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Odd unban request

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BYOND Key: Sekh

Total Ban Length: Unknown but i think it's permanent?

Banning staff member's Key: Casperf1

Reason of Ban: You or another user of this computer or connection (jebeddo) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Not reading the rules, stupid names, disrespectful, no intention of roleplaying. Please go a way.

Reason for Appeal: See details below


So i was in the mood to try a new server today, and i came across your server which had received some praise from different sources. So i decided i would give your server a try.

Upon attempting to connect i'm met with the following message:

Banned by host: Reason: You or another user of this computer or connection (jebeddo) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Not reading the rules, stupid names, disrespectful, no intention of roleplaying. Please go a way. This ban was applied by casperf1 on 2014-12-21 19:10:27


Now this puzzled me a bit for the following reasons:

  • This is the first time i attempt to log on your server
  • I'm not some shitter who goes around getting banned (i.e. no bans from any other servers that i'm aware of)
  • I do not know who "jebeddo" is
  • I am the only person living here, i.e. no "idiot brother to get you banned" kind of thing.
  • I am the only person with access to this computer
  • The ip i'm connecting from is "mine". It's a static IP and i've had it for 15ish years by now. So i would be very surprised if someone else would have been using it.
  • I'm not running proxy servers allowing other people to relay through my machine
  • I'm not compromised by viruses or trojans, which might allow relaying through my network


Does this ban reflect a single IP ban? Or was it possibly done on an entire subnet level (which i guess could explain why i was banned)?

Is this some sort of mistake?

Can this ban somehow be removed, i'd love to try playing on your server?

I'm not too happy about posting my ip in plaintext here for all to see if it can be avoided, so i hope you can see the ip address i'm trying to connect via from my forum post (if this is required).

Is any further information needed to considder / process this unban request?

Best regards

A puzzled and confused potential player


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I mostly play over on the tgstations, primarily on badger and sometimes sybil.

Character names vary from time to time, but frequent ones include:

  • Phoebe Owens
  • Miles Gibson
  • Osbourne Richter


I'm not sure if i'm well enough known to really be on anyones radar :D

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Hey again.

No, noone else has access to my computer, and i did not get it from a friend. All the parts were bought as new during the summer of 2014 and i assembled installed everything myself.

From what i understand the "hostid" is a fingerprint generated by byond based on your hardware configuration, is this correct?

Any chance that this hostid generation is vulnerable to collisions? Or is it possible that this Casperf1 staff member simply entered a wrong one and hit mine by mistake?

Another note, i dont know if it's possible to check, but can you see if the IP address that the banned hostid was connecting from matches mine? It should not as i have had this same static IP address for 15ish years? This may help show that it "wasn't me".


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The IP and CID tied to a ban are selected automatically, as they are tied to the client entity that is banned. So the entry was not an erronous/manual one. The ban was applied during the summer, I do believe I was there for that; the bantime is a fetch from the database, the date when we migrated the banlist over.

I'll modify the original ban so that it should no longer attempt to nab your CID. Let me know when you are able to access the server again.

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Hi Skull132

I have just attempted a connect and it works now! I get to the lobby. :D

Though i'm still a bit puzzled as to how my computer id ended up in there in the first place, but it doesn't really matter!

Thank you very much for your help in resolving the matter!


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