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  1. While I can appreciate the intent of this, absolutely, I still feel that Bicaridine absolutely still needs to be able to repair IB in some form, and Peridaxon should 110% absolutely not be locked behind Phoron Salts. Internal Bleeding and organ damage would become absolutely crippling things if locked nearly purely behind surgery only, just as appendicitis currently is. Having somebody come into medical complaining of a stabbing pain in their abdomen and having no Surgeon on shift is the worst thing, because that player is being condemned to either cryoing or dying - there's no other choice. Adding IB and organ damage into this bracket, both things that happen FAR more often than appendicitis, will only worsen the issue of players having to cryo or just die if there's no medical staff that can perform the necessary surgery. While some might argue that this might be a good thing because it'll start making death a little more common, it's just going to absolutely ruin the enjoyment for players that are either forced to suffer a slow, agonizing death, or be consigned to spend the rest of the round on a roller bed in the ICU because of organ damage that's too crippling for them to be able to resume work as normal, but not bad enough to kill them. By all means, make it a little bit harder to fix IB with bicaridine, make peridaxon cause a shitload of pain; but don't outright remove the ability to fix IB or organ damage without a surgeon, or lock peridaxon behind phoron salts or some other barely obtainable reagent.
  2. Strange that your guide lists the Bluespace Capacitor for the modular weapons, every time I try putting that in the analyzer it tells me the item doesn't have a tech origin.
  3. The poll was closed yesterday with green being the winner, so we'll be rolling with green stuff.
  4. Why do we have a feedback thread. Yes, give it to us.
  5. I personally prefer green as it makes Medical feel distinct. While I understand Medical and Security's uniforms are different enough to not cause a huge amount of confusion, to me it's still preferable that we not have multiple departments all have the same colour. Plus green is a good colour for healing and growth, it's also used in a lot of hospitals in real life, and it's just as soothing to look at as blue. Plus, every other SS13 server uses light blue. While one can argue that the different uniforms will make us look unique enough, I feel that maintaining green while also having different uniforms will maximize that. Either way, whichever colour comes out on top, the uniforms themselves are fantastic, and look great either way.
  6. I've found boxes of them in crates or on racks or in lockers at least on three different occasions.
  7. I'm not sure who told you we're LightBlueMed because it's not correct
  8. Moved this to Projects because it's had a PR and such. Also, the sprites all look really nice, they're very good. The only thing I would suggest changing is making the lockers, and signs and such green again, because Medical's primary colours have been green, not blue like on other servers. We already have bluesec, and blue command, a third thing having blue makes everything feel to monotonous, and greenmed set us apart at least slightly from other servers in a design aspect.
  9. I took two photos of myself that I don't completely hate today. I don't know why they're sideways on this website.
  10. As much as I love getting to dress up as Dr. Scratch, it's kinda weird, but the suit itself is fine. Removing the cueball hat but also adding this would be cool.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that should be done with the rat role is that it should be completely removed from the game, because 9/10 rats you see are just shitters. Why we have a role that exists solely to enable shittery I don't know, but yeah. They don't need mechanics to make them even worse, no thanks. -1
  12. Big agree, it's a pretty easy fix.
  13. Title. I want to be able to listen to some music IC without having to cut myself off from the common radio and my entire department too. Or if that's not possible because the headphones are a thing that goes over your head and sits on both ears, could we add smaller earbuds so people can put just one in their free ear? I know people can use stationbounced radios instead, but they're not always available, they only work on one z-level, and it's just a hassle.
  14. I like these a lot, they're very good.
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