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  1. Hydroponics looks better more opened up like that. I have a suggestion for switching up the choice of turfs, though. The neon green grass turfs are outdated and too garish on the eyes, so ideally we should stick with the slightly more muted ones. The wood in the side room and on the borders looks nice though, though we should keep the grey metal tiles down the main walkway and the middle of the room, otherwise it makes hydroponics look too garden-y, which doesn't fit so well with the sleeker sci-fi plant tray stuff, not like the garden on the surface level. The floor decals in the kitchen part look nicer. Overall this looks neat by the way, I'm not trying to deter you here or anything. 👍
  2. I have a few concerns, the first being much more simple than the others; 1.) You should break up the solid chunks of red decals on the white tiles, as these are some huge and solid blocks of colour. Alternating them might be nicer. 2.) I'm not a fan of the state of hydroponics in this at the moment. Turning it into a loooooooooong corridor-type workspace feels a bit too... impersonal, I think might be the word I'm looking for. It looks like it was just designed for pure efficiency à la TGstation, and like it was done as an afterthought with whatever space was left. It's also supremely cramped with so many 1-tile-wide segments, which is admittedly a current issue with the current layout, just in different ways. 3.) The stage is missing, and furthering this, there isn't really a centralised area for parties or celebrations anymore, not for a lot of people anyway. One of the advantages of the current setup is that there's a huge area for people to be seated and to gather if there's any form of celebration going on. (Also, when christmas comes around, the current bar gets rearranged into a gigantic U-shaped table with a christmas tree in the middle, there wouldn't be enough room here for that, but this concern is probably the least important of them all).
  3. I'm neutral on the retro-futurism vs. sleek futurism debate, but I have to agree with doc wholeheartedly, I don't think they need an on-mob sprite, they just look huge and clunky. It's just nice having a utility item that doesn't add a huge block of pixels onto your sprite, especially since they don't seem to play nice with any uniforms.
  4. As far as I'm aware, the accents system was more or less viewed as all that was going to be implemented in terms of language bloat, so it's unlikely that we'll be getting a considerable amount of new languages with that in mind. That said, I personally would be on board with this, but we'd need the input of the rest of the human team and the unathi team.
  6. Given that hearing aids already exist in the loadout for deaf characters (and they work with intercoms, stationbounced radios, etc., just not headsets (literally just take a stationbounced with you and you're golden)) they could more feasibly work in just about any role now.
  7. This makes it sound essentially like a mandatory undertaking, so I'm not a massive fan. Plus, cargo already has pretty rigid responsibilities to fill the High Priority phoron bounties these days (3 full gas canisters, 110-130 sheets, etc.) which is already a considerable undertaking with the phoron scarcity, and is nearly impossible on lowpop. If you don't have mining around on lowpop then engineering will be in a bit of a bind if they're trying to run the SM, it sounds.
  8. One of my favourite things about Engineering is that it gives you a lot of free time to RP after the important stuff is done, so I don't think we should add anything that's essentially mandatory to do. However, adding optional side things for engineers to do is something that could be cool. I can't list any immediate ideas off the top of my head, but I do know that other servers like TGstation have a much much more robust atmospherics system, for instance, with a much larger amount of gasses that can be fun to make and do fun things. https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Guide_to_Atmospherics#The_Gases_and_Their_Functions Not suggesting we make a direct port of absolutely everything there, but it could be a good source of ideas for things for Atmospheric Technicians to do after roundstart, as well, perhaps. For example, adding hydrogen gas (which could be used for the SM like Baystation) and giving it conditions to be able to be compressed into metallic hydrogen, or given to Toxins for bomb making, or to make ammonia crystals for ??? selling at cargo or something. Or tritium gas, which could also be compressed into tritium bars, or used with radiation collectors to generate research points (only relevant if Geeves' gradual research system goes through), or also for Toxins. Or pluoxium to make people feel helpful with refilling internals tanks and stuff. Or freon to make hot ice if you're crazy enough to also sell at cargo. Heck, their atmospherics system also allows for fusion, if you're crazy enough to make a fire that's hot and dense enough. Not saying that this is all stuff that should just be a copy+paste port, but it's an example of some extra 'optional' things we could look into to give engineering (though really Atmos in this case) something to do if they feel like it.
  9. I dunno he's kinda kringe. I've been RPing with him for years now, not just on Aurora, and I think he's spectacular at it. Also, I think he's more than trustworthy enough to be able to coordinate a department and make sure that new players to his departments get taught how things typically operate. I've no doubt that he'd do a good job, and I'd like to see how he goes on a trial.
  10. This is a necessary aspect for cyborgification. Cyborgs literally have brains stuffed into an MMI. So do some AIs.
  11. Articulated much better than I could've put it. One of the biggest appeals of actually playing medical is being a doctor. If we move away from this, we're effectively alienating basically 100% of medical characters, or forcing the players to have to come up with a huge justification for such a sudden change in employment. All of them. All at the same time. Also moving away from medical being doctors pretty much invalidates a majority of IAC characters as well, who are doctors, practitioners, and medical workers, not biologists and researchers. Really not something I'm keen on the idea of. Not to mention, this will basically become redundant when the NBT comes around. When we're a self-sufficient ship floating through the isolated dark of space, then yes, we're going to need general practitioners and physicians to do the standard checkups, because people are going to be living there (plus, this is already fun roleplay on the Aurora? I don't see why we should squash it). I don't see much point introducing something that we'll have to revert down the line, on top of the earlier fact that we also just reworked this stuff one day ago.
  12. Totally fine with either its entire removal, or locking it behind an expensive TC cost which means the team has to commit to it. "X or Nuke" rounds are fucking garbage, and often the nuke is leveraged over the tiniest shit, such as "hand over the dog or we nuke station", for example. Having it be there just encourages people to drag it along just because, and it's pretty poor RP, honestly. Props to the merc teams that don't just drag it around and leave it firmly on the shuttle, but yeah, remove it or lock it behind a huge TC cost.
  13. Completely on board with this, I guess I overlooked this earlier.
  14. Considering we literally just pushed the most recent rework, I'm not hot on another rework that overhauls literally everything all over again. I was more or less on board with the other changes, but this kind of just feels like changing things for the sake of changing them. Everything just got nailed down, we shouldn't go and throw it all to the wind immediately again.
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