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Selling Artefacts


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This idea has been swimming in my mind for a while and I've been trying to think how, such a place as aurora would work out lore wise despite some limitations of what most departments are or aren't allowed to have or do. Because of unfairness of oocly base mechanics and Ic means of why such should not have. But hear me out...

Along the lines of a place as xenoarchaeology department in science (That I have been playing a lot of lately as Tine) have been noticing the cracks a little bit. With little to no use to some artefacts found out at the dig sites. (Not the anomaly structures that come in result from getting that key number centre meters to get such alien objects as a xenoarchaeologist.) As that's more or least an Anomalist job to find out what they do. Otherwise the alien objects themselves becomes nothing more but an art piece placed out on the shelf (with the occasional talking back to you objects) as some cardboard copy of a dwarf fortress description base layout on generation once gotten to.

But it then suddenly struck me one day with all those descriptions when it comes to those cliches moments in movies, series or games. With the heist of "Oh no! This thing is being sold at an auction!" or some "Great Collector of the Galaxy". Is implementing a Collector's Vending Machine.


It has a tiny skull in the interface display screen. An ID card slot, buttons to transport/teleport artefacts to their respective collector its being sold to, a compartment to place in artefacts ready to be transported. And the colour scheme to show it is of a science vending machine.
Vending machine art done by me!

Why a vending machine if the purpose is to sell objects or artefacts? Well if great treasure hunters have told us anything if looking for hidden objects in plain sight. Is becoming prepared against all odds. Which in this case, within aurora's term. Is minor tools to fight against the dreaded space carps in the daring hunt for artefacts and anomalies. Such as space bears also. Whilst tools to get to artefacts quicker with better mining equipment of limited stock inside the vending machine. Which should I say serves both ways with xenoarchaeologists and miners. Of helping each other out of who can spare which mining equipment of the what. But this is to not say that xenoarchaeologist are to be in any way should be regarded as a miner just because could and can have the same level grade mining tools at their disposal. And here is why...

Due to artefacts being so few and far between on the asteroid depending on the generation at the start of the round. (Including the hidden once's that don't always show up on the scanner) makes finding two dig sites alone if one or the other is at opposite ends of the map. (or lucky if two spawn quite close to one another) takes up almost an entire round finding them with normal pickaxe. With most of RnD having no materials to spare. Because most of the time, no offence, including dead hour rounds of no mining and no one researching levels. Is them either wanting to make their own thing. Or just does not exist because dead hours.

Plus there is another kicker to this that can also make dependence on the vending machine less optional if some fear too much power is given to an xenoarchaeologist when having such items. Is also having the alien objects from dig sites being sold to the collectors, determining from the factors of either the age, the rarity and the compounds that make up the object. Which can either massively increase the value, or devalue it, if the object is of "All craftsmanship is of the highest/lowest quality". With the placed in alien artefact in the vending machine, snipping out key words within the description and what item it is to determine the overall price value.

Artefacts with a known prices on them also gives it roleplay potential if one comes across something that's priceless and cannot be sold because of how super rare of a find it is. Which cannot be sold because of that reason and become more of an admirable thing to stare at. Which can also become a bit of an antaggy thing to get if their objective is to be loaded with money, or those who are greedy and want it for themselves to sell on the black market / sell to the merchant in some bargaining way.

P.S, sorry if the post is long. I just wanted to put my thoughts down.

(Despite my spelling and grammer errors. I've edited the post to correct those to sound at least sensible. Rather then over simplifying things.] Plus I would like to add that this mechanic? Can be used from the code base structure of the merchants base machine when they can send away credits and buy things. But replicated upon and turned into a single object of a buying and selling vending machine.

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Not going to lie, I personally think this is a great idea.  I even would go a step further and introduce some kind of storage system for larger artifacts (similar to cryogenic storage, to think of it). There is already a form in the Database to describe an item's catalogue number/storing place/reference number, etc. It would give Xenoarch/Anomalous Materials a big QoL addition. If that is too much, then the vendor, as the OP describes is also a great addition. It makes a lot of sense to try to get some black numbers in xenoarch, considering it's a niche department and probably doesn't get a lot of funding in the first place. So why not sell some trash, that's not considered valuable by the company to some crazy collectors? Great idea, honestly.

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Neat idea, but I'd also like the ability to sell them via cargo shuttle for a flat rate to NT (likely a price irrespective of age/effects/quality, with differing prices purely based on size so a random fist-sized fossil doesn't fetch the same as machine-sized artifact). Particularly since it doesn't make sense to me that the scientists would be managing an auction over the company itself doing so. Also in part because it adds a little more encouragement for Xenoarch/Anomalists to interact with the non-mining portion of Cargo.

Though either way, very interesting idea.

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