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Antag Perma Appeal.

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BYOND Key: coolbc2000

Total Ban Length: Perma

Banning staff member's Key: Abo

Reason of Ban:As a Loyalist Head of Security, conducted a very hastly execution under the guise of them being seditious and a lot of build up prior to it. The HoP was infact a new arrival who had protested the arrest of two command members and then complained about you leaving him to get shot. Murder is a tool to drive a narrative and shouldn't be done in such a manner as this. You are free to appeal this ban on the forums.

Reason for Appeal: Hey lads,

It's probably been a whole year. With absolutely no warnings or pings. Deleting old characters and bringing in fresh blood. I've decided it's time to appeal this ban.

While at the time I believe this to be unfair, and of which I am still of the same opinion. I can only guess this was based on the count of my warnings and notes. Never the less, I believe I've greatly improved and am willing to get back into the spirit of Antagging. 


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