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  1. Ventii is absolutely spectacular with all of his characters, to be sure. I've been making sure to observe and also interact with his liaison as of late though, and I haven't been remotely disappointed with what I've seen. Mills is utterly fantastic to interact with, he goes out of his way to involve lots of people, the amount of detail that he puts into his words and actions is staggering, and his portrayal of a cunning representative of Idris Incorporated is absolutely fucking phenomenal. As far as I'm concerned, he's completely nailing this trial, and he would be a stellar addition to the group of command whitelist holders. I genuinely can't overstate my +1.
  2. As much as I abhor Bay, I personally have to agree that more human languages would be a boon, at least in my opinion. My other human lore colleagues may disagree though, and I imagine development staff will be considerably against it as well, however.
  3. Siik'Tau and more hybrid languages are a good idea in my opinion, and I'll never change my mind on that. RIP, taken from us too soon.
  4. Chief Executive Officer of Necropolis Industries Hospitalised! In breaking news, the CEO of the controversial Necropolis Industries - Kazimir Boytsov - has been hospitalised following a medical emergency during the company’s most recent Board meeting. The elderly Boytsov was reported to have complained about a pain in his chest to one of his bodyguards, and shortly thereafter collapsed in front of the shocked members of the Board. The meeting was suspended as emergency medical services were called for Mr. Boytsov, who was quickly transferred to St. Petersburg Private Hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Lyudmila Zavodskoi held an impromptu press conference a few hours later, urging for people to remain calm during these events. LYDUMILA ZAVODSKOI stands behind a podium, in front of a group of journalists outside of the St. Petersburg Necropolis offices, well dressed in a pinstripe suit. She points to the raised hand of one of the journalists. JOURNALIST: Do you have any information on Mister Boytsov’s condition? ZAVODSKOI: Nothing that hasn’t already been publicly released already. He’s in critical condition, but has some of the best doctors tending to him. JOURNALIST: Mister Boytsov is rather elderly, does the company have any plans going forward, should he not make a recovery? ZAVODSKOI: I’m quite sure that the Board has plans in mind, but it’s too early to say anything. Rest assured though, that the company is in good hands as we wait and hope for Mister Boytsov’s recovery. Zavodskoi ended the conference shortly after, as the board of directors called once more to decide their next step.
  5. I'm pretty satisfied with all your answers, I think, at least to me, you show a pretty good understanding of the kitty cats, and I can see that you've put an incredible amount of effort and thought into your character. It shows that you've reviewed the lore pretty thoroughly, and I'd be confident you'd play a good Tajara. Big +1 from me, thanks for answering my questions, I like the character a lot! Good luck with your application! 😸
  6. These are all great answers in my opinion, but I'm going to fire three more at you that I forgot to bring up. - Given his younger age and that he wasn't around for the first rebellion, one can presume that he was brought up only on stories about that. Does he have any particular take on the old nobility that would differ from the general opinion that one might expect? Namely, "noble cats bad"? Also, what's his opinion on the Njarir'Akhran? - The obligatory question, what are his opinions on the Democratic People's Republic and the New Kingdom? Did his opinions on them change in any way after the ceasefire was called? Are his opinions on the New Kingdom different to his opinions on the old nobility? - And a generally unconsidered question, where did your character come into learning Tau Ceti Basic?
  7. I can vouch for his RP ability, and that I would say a 7.5/10 is really lowballing it. However, we all know that "+1 good RPer" doesn't offer a whole lot when the purpose of these applications is to measure their understanding of the lore and species that they're applying for. The actual content of the application and backstory, I think, shows that he's definitely done his research on the subject of Tajara and their lore, and has taken the time to formulate his own takes and interpretations on it. While it's good, I do have a couple of questions regarding the character out of a few measures of curiosity. - What's Mrrazhalrr's take on the current leader of the People's Republic? As he grew up under the initial reign of Rhagrrhuzau Hadii, did he have any particularly strong personal feelings revolving around his assassination, and the subsequent rise of Njadrasanukii Hadii? What were his personal takes on the unrest that came as of a result of it? Did he agree with the persecution that the Zhan began to face as of a result of it? - What's his overall take on the Sol Alliance, since humanity is closely tied to the development of the Tajaran people as well? Did he see them as people that should be allies? Was he grateful to the technological uplift that they offered? Or did he consider them to be exploitative opportunists? Is he resentful of them, and the varied effects that their presence has caused all around the planet? - I'm curious about his motives for joining NanoTrasen. While your framing of it seems to imply that he's only with them out of convenience and an opportunity for quick cash, what are his views of the company overall? Did he become indifferent and just see them as a place to get money, or does he still hold resentment over what happened to his father? Does he dislike them, but think that he's getting the better end of the deal by taking their money? I'm looking forward to any responses, and I wish you the best of luck for your application! 😄
  8. Primarily I see the server as a whole as a cooperative effort, and ideally I'd intend to approach a lore position in the same way. There's give and take required for any cooperative effort, and discussion and compromise are important things when trying to work on a form of narrative with multiple people. Humanity's overlap with other lore groups is a big part of the appeal for me, specifically because it offers these opportunities to engage with other bubbles of lore rather closely - IPCs and Vaurca especially. I've always wanted a greater deal of cooperative lore, so I'd approach the prospect eagerly, and to the best of my ability, with an open mind and a willingness to negotiate towards a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved. I'd be sure to give something several read-overs, and ultimately anything that seems to drone on about information that isn't particularly relevant to anything I would be sure to cut. Information that doesn't provide any meaningful information for players to use when making their characters falls into this area for me. I'd also run things past other team members for their input if they're willing, though, that's of course not to say that I'd be pawning off all my work onto others. I think things aren't actually super bad for human lore in terms of bloat at the moment, but in the past, much larger amounts of information on politics and military stuff fell into the field of 'bloat' in my opinion. A little bit of information on these things can be good to help flesh out a faction and give people an idea of what the rough political climate in a nation is, but extensive information on parties, and wiki pages and news articles doing little more than parading around information on big spaceships with big guns offers little tangible stuff for players to make use of with their characters, and this kind of thing shouldn't be around. Avoiding this kind of thing is good to keep bloat trimmed down, and trimming the few cases where this is still present can help further, like the "random information" on the Sol Alliance Military page, for example.
  9. To the extent that I wrote about in my essay, not yet. However, I do have a couple of more broader ideas. I'd like to see the Sol Alliance shrunken gradually, but that's a rather broad thing that could happen in a lot of ways. I'd like to see Elyra become stronger and no longer the punching bag of the Orion Spur, and see them make meaningful interactions with other groups, like potentially taking steps towards smoothing things over with the Izweski Hegemony. I do also, as I very very briefly touched on in my essay, have a larger idea concerning Zeng-Hu specifically and the area of genetics/cloning, however that's a pretty LARGE idea that I didn't want to nail down and refine a bunch yet as it would likely need a lot of discussion with lore people. The idea of writing news articles is something I'm genuinely extremely interested in, and something I very much would want to do. This might be naivety as I might not know how annoying they could actually be to write, but as it stands currently, I really want to write news articles. I always love reading them when other lore staff post them, and I'm sure there are other people that like them too, so if I could help make articles for the various human factions more commonplace, I'd love to do it.
  10. I'm screaming, it's absolutely amazing. I've also been watching vrow slam their head against the wall for the past week trying to get the code work to the best of their ability, and to me that shows some extreme dedication towards getting this. I think they definitely deserve it just based on the sheer amount of effort they've put into this already - but that aside, as an actual item, there justification is totally satisfactory as well, and it's sure to further a lot of RP (especially when I throw them in a locker every round and beat them up to steal it). +1
  11. I totally want to attend but it looks like you're hella goddamn full up.
  12. I'll echo the examples that Winter gave concerning flavour text vs. examine. That's fine, nothing needs to be done in that regard. Same as above, that doesn't really need to change. Biological sex and gender are different things. If somebody consciously chooses to play a non-binary character, they're going to take that into account for making their medical records as well. It's not really an inconvenient problem that's forced on somebody unless they specifically choose to utilize it. And, there are other servers that do it with a system like this in character setup: Biological sex is still a choice between m/f, which determines sprite, and doesn't entirely need to change yet, while the pronouns menu selection looks like: Which changes how your pronouns are referred to in examines and such. It's not exactly a revolutionary change that we'd be pioneering.
  13. I suggested this once before. Didn't really go anywhere. However, I still agree with removing their sidearm. Giving them rubbers just drives them to use their gun more because they think "oh its not lethal now so i can use it like taser", and the reasoning that they need it to defend themselves from antags is ridiculous, because by that reasoning, every member of command would have a revolver with lethals too.
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