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Fraseq's Journal of Mysteries

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Item name: Leather Journal

Item description:

An old, worn out journal made out of leather. It has a lot of loose pages stuck in it, it surely has seen better days. The front just says "Fraseq".


Item appearance:

It's a book. Imagine a journal, made out of leather, probably brown. Some of the lose pages that have been tucked between the pages can be seen partially hanging out of it's sides. It's a small item, i'd say.


Why is your character bringing this item to work?

It's Quorrdash's personal journal he writes about the things he finds during his work on the Aurora/Expeditions or any expedition he participates in while not on the Aurora. He writes down anything that might be relevent to an interesting find and any conclusions he has drawn so far. He uses these notes to write his research papers he then turns in and hopes they will be published. As a scientist it's always important to have pen and something to write on in reach at all times. One never knows, when you have an idea to write down or something unexpected during your experiments happens.

How did your character obtain this item:

Quorrdash is 58 years old so of course, he only has been practicing archeology for some years (big brained Skrell have a lotta years in school and uni, ok). One would think that writing on paper would be outdated in 2461, and they might be right, but Quorrdash got this very journal as a present from his mentor, a renowned scientist he worked under, back on his home planet Aliose, who teached him pretty much all he knows, regarding anomalies and archeology.

The habit to write down notes and thoughts on paper was adopted by Fraseq, because his mentor did it. So, to put it short, the journal was a gift from someone he has very, very, very high opinion of, pretty much an idol to him.


What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?:

Quorrdash is a very ambitious scientist. He takes his work very seriously and is always eager for the next breakthrough. Or any breakthrough, really, for now. He is a member of the Interstellar Archeologists Guild and regularly tries to hand in papers about his findings to publish them and get recognized back in Jargon (maybe some of you remember from my application, that he is a die-hard patriot), as a scientist who can be taken seriously, so he maybe finally gets awarded a real Nebula Cape for his discoveries. So, because of this, he studies even the smallest and most (at first sight) insignificant findings, writing all what he concludes, all theories he develops down in his journal. It's not only a habit he developed back during his times as a Lab Assistant, it's just practical, he has all his thoughts and notes in one place and can cross-reference other findings, if possible connections come up. Maybe not all notes are cohesive, some of them are also rambling about theories, desperately trying to find sense in something he excavated or found. So it can show how hard the life of a scientist can be, when your field of work is such a relatively niche thing, always hunting for that one big finding, the next connection, the next little piece for the big picture. The picture about those who were before us. Who were not from here, where they went and what they have become. Maybe.

So, this Journal has become more like a codex, a piece of reference, Fraseq's work infused into an object - it's basically a summary of what he achieved in his work, his life, you can almost say. He hopes he can, someday, make sense of it all, getting the recognition he thinks he deserves with his (in his opinion) important work, maybe even get an institue or theory or discovery named after him. This journal means a lot to him. It might seem silly at first, it is just a book after all - but to him his work is so very important to him, the book is a reflection of that. Losing it would be a heavy, very, very heavy hit to him. He would do everything to never let that happen.


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Mechanically the book doesn't have anything to it. Maybe it's possible so it can link to the google doc I use (see additional comments section) to describe the findings during his work (of course, only reasonable things will be added, mostly small things probably, no artifacts that are super crazy), as soon as I feel like I can show it to "the public". I'd probably get some fluff in it first, if it's possible at all.

How it simulates RP, I think it's quite obvious. Fraseq can show what he found, both to his coworkers and to other crew in general, when he socializes at the bar, for example. He will also have it during experiments, writing things down, showing others old findings, experiments and how they link. It provides a lot of topics to talk about, even if they are probably all work related. Xenoarcheology/Anomalous Materials is a RP heavy job as it is, ths journal will put give it an extra layer and, most importantly, cohesive, over many rounds.




Done by Amory.

Additional Comments:

I heavily enjoy Xenoarch and recently started that google document I was talking about in the last paragraphs, it was something for myself, to keep track of what I found so far and what I found cool (I know there have been some people in the past that also did this and someone that is currently doing it). This document is pretty bare bones yet, but I will keep writing it, no matter if this gets accepted or not, but after thinking a bit about it I thought it's pretty cool and with some fluff and flavour it would be cool to share it with those interested. The name of the item is subject to change, I didn't want to do anything fancy, but I don't know if that generic name of "leather journal" is either a) taken by another item yet or b) too boring. I try to think of something better.


Have mercy with my grammar, it's hella late.

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