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Staff Complaint - Garnascus

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The round was a ling round, and towards the end the station had devolved into some kind of chaos with security and ERT chasing it around the station and such. Command decided that we should call for an evacuation shuttle, which we did. It arrived, and we had most of the crew that were able to make it pile on. The medical team was still on its way with several injured people, and it was clear they weren't going to make it to the shuttle in time, so we elected to hold it for a minute to give them time to get on. We barely had to wait even 30 seconds as they were very close - however just after we held the shuttle, Garn forced it, causing the station airlocks to shut right in front of the medical team, as they were literally right outside. In forcing the shuttle, Garn also effectively vented the entire thing, as the airlocks were still open. The only comments he made on the matter afterwards were "holding the shuttle isn't allowed", acted all over kind of shit about the situation when people tried to dispute it, and didn't provide any source as to where this was actually a written rule, aside from a tone that really just communicated "because I said so", and he chastised everyone for arguing that it isn't a rule.

tldr; crew held the shuttle to give medical a few seconds to board, Garn forced it, and told everyone that you're not allowed to, and acted overall extremely rude when people tried to dispute it or ask for clarification as to where this was actually written down.

If this is a rule, it needs to be properly written down, because practically no one that was present had even heard of this being the case.











Additional remarks:

This just overall came across as incredibly rude and dismissive to everyone, and the inferred attitude of just "it's like this because i say so, you're all wrong" is incredibly shit.

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