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Kane7269-by-proxy Apology

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So, I had played SS13 here on and off again, over the period of a few years, popping up briefly, and then returning to lurk in the voids of spess. However, I had noticed a change in the player base(which I care to admit I disliked, but it's not like the server revolves around me.), and joined through another account, multi-keying, and generally acting like an ass. I was banned for being unimmersive/disruptive/Greytiding (Not actually in the ban text, but honestly.) and also for 'having no intent to actually roleplay' or something to the effect. All of these are true. However, I also understand that that wasn't the only reasons I (should) have been banned. I recall making a comment of a sexual nature, (I believe in was in IC, 'send nudes') it was supposed to have been a joke on a dare(Bait - which I fell to take.). I think the character's name was Melody, I don't have any idea who the player was. Anyways, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, it was immature and inappropriate. I'm not asking for an unban, this isn't an appeal; but an apology. I just posted it here in the hall of shame, where I feel it belongs.

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