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  1. Byond Key: SuicidalRussianDoomer Total Ban Length:Permanent. Banning staff member's Key: The first 3-day ban was applied by Shestryin. The permanent ban has been applied by TheGoret. Reason of Ban:First reason for ban was as follows: The ban reason after attempting to have the 3 day ban removed,and talking to the mods and admins is as follows: I'll also link to the ban appeal,and the staff complaint. https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/13439-unban-request/?tab=comments#comment-128404 https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/13447-staff-complaint-shestrying/?tab=comments#comment-128595 Tell me if there's some issues with linking or with the linked images. Reason for Appeal: I originally wasn't ever planning on making this appeal,or even wanting to play on this server. I thought to myself that this is finally it,the day I was banned due to my reckless behavior. Time went through,my engineering school became harder,and time's were tough. New year came,and a new year of school once again started. Now,I would barely be able to play SS13,and yet I would constantly think about this server. I joined the Aurora SS13 discord server,and talked to you people,argued,debated and had conversations with you folks. It felt nice,and I genuinely enjoyed such talks,even if it were small ones,even if they saw it as some random talking. I regret the sass I gave,I was simply annoyed from a fucked up day. It wasn't because I thought that they don't deserve basic respect,I never thought such things. I will admit,I made plenty mistakes,and received tickets for such issues,and would often bring it to LOOC as a means to relieve my anger. I've been thinking of having my LOOC removed all together. I'd like to say,that I didn't swear at them,nor did I have the intention for them to think I was attempting to,I simply had issues with moderators and admins being so plain and thinking you understand everything and that elaboration is non-required,before. The tickets,issues I made to other players,and the overall insults I threw to everyone,whenever that have happened,I apologize for it. The tickets,which were mostly minor things repeated again and again,I'll do my best to fix them,as I always did. I'll also attempt to communicate with the player base,and to keep things with moderators and admins as calm as possible,to the best of my abilities. I hope this is enough to allow me a second chance,and that we will be able to play together soon. Also,here are the logs for the conversation between me and the moderator. Although unrelated,could I receive an answer to my very often said question? Where did I swear at the mod?
  2. I did not immediately jump at their throats,I gave them a description of what happened and attempted to explain that I was not in fact playing a xenophobic player. I was frustrated as to what else they wanted,besides to tell me that "Whiskey has Ethanol in it.". They claimed I swore at them,still haven't quoted,which you very much seem to forget a lot. They said I intentionally insulted them,I have not,which you again,seem to forget a lot. I have expressed numerous times,that I respected and sympathized with the moderators and admins,however issues with them are inevitable sometimes. If you deem it to be fit to be escalated for a permanent ban,then do as you please(I wonder what intentionally cursing,swearing and insulting them would get me.). And I did learn from my mistakes,when I needed to go away as an antagonist,I did not simply ghost,I called for an admin,I told him the situation,and allowed another player to play as the wizard. I did not have another issue with my name,and I stopped ghosting when playing a security job,vague descriptions and subjective facts can in fact,be demolished. And you are not my dogs,nor do I believe you can,or should be. You're human beings across the internet,and I see you as such,that is why issues sometimes will be found. I was respectful in the first messages,and I explained and said everything could have been of help,but being afraid for a punishment,not knowing why I was PM-ed,not even knowing if what I did was wrong,they just kept telling me that Whiskey has god damn Ethanol in it. That's the only reason I sent that,not to insult them,not to curse them but to simply get a good detailed first PM,as I had plenty issues with this before. Again,you all appear to forget,the ban message claims I was banned for swearing at them,cursing at them,and insulting them with the intention. I did not do this,and will claim I have not. I had an attitude in those messages you showed,only because I was frustrated that they were so vague and non-informative in their first few PMs,and not as a means to insult them nor curse them,since if I did want to do that,I'd have been permanently banned long time ago. Deliver your final wording,I'm tired of constantly asking myself if I should give up on this game,if I'm ruining it to another player. Tired of sometimes even asking the admins themselves if I'm such a toxic player to this game. "Hello,I'm sorry to bother your game play,I'd simply like to confirm if you're self-antagonizing. Are you attempting to play a xenophobic character?(A character that is racist to other species)". Whatever your decision is,I'll agree to it.
  3. You claimed that I insulted you with the intention,cursed at you,and swore at you. And yet haven't quoted me. I'll leave this as my final reply until Goret checks the logs and the unban request.
  4. My Byond Key: DreggMorris Staff Byond Key: ShesTrying Reason for complaint: Please look at the unban request firstly. Alright,in that post I have explained very thoroughly of what happened,and you can see as to what the main issue is. This moderator believes I have cursed,swore,and insulted them/at them. To which I both denied and asked for them to quote me when I did that,they did not do that,and simply said "It is can easily be dismantled." I refuse to let them simply say that I insulted them,cursed at them and swore at them,without quoting me. Although they gave the logs of our interactions,not once can be seen where I did any of alleged accusations. Perhaps this is why they believe I did these things, in one message I sent this,and I quote. Do you admins even know what an attitude is? quote: """"How about you stop PMing me and close the damn ticket""".And what I said,didn't have an attitude. End of quote. Of course,this can't possibly be seen as an insult,it was a quoted example of what an attitude,insult,and swearing is. Other than that,there's nothing else that can possibly be seen as some kind of insult. They kept bringing up my previous issues,tickets and warnings. And although I did say numerous times,that I acknowledge them,learned from them and didn't use them as an excuse,they kept saying I did use them as an excuse. They also claimed that the end result was because of those tickets,despite me believing they're in no position to ban me simply to warnings,if I wasn't banned at the time of receiving the ticket,why would I be banned now? I want the remaining of my ban to be removed,I have not done anything that deserves it. In my unban request,I expressed my opinions of admins and moderators,and what they do. I said plenty in the post,I doubt they read about it and gave more than 1 minute of thought before replying. A thoroughly detailed and informative first PM is expected from a admin or mod,where the receiver can understand what they did,what's expected from them,and what they should expect from the admin or mod. This was not one of those interactions. I'll say this again,I have not sworn,insulted,or cursed at any admin or mod in this interaction. If you keep saying that I did,then quote me. Don't say "Here are the logs,check it yourself". Quote me,with context. Evidence,logs etc.: None,the logs of the interaction should be in the post linked. Further Remarks: I said plenty in the previous unban request,that is linked with this one. This issue can be connected to my previous issue with Prate,who was seriously poor at handling his job,well at least in my opinion. He poorly gave information of what I did,and the overall explanations.But afterwards,in the next several questions I had about the game,which Prate answered. He was much better,incredibly better. He was not just more enjoyable,he was more thorough and easier to understand. I just wish you were like the latter Prate. An easily understandable mod,who in first few messages can be easily understood,and the reason of PM-ing. That's what I think all mods and admins should be. Easily understood guiders who are cops if need be. Can I also point out how she ended the post without propper handling,and with just giving subjective defense? Nice.
  5. Alright,since you're so determined to keep lying about me swearing or cursing at you,please quote me in which specific message I either insulted,or cursed at you. I didn't complain about me being bwoinked. Quote me when I did. And if you gave me a bwoink simply to tell me some information about the drinks,then you should have done so in the first message. I genuinely thought that what I did was wrong,and was about to receive a ban. And I did acknowledge both my warnings and tickets,which I mentioned many times in my posts,and have not once used them as an excuse,do you even read my posts thoroughly? Next,how do my previous issues relate to this incident? You shouldn't bring up previous tickets,bans etc. into a issue that is being handled. I've seen this being brought up by admins and players in complaints,and unban requests. "But the end result came because of a month-and-a-half long trend of you exhibiting a poor attitude in looc and tickets". Does this mean I was banned for my tickets? If so,who are you exactly to decide if I will be banned due to my warnings? I myself believe it's up to the judgement of the last admin who gave me the ticket if I should be banned or not. Again,I did not swear at you,I did not give you any insult,nor any other admin. Quote me when I did. I'm also rather confused,I believe the admin who gave me the ban,ticket or warning,can not handle or choose the final decision on whether my unban request,warning or ticket removal will be accepted. If it's so,then it's a broken system,a admin or mod will be simply able to abuse this. Banning and then refusing the request to unban.
  6. I would like to first talk about the reason you PM-ed me. You said you wanted to be certain I was not being self-antagonistic. Alright,that is perfectly fine. But how about instead of saying this: "Hey got a sec" "whiskey has ethanol in it" "any typical human drinks contain ethanol" and then just stop giving information as to WHY you PM-ed me. you say this in the first PM: "Hello,I'm sorry to disturb your round,I'd simply like to know if you're trying to be self-antagonistic. Are you attempting to play a xenophobic player?". This single message gave me more information than all of your PMs. And me trying to be self-antagging? Perfectly IC related,without any self-antagging(Are you going to PM everyone who had a clash with some other player?). I explained what happened in my first post,so people won't take it without context. It'd be preferable if you sent the logs as well. Now,as for my attitude. "It is not tolerated behaviour to salt or complain or insult in tickets." I have not once in my messages gave you or another admin both directly nor indirectly a insult. I have not sworn at you. I simply pointed out how you,can't make it clear and simple of what is expected both from you and from me. I realized only now that you wanted to know if I was self-antagging. You're volunteers,capable of removing players from the game. Don't use the excuse so lightly. I sympathize with the admins and moderators,but I do not pity them. "You are expected to be cordial in tickets, and work with server staff as we do our due dilligence". Although the end of the sentence is hard to understand,I think I get the gist of it,and although I agree,I think you should also be informative,and easily understood in your few first PMs. And my warnings and notifications? I completely understood why I received a specific warning,and did learn from each warning. And even though I did make a post with an issue between Prate and me,I still didn't stop appreciating what the admins do. And is it up to you,to bring up previous warnings and notes from the past,into a completely different issue. Again,I did not have an attitude in my messages,I did not insult you,nor another admin. I did not throw any swears at you,and I'd appreciate if you'd stop lying about me cursing and insulting you.
  7. Ckey: DreggMorris Character name: Winston Wolf Duration of ban: 4320 minutes at time of writing. Time of writing: 20.12.2019.y Time of ban applied 18:57:56. Reason for ban: there should be an image attached. Reason for appeal are as follows: Without a doubt,I believe that Aurora is the current best server in hub. It isn't the code that makes it good,nor the atmosphere,nor the game modes,neither of all these things. It's the players that make it fun,both for me and I'm certain for plenty others. I've very often had this feeling of whether I should leave the server,and with each note I received,I kept thinking "God,am I ruining this player's experience?". I'm talking about genuine good players. Players who can make a good scenario without a god damn whitelist. A simple visitor who makes the whole shift enjoyable. And although I get into a ruckus with the admins sometimes,I understand their side as well. They owe us nothing. And although the ban is short,it takes over all my weekend,which means I won't be able to enjoy it all the way until the next weekend. Now,let's talk about the reason I was banned. And I'll go into detail. I was a bartender that shift,first time ever. I saw there was another bartender,and I thought,it'd be a good way to learn. So,I made a character,gave him a good name "Winston Wolf". And I was off. I got into the bar,and saw it's a fucked up place already. I made a joke about it. I greeted the bartender,and sadly soon he was off,saying he needed to do something. I said fine,and said good luck. There was a small incident which I will apologize for,this engineer was fixing our lights,but he went over our table to which I said "Get the fuck out" without looking at context. Sorry random engineer. As the shift went on,I met this Skrell alien,I'm not sure which species exactly. They asked for a drink,to which I answered,with approval. I gave them watermelon juice. I had the small doubt in my head,that some drinks are toxic for aliens,but I didn't go deeper into it. The skrell was unhappy,and asked for an alcoholic beverage. I don't quite remember,but I think I said something about toxins,and they also told me ethanol is poisonous to them. I gave them whiskey with ice. And they went on to make a big scene. I actually believed that whiskey wasn't toxic,because the bartender,who was I believe present at that moment,said something in my defense. Anyway,they kept on bragging,insulting, and mind you,I'm not innocent. I also made some poor insults. I threw the bottle which they wanted into disposals,because,that's how my character felt,frustrated. Another patron came in,I asked kindly this time what they wanted,and I searched the wiki for the recipe,but they started to meddle into this incident. Starting to call me a dumb bartender who should learn recipes for xeno species. Perhaps they're right,but would this require an OOcly intervention? Anyhow,I defended myself,and kept myself tolerant,trying to make their drink. They kept going on,even when the person in question,left. Then I told them to fuck off. To just get out of the bar. When they refused,I called security. Me and the second dude(skrell,f) continued to argue over the radio,despite being in clear sight of each other. HoS came,then detective(Jesse,surprisingly) and it was over. I was sad,again,i might have ruined someone's gameplay. Really,it's hard with constant thinking of that kind. So I made xeno-tolerant drinks. And I made some for humans as well. I noticed some were taken,but they must've been ha- BWOINK The admin in question,shestrying,asked me neutrally,coldly, along the lines "Are you really playing a xenophobic character?". Again,I will say that admins really need to say why they PM-ed you,what they expect from you,and what you should expect from them. I first asked does xenophobic mean racism to aliens,to which they simply said "Yes". I answered with a no,and answered the situation,with them throwing some interrupting remarks with "Whiskey is poisonous to them." With one of my PMs being "And in short,Aurora is not a happy place for new starting roles". They answered, "Whiskey is toxic to aliens". And that's it. No further answer. I genuinely did not understand what I did that was exactly forbidden. They did not mention the rules broken,nor what I did that can be considered rule 1. And,I got frustrated. First the incident,then the meddling incident,then this. I told them something along the lines "Look,did you PM me just to tell me that? I've started out a new role,first interaction sucked,do you need to throw in salt?". And then it hit them,they had the attitude excuse,and like every admin,they booked it,and they booked it hard. They told me to chill my attitude out,and to which I answered that I did not have an attitude,that I simply wanted a clear and proper answer as to why I was PM-ed. I didn't manage to answer I believe,as I had to go talk to my father over the phone. I was banned while I returned,in a matter of 2 minutes. And now I am writing this to you,dear admins. Again,I both understand you and sympathize with all of you. Cnaym,who I believe is a good admin,even when he is incapable of helping,I appreciate him. Prate,an admin who I made a post about,I still appreciate,because they still try to be better then they were previously. I appreciate all of you,but you need to be more informative on your first PM. "Hello,could we talk a bit? This is about your character,is he a xenophobic player? As,it isn't quite allowed due to rule number one. If you could please not do that,that would be wonderful. And if you're not trying to play a xenophobic player,then please understand that other players are human beings as well,try to make them a good rp scenario." I'm guessing this is what they wanted me to understand,but simply saying. "Hey can we have a moment" "Are you playing a xenophobic player?" "Yes" "Whiskey is a toxic beverage" "Whiskey is a toxic beverage" "Whiskey is toxic to them". Is far,far and very far less detailed and informative. I did not swear to them,insult them nor generally swear and complain as much as they say. Stop lying about what I did. Damn,this is long. I won't apologize to the admin in question,but I will say I appreciate all admin's work. I'll leave this request up to you admins.
  8. I'm not asking you to talk to me gently,as some child. I'm asking from you to talk to me clearly and easily understandable. I see you are not a native english speaker,just like me,but that does not allow you to just say simply "bruh",or "you know what I want". The scenario I presented wasn't made to justify my name issue,it was to show what I believe should be expected of a first admin message. It's very funny,how you're talking incredibly clearly and professional-like now,but at that exact moment you spoke quite differently. In any way,I don't expect the warning to be removed,not by you at least,because why would an admin or moderator want to admit they could have been more clear? Anyhow,I've been playing for at least small amount of time,to understand that my issue isn't of such big importance. If you had any other tasks,and yet had to deal with mine(despite me believing that moderators or admin complaints shouldn't be handled by the staff being complained about)I apologize,but I still wish you would attempt to talk clearly,and not start off sounding salty and power-hungry by saying "bruh" or "you know what I want" ,but again,I am in no position to ask of you anything. The staff can do whatever they want. Good luck Prate.
  9. Hello,yes,I'd like to respond to your response. Regarding me knowing about my name being an issue,yes I knew that,but I did not know in what way,and I even made a response stating that I didn't know in what way it was an issue. Was it a famous name,were Roman names not allowed? Because I placed on USCM lately,and got used to the nickname system,I thought it was also allowed on Aurora. Only after I looked at the rules,after the round ended did I notice you were talking about the middle name. It was hard to understand,as all you did was "You know what I want",and your first message being "bruh". Simply because you believed me "dicking you" does not mean I did. Simply because you wrote something in all caps,does not mean I would understand. I asked to talk to someone else,because you kept having the attitude of "You know what I want". If you didn't understand already,some people aren't native English speakers,and are confused when someone sends you a "bruh" to talk about your middle name issue,and then not say it clearly. "Hello,can we have a moment? Middle names are not allowed on this server. I will remove it for the round,but afterwards you should change it in your character settings. If you do so,there will not be any issues. Please and thank you." "I'm sorry,I didn't know,it's been some time since I played,I'll do so immediatly. Thank you."
  10. Staff BYOND Key: pratepresidenten Game ID: I am unsure. At the time of writing,this happened a round ago. 30.10.2019. Reason for complaint: Hello,before I say the reason for the complaint,excuse any mistakes,as English is not my native language. I believe that the warning I received ""Joined as "Oppius 'Granius' Afer" Youve been talked to follow the name rules before."" was unfair,poorly handled and too brief. Yes,it is true I was talked before regarding the name rules,and I have handled the tickets politely and without any kind of naming or disrespectful manners. I would always apologize if I did something wrong regarding the rules,and believing I was truly in the wrong. When Prate opened the ticket,I knew it was something regarding the name,since I was going with a 'Philosopher' assistant gimmick,and chose a Roman name. I placed a middle name however,and I believed it wasn't against rules at the time. I 100% knew that placing famous names,or funny and dumb names was against rules,but not that middle names we're not,as I have not been playing Aurora as regularly as I used to. But even so,if he just pointed it out,I would have apologized,fixed the mistake and be on my way. But every time I would ask for a concrete and clear answer,Prate would always say something along the lines "You know what i want". It was very hard to resolve,and took more times than was needed. I'd simply like this warning to be investigated. I do not have any proof nor snapshots of such. The logs themselves should be enough. Aditional Remarks:I have numerous warning,yes. I've been thinking lately,by looking at other players who have 0 tickets,whether I should continue playing Aurora. Perhaps I am ruining other people's gameplay. Although there are tickets I disagree with,but didn't have time to handle,most of them are true. I apologize for any insults I have said or perhaps offended someone. I constantly attempt to be polite to everyone,but I would also like people to be polite to me. If someone will talk casually with me,I will gladly talk casually with them. Am I a nuisance to other players,or am I making their round uncomfortable?
  11. +1 I was arrested by him multiple times. I did try to report him once,it was just salt. He did a pretty good job as an officer. 11/10 would be arrested again. Him going to command seems like a good choice. And hey,we all make mistakes,or try to be funny sometimes,let's give the guy some slack eh?
  12. Byond key: DreggMorris Character Name: Jack Nehling Species I am applying for: IPC What color do you plan on making your alien character : I believe IPC's are not included.If I am wrong.I apologise. Have I read the lore for this species?: Yes. Why do I wish to play this species? : I usually play a 'polite' character,and I usually get a lot of questions about that,due to me being suspicious I suppose,if I could play as an IPC,then me being 'polite' would be justified,also I like the concept of a free IPC,as it gives a lot of RP possibilities. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Role-playing as an human is much different than role-playing as an IPC,as stated above why.I would like to stop looking suspicious and not having to answer questions every round due to being polite and dressing oddly 'victorian age'.It would also provide more RP possibilities. Character Name: Jack Nehling(Perhaps just Jack if accepted) Please provide a backstory: Being used as a robot by Nanotrasen,Jack always had a goal of being free,he received that goal when an unknown sponsor bought him off.Jack worked for the sponsor,still unknown to Jack.He only knew that the sponsor was old,and when the sponsor passed away,Jack was told that he was free.Not sure of what to do,he spent many years working in the black market to get batteries and did many interviews with the journalists which paid him in batteries as well.He began working as a private investigator in a run down town which was primarily a home to the abandoned IPC's,investigating crimes and calling in gangs which operated as a security force.He began working for Nanotrasen when he received a job offer as a detective,he accepted,and had to leave the run down town.The reports say,that the town began shrinking in crime rates.After Jack left,the crime rates once again sky rocketed.He has been working with Nanotrasen for 2 years now.Jack can not make any difference of species and refers to everyone by Mr or Mrs. What do I like about this character?: The concept of a free IPC that is still learning is something that fits me,I'm not a perfect player,and I'll be growing alongside this character,in some time,they'll grow as well.If this approval was accepted,I would try my hardest to act as this character. How would I rate my RP abilities?: Altough I sometimes sync out of character,I usually act as my character would.No matter what kind of RP i'm doing,I primarily try to save everyone,which I believe is what my character would do as well.I have RP-ed as a detective multiple rounds,I believe I have enough experience to at least apply.I RP-ed as a detective who would always go into action,and I believe that is a very bad habit of mine,I'll try to fix it.
  13. So,I was playing at aurora station(my first server) as a detective most of the time,and every time I'd just close the window,without ahelping it or going cryo,I would like to apologize,because i did not understand it made problems for you.I'll try my best to fix this bad habit of mine,unless it's a real emergency and I need to leave quickly.My Byond ID is 'DreggMorris',and I'm not sure who job-banned me,for I have not played here in a long long time.Came back here only shortly ago.Please and thank you,with regards,me.
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