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Involving interacting with Xenofauna


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I had a question regarding game mechanics specifically on this server, given how the code is modified heavily from tg/baystation. 

My question was: is there any other form of interaction that you can have with space carp, space bears, spiders (of all varieties), cave dwellers, space bats, and any Xenofauna I forgot here that isn't just beating the tar out of them?

Follow up questions:

Is it possible to domesticate any of them without the use of a Lazarus injector?

Are any of them vulnerable to chems? Perhaps could one tranq one and bring it to xenobiology for study?

Is there any way one could say, surgery out the teeth of a space carp, rendering it unable to deal damage while still keeping it alive?

I ask these questions as I have started playing a xenobiologist, and while slimes are cool and all, I'd like to interact more with other forms of wildlife that are around the aurora. I know the firat comment will be "Find out IC'ly" but the field of xenbiology has existed since mankind encountered xenofauna, and every species mentioned above (excluding xenomorphs sometimes) are not new discoveries. This information should be available in the game universe, and my character should know this, even if I, the player, do not.

All replies are appreciated.

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