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Discussion: Rebalancing the AI Core

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So, I didn't want to put this out until after the update, given the devs have a lot on their agenda and currently they're looking for ideas for the next week or so.

So. Moving the AI core to telecomms. Most of you might ask, immediately, "Why?"

Let's take a look-see at the layout of the AI core.




Right. So, the red circles at the North and South walls of the AI core are the most typical entry points due to the amount of walls you don't have to go through. You have one reinforced wall to punch through. Sure, you have turrets waiting to greet you, but you're going to be ducking in and out of cover to avoid getting hit by rogue lasers or stun bolts anyway. That is, of course, you're the security officer that apparently wants to kill the AI because they shocked a door or two.

The western wall, while its 2 reinforced walls thick, is still easily accessible by the crew that have the tools for it. Thermite, RIPLEYs with Diamond Drills (which, as of recently, with overtly productive miners, has become a common trait) or just dismantling the wall as an assistant with a screwdriver, wrench, welding tool, and a crowbar. You can then fuck up the power cell and slowly kill the AI, or, destroy the SMES cell and then take out the little camera, shown also being enveloped in a yellow pretty circle I drew in paint. Now the AI's fucking powerless to do anything from their back side!

Alternatively, if you went in from the bottom, you can laser the APC until it breaks. Now the AI's /really/ fucked.

Yet again, alternatively, you could go in from the front and take down that secure wall by using thermite, C4, drills, et cetera. And then laser the AI through the glass. Ded. You'd have to get through the Upload chamber first, though that's not difficult.

All-in-all, the AI core for the Aurora is bullshit and very weak. In a manner of speaking, it's relatively easy to access. Malf AIs are taken out without any real effort or thought. There are numerous glaring weaknesses and it wouldn't make sense to put such an expensive piece of equipment in a place that has, time and time again, been breached without any real effort.

Let's take a look at, for example, Hypatia's or /tg/'s AI core.





Wow. This is a very difficult and painstaking AI core to get into. Save for, maybe some side areas of the bridge, but you'd risk spacing and breaking everything oh my god, plus you wouldn't have easy access to the AI core to begin with. Heads themselves probably wouldn't have an easy time, and the CE would definitely have to organize their engineers to actually fucking do something about it. Still, it has some weaknesses. Weaknesses that would get you banned instantly for exploiting, of course.

Personally, I see two possible ways to fix this.


  • Move the AI Core to the Telecommunications satellite, allowing for malf AIs to be somewhat better protected from potential meta/powergamers or rambos in that, a lack of access/reliable way to get to the Tcoms z-level would seriously hinder them from doing such acts of rambo-ness. In addition, this better reinforces the idea that the AI core is actually restricted to authorized personnel and that you probably shouldn't be destroying expensive technology.
  • Keep the AI core on the station, but overhaul the current map layout for the station z-level. Least recommended, as in my opinion, it is likely the most time consuming.


Thoughts about how we could go about it? Some reinforcing ideas to the bulleted ideas, or maybe some completely different ideas?

I don't think we can agree that the answer is to keep the current AI core, at this point.

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Moving the AI to telecomms can make it impossible for the AI to lose in a malf round if it has a single engineer borg. Deconstruct the teleporter terminal and GG. Unless science is right on the ball and isn't prevented from working by the AI just shutting off their power, the AI wins every time.

Personally I'd say your entire bridge area could use a pretty heavy rework. The whole area has very severe asthetic and usability issues.

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Jamini, what do you mean "sever Aesthetic and Usability issues"?


I think he meant severe, and for one, the bridge lockdown doesnt actually secure the bridge very well at all, as anyone able to hack a door can walk right in.

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I see, anyways; I am currently playing round with the idea to move the AI to a sub satalite position ((same Z-level)) and using the current area to expand the bridge. I.E. Open up the meeting room, add a secondary office for D.O.s/CC Reps and space willing a small dorm for heads to safely AFK/SSD

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I see, anyways; I am currently playing round with the idea to move the AI to a sub satalite position ((same Z-level)) and using the current area to expand the bridge. I.E. Open up the meeting room, add a secondary office for D.O.s/CC Reps and space willing a small dorm for heads to safely AFK/SSD


Paradise has the AI core on a sub satellite connected to the station on the same z-layer. It tends to hit really easily by meteors and nukeops, though.

When Paradise is back up, I'll get some screenshots

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He means the bridge and AI core look awful and I'm inclined to agree, the way it was prior to the special snowflake rearrangement was fine. AI core in the middle, rooms situated around it. Now every room is small and choked.


The bridge itself isn't bad, but the arrangement of the surrounding offices, teleporter, and core just .. doesn't look good or flow well. The whole "command" hallway is really bare and doesn't add much flow to the rest of the station. The medical lobby suffers similar issues. (Small, cramped, not particularly good for moving around in.)

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I have begun building a new bridge/ AI areas.

Skulliomus approving, they will be added when we swap over to the new atmos pipe system


Think you'd be able to alter the HoP Office so the desk isn't a cramped little space? It feels conducting interviews with people inside the office with you facing the wall and glass seperating you from the rest of your office.

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