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  1. Bumping this. Any updates on sprites on either side?
  2. As much as I want to see the gamemode completely stripped from our codebase, I'd be satisfied with removing it as a solo gamemode and melding it with another antag type.
  3. Borya has been doing fantastic work with human lore as of late, he's always calm and professional, and he's always shown that he genuinely cares about progressing human lore in positive ways. He's also extremely friendly and approachable on just about every matter that you bring to him. Plus, the points that he's outlined that he wishes to address in his google doc link are all very good things. He's the obvious candidate for the position, in my opinion, so it's a massive +1 from me.
  4. Malf is, in my opinion, one of the worst gamemodes that we still have in rotation, right next to changeling. There are absolutely a handful of good malf AI players, but I can basically count all of those on just one hand. Practically every single other malf AI round always goes one of two ways. Either they stealth hack every APC and then go to delta at 1:30, or we get mass door bolting, mass door electrification, siphoned rooms, gravity disable spams, APC bombings, engine grief, recall spams, all that fun stuff like half an hour in. Sometimes there might be an outlier that springs for the borg machine instead, and then borgs run around stun ganking people and dragging them to the Build-A-Bot Workshop, which generally sucks an incredible amount for the victim, as being forced to become an antag is rarely enjoyable for several people. It's not a fun gamemode, not even remotely. Please remove it from rotation.
  5. I also agree that removing the excess clothing should not be done, for the reasons already stated by nienna and Carver. I especially agree that the commissar uniform shouldn't be taken out from the warden locker, because it is one of the only good looking warden uniforms. Don't remove either.
  6. I agree with removing the restriction on off-worlders for head of staff positions, all of them in fact, and I'm wholly on board with leaving the restriction for heads of staff on Scarabs specifically. As it's already been said, off-worlders have always existed in lore for several hundred years, players had already taken the initiative and had characters who are off-worlder before they were mechanically represented, and so they shouldn't reasonably be restricted from any command positions, unless they're Scarabs. And as was already said again, we have precedent for this as well, with restriction on Dominians being Captains and such, too.
  7. I for one will fully support a full revert, because BRAINOS's sprite change went through a feedback thread process and was overwhelmingly approved. This change did not go through the process, and silently replaced what had been accepted and nearly universally loved, and it seems incredibly rude of wezzy to straight up replace BRAINOS's work, and then say "well I refuse an outright revert of my own work". As such: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8281 A PR to revert it, until feedback is gathered.
  8. BRAINOS's sprite is my personal favourite, as it's a Zeng Hu piece of equipment and I like that a lot, and it looks cool and futuristic. My only gripe is that I wish the bar along the top was the colour of the chemical(s) that are inside of it instead of a solid pink. No offense intended to the other one, but it just seems... odd. And I think it's especially odd that we changed it with, to my knowledge, no indication or feedback thread. Super especially odd that we changed it to something so extremely different right after adding these brand new Zeng Hu ones.
  9. Reporting Personnel: Carlos Clarke Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Visitor at time, off-duty Trauma Physician Game ID: b5m-aLYB Personnel Involved: - Carlos Clarke, Visitor, Victim - Fernando Gonzales, Chief Medical Officer, Offender - Dekhova Bogdanov, Paramedic, Witness - Neith Mekesatis, Biochemist, Witness - Za'Akaix'Vixt Zo'ra, (Uncertain of occupation, likely medical due to scrubs, did not check the manifest), Witness Secondary Witnesses: - Jace Rieter, Surgeon: One of the medical team that came by to stay and watch the situation about half way through. - Jourz Guwandi, Security Officer: The responding officer that handled the situation, and walked by while Gonzales's verbal assault was going on. Time of Incident: Real Time: Approximately 3:50pm - 4:30pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Time Location of Incident: Outside main-level cryogenics and hydroponics. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ X ] - Assault [ X ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: I had emerged from cryogenic storage on main level cryo a little bit before half way into the shift, as I had to speak to medical concerning grabbing some last minute records for an upcoming trip, and to take the next shuttle back to the Odin. I stopped to get some hot cider from the vending machine before I headed on, and then Dr. Gonzales came down the hall towards me, a bottle of tequila on hand. He asked me "what the fuck [ I ] was doing". Before I could even ask what he meant, he punched me in the face, and began making vicious and accusatory comments about my supposed intention to get a close personal friend killed, and smacked my drink out of my hand. I saw him shove the bottle of tequila into his labcoat after this, too. Due to the incredibly personal nature of the comments, and the fact I'd just been socked in the face, I let anger get the better of myself and I delivered a single punch back. It was at this point that the Za had come by in the hall, and they rushed in to grab me and tackle me to the ground, thinking I was the aggressor. While I was on the ground, Gonzales proceeded to stomp my head into the floor - several times - while the Za held me there, but they did release me to stop Gonzales as well. I don't blame them entirely, as I understand they were just trying to stop any fighting, but it certainly didn't help, neither did their threat to dislocate our legs. I got back up after this, and this is about when Neith and Dekhova arrived. Then Gonzales's verbal onslaught of extremely personal insults and accusations begun, most of them concerning my recently deceased boyfriend. Most of the statements I don't feel comfortable writing down in this report, but I'll gladly repeat them to an agent if necessary. To give a tamer example though, one of the insults was that I was a "sad, lonely, fucking moron", as well as the accusation that I was "literally the only thing [my deceased boyfriend] could fuck on Adhomai". We argued back and forth for some time, until I called him a hypocrite, to which he paused and responded "I'm going to break your nose.". Once more, he came at me, punched me in the face, knocked me down, and began stomping my head into the floor once more, tearing a large gash across my head. I tried to get back up, and he hit me in the face, knocking me down again, and repeating the stomping motion, splitting my head open in several places. The Za stepped in again, grabbing him, and throwing him to the side. Dekhova also got involved and stood between us to try and block him from getting to me, but it wasn't completely effective. He pushed past both to continue assaulting me, and he even damaged one of my prosthetics which required repairs at robotics afterwards. I fully admit to striking back, only twice, at the end, but it felt more than fair at the time, all the personal insults, punching, and stomping against the ground considered. The fight ended when Dekhova grabbed and restrained him, and pulled him away. Security was called after this. I received treatment from Dekhova for my injuries. Submitted Evidence: N/A Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: I didn't report it as security processed the both of us, and truthfully, I lacked faith that going to other command members would amount to much. That's not a slight to any of them personally, but Gonzales has a tendency for repeatedly avoiding punishment, and I was too demoralized and upset at the time to consider the matter. On reflection, I realised that not trying to do anything about it at all won't amount to any change, hence my filing of this report. Actions taken: Security fined me for 50 credits, which I'll accept, as I did get physical as well, even if it was far, far less than he. I was also told he was fined, but I don't know any details beyond this. While security did fine us both, it doesn't feel sufficient for this kind of situation. Gonzales is a member of command staff, and is supposed to be a figure that leads by example and acts in a professional manner. Assaulting a visitor straight out of cryo, while presumably drunk on the job, isn't professional behaviour. He assaulted me to the point that I needed medical attention, and repairs from robotics, after an onslaught of deeply personal and upsetting accusations and insults. A fifty credit fine doesn't even approach what I think is an adequate response or punishment for such behaviour. Additional Notes: I'll be departing for Moghes with the IAC within a day to supply aid with the conflict currently taking place, and I'll be gone for some time. I only filed this because I inquired with an agent prior, and they said that due to the circumstances, I should be able to perform any interview through holocommunications or something along those lines. I apologise for any inconvenience this might cause, but the matter felt far too severe to just ignore and sweep under the rug.
  10. You can also eat and drink with a lowered welding mask, or a raised surgical or dust mask. I agree that being able to eat or drink through a pioneer's scarf would be ideal. Could we just make it an accessory again, instead of a mask slot item?
  11. I don't like the antennae on the aviators either, the appeal from them is that they look like regular glasses but with HUD functionality as well. If people want the antennae then they can just wear a regular HUD.
  12. Hayden is a good friend of mine that I've known and roleplayed with for many years, before Aurora even. His roleplay is top notch, from what I've seen both on-server and outside of it, and I also know that he's done his research on Unathi lore, which clearly enough shows, too. As for the actual character itself, I think it's an interesting concept, and it draws on all the important facets of Unathi while also putting an unique twist on it. The only thing I noticed that was particularly incorrect was: It's the other way around, since they're cold-blooded reptiles. I think Hayden would make a great lizard, +1.
  13. I would absolutely suggest two nurse slots at the bare minimum, only one sounds really bad, and nurses need some love. Otherwise I'd say, either 2/2/2, or 4/2 with nurses being an alt title. I'd almost even suggest 5/1, given that surgery is a specialist field, and other roles can do surgery too.
  14. Frankly, you're doing an exceptionally good job at just saying "Yeah, I'm a jackass". The cool thing about this being a video game is that we don't need to entirely abide to real life. Emergency Physicians, as a role, aren't Paramedics, and should not be the default role expected to act as one or be punished in the event that there are any missing, especially not when EVA response comes up, because EVA training isn't actually a requirement of every single job, believe it or not, especially not for roles that aren't explicitly first responders. If they want to volunteer to take the place of a first responder if one is lacking, absolutely fantastic. But they should not be the ones forced to do so. If I wanted to play a first responder, I would play a first responder. If you force somebody into a role they don't want to do and didn't sign up for, and then punish them if they don't want to do it, you're a cunt, no ifs or buts about it.
  15. Moved to Projects on account of the open PR. I'll also work on a new uniform for them.
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