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Staff Complaint - Drwago

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BYOND Key: IAmCrystalClear

Staff BYOND Key: Drwago

Game ID: b1y-dBWA

Reason for complaint: Invalid prosecution and enforcement of rules.

Evidence/logs/etc: To begin, I will cite a simple explanation of the events that transpired prior to the bwoink as I interpreted them.

Roughly twenty minutes into the round, an announcement was made saying all funds had been suspended due to suspicious activity; this in itself was as such, and it was found the HoP was in fact illegally siphoning the funds. After a lengthy, half hour search turned up dry, with several reports of explosions, assaults, and possible murder in the time I searched, my HoS stated I was reassigned to looking for a new black suited hostile capable of teleportation and attempting to kidnap crew whilst threatening to decapitate them. I received no standing orders following the fact, and continued these until it was revealed the armoury had been raided. Hearing this, combined with that tools were being handed out as the HoP had a lethal weapon that was out of my authorisation to even know the basis of, I went to engineering to get a crossbow, capable of pinning the hostile that'd i'd now visually confirmed could teleport, and a spear for should I need something else to defend myself with. I found and "...arrested the man wearing the suit.", who claimed to be an outsourced NT worker working on the solars. His ID matched that that I saw earlier, and he was in the same area. He'd fallen, and was badly injured, so I "...Took him to robotics to remove the suit, took the suit and the man to medical to be treated..." I then informed medical to bring the man back to security when he was healed. next, I "...headed to security to offload the suit..." This is when, following his story about a contractor, and repeatedly being ignored by other members of security over comms "...looked to see modules to check man's story to check validity..." and discovered a e-sword, thermals, and the teleporting module, this next part is where I, admittedly, slipped in judgement. I next "...walked back to see man to take to security..." having not taken off the suit, which was where the mistake was, "...bumped into the HoS on the way. and asked if we could use the suit..." I'd informed the HoS had thermals, meaning the HoP would be far easier to track down, who'd eluded us from the thirty minute mark until the 1:45 mark. This is where I was bwoinked. At the time, I'd been wearing the suit for enough time to see the modules and walked from the security locker room to the north wall of the elevators, where the HoS would be found talking to the previously mentioned roboticist.

I was informed this was attempting to validhunt, yet I feel all my actions (excusing not taking off the suit before leaving the brig once more) can be validated with IC reasoning and backing. The round was utter chaos at this point, with multiple explosive-related deaths, and suspect on the run, having used lethals to escape. I'd like to note I did NOT use the suit for anything more than showing to the warden that it had a lethal weapon attached to it.

Additional remarks: I was informed of a Spacer event in which a Warden tried on a Spacer hardsuit after it'd been captured. They received no punishment for these actions, barring an explosion killing him. I tried on the hardsuit to check the modules, and did nothing but check the modules. I took the crossbow when faced with no other option for a weapon, and never returned to the brig until the hostile I'd been ordered to capture had been captured, thus never getting a chance to trade out the weapon.

It's also important here to note that the Warden in this round used the suit I was ordered to give them by the HoS to cloak-teleport into a hostile shuttle an execute those within with little to no reason; Drwago dealt with this matter as would be expected. I would also like to note that this is validhunting, clear as day. Drwago dealt with this case perfectly, this is not necessarily a complaint about the staff memeber, but rather a disagreement with the punishment handed down. Drwago also dealt with this particular situation well, but did not get the finer details and thus executed judgement wrongly.

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Due to the complaint being more of how the punishment was placed and the length of it, the punishment was designed to ensure crystel learns that this behavior is not ok. Following discussion with them I believe they are understanding of the issue, and I will be lowering this to a warning, however if it repeats in the future it will be placed back to the original punishment. 

sound good?

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