could get the best possible response.


The vaurcan was eventually needed to choose a job and raise income for the Hive. Immediately, Wxkri decided being a Psychologist would be easiest as it would allow them to covertly gather knowledge about what angers non-vaurcae in the right way while also allowing the worker to funnel money into the Hive. 

What I Like: Wxkri can turn a normal interaction with a racist into something else. Instead of just getting offended and going "You are racizzt!", they just laugh it off and leave the person ICly confused. I could also imagine Wxk subtly (or not so, depending on who's watching) getting someone to yell a slur at them given their extensive knowledge of the typical non-vaurcan psyche.

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