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[Denied] IPC application

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Byond key: DreggMorris

Character Name: Jack Nehling

Species I am applying for: IPC 

What color do you plan on making your alien character : I believe IPC's are not included.If I am wrong.I apologise.

Have I read the lore for this species?: Yes.

Why do I wish to play this species? : I usually play a 'polite' character,and I usually get a lot of questions about that,due to me being suspicious I suppose,if I could play as an IPC,then me being 'polite' would be justified,also I like the concept of a free IPC,as it gives a lot of RP possibilities.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Role-playing as an human is much different than role-playing as an IPC,as stated above why.I would like to stop looking suspicious and not having to answer questions every round due to being polite and dressing oddly 'victorian age'.It would also provide more RP possibilities.

Character Name: Jack Nehling(Perhaps just Jack if accepted)

Please provide a backstory: 

Being used as a robot by Nanotrasen,Jack always had a goal of being free,he received that goal when an unknown sponsor bought him off.Jack worked for the sponsor,still unknown to Jack.He only knew that the sponsor was old,and when the sponsor passed away,Jack was told that he was free.Not sure of what to do,he spent many years working in the black market to get batteries and did many interviews with the journalists which paid him in batteries as well.He began working as a private investigator in a run down town which was primarily a home to the abandoned IPC's,investigating crimes and calling in gangs which operated as a security force.He began working for Nanotrasen when he received a job offer as a detective,he accepted,and had to leave the run down town.The reports say,that the town began shrinking in crime rates.After Jack left,the crime rates once again sky rocketed.He has been working with Nanotrasen for 2 years now.Jack can not make any difference of species and refers to everyone by Mr or Mrs.

What do I like about this character?: 

The concept of a free IPC that is still learning is something that fits me,I'm not a perfect player,and I'll be growing alongside this character,in some time,they'll grow as well.If this approval was accepted,I would try my hardest to act as this character.

How would I rate my RP abilities?:

Altough I sometimes sync out of character,I usually act as my character would.No matter what kind of RP i'm doing,I primarily try to save everyone,which I believe is what my character would do as well.I have RP-ed as a detective multiple rounds,I believe I have enough experience to at least apply.I RP-ed as a detective who would always go into action,and I believe that is a very bad habit of mine,I'll try to fix it.

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Hi. Sorry for letting this sit for a few days more than usual.

In general, the application is written in good faith, but there's numerous issues generally coming from a writer's perspective that make it impossible for me to accept. I don't expect a novel, but the questions here are really lackluster. I don't expect every question to be great, either, but in this case, it's every category. If you intend to reapply, I would suggest giving it more time, as the -

On 04/06/2019 at 05:11, Dimitri Zhukov said:

I have RP-ed as a detective multiple rounds,I believe I have enough experience to at least apply.

doesn't provide much faith here. I rarely accept very new players if at all for the IPC whitelist.

Application denied.

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