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  1. Sol is like on fire and crumbling and suffering under and authoritarian government. The Lii'dra were almost two years ago on a single planet which is recovering, and the religious tension isn't anywhere near as bad as the tension in Sol. I've already got an Elyran character that I play semi-often but I'll play them way more for this. 👏
  2. May he rest in peace, hopefully not conscious or aware of the hearts he's shattered by killing himself. 💔
  3. I love Rocco. He's a joy to interact with and he's a very nice person. He doesn't just sit around in medical either, which is fantastic.
  4. I think these are all good answers. Your app is very good. It's got a big +1 from me.
  5. Dan asked me a lot of questions while he was writing this, and I've been helping him out with it over the last two days. I can tell he's genuinely interested in Skrell and their lore, not only because of all the questions he had, but because of the effort he's put into his writing. Onto the actual writing itself, I like the character. I like how it touched briefly on her family life, though I do wish there was a little more info there. I like how it goes over her feelings when the Skrell made first contact with humanity, and how that changes when humanity begin production of synthetics. I think it conveys the way a lot of younger skrell might possibly feel about them, not having actually witnessed Glorsh firsthand, instead being raised on horror stories and tales about the boogeyman robots. I also like that she's worldly, and that she displays the xenophilic nature of many skrell, having worked with not just in the frontier, but also with the Alliance and the Ouereans. Her backstory seems to allude to her having a negative opinion of the Hegemony, for understandable reasons. For clarity's sake though, what are her opinions on the Izweski Hegemony, and the Unathi race as a whole? What about these new aut'akh, for instance?
  6. I decently enjoyed reading your essay, and the thing that I also like the most about it is the proposed idea of making the Federation actually felt more throughout the galaxy, as well as developing internal conflicts and political things. Many nations all have news networks for instance, but only a couple seem to make use of them. For me, a nation that develops both internally and with other galactic powers is something that I really enjoy and look for when I actually play a species, it makes them feel more alive and actually present in the universe, and for me, Skrell not having much interaction with other galactic powers is something that I always feel has been something that's been a bit of a detriment to the species. Being able to talk about the goings on about your nation with other people is nice, and sometimes fun, but Skrell are one of the nations that can't really do that. As for your overall temperament, we don't actually interact much because we don't really have a reason to at all, so I can't say I've personally had many bad experiences with you, aside from a couple rare comments maybe like... once or twice? But I've seen you get kind of hotheaded or rude from time to time. But really, I've actually seen it far less since you became a moderator, as a few others have said. Personally, I think you'd make an okay Skrell lore dev, based on what's here, but that's just the lowly opinion of myself.
  7. I'd very much hesitate to even consider calling Tricord overpowered. The healing is still so minor that it's not breaking the game by any stretch. If you want an overpowered crutch, look at Dexalin Plus, which heals 300 suffocation damage per unit.
  8. I've not seen it used in many a moon, save by those medibots, or very new players, at least personally. I practically see everybody take dex/keloderm/bicard if it's prepared ever. It's not really all that good, it's only 3 points of each damage type (6 for suffocation), it's mostly just a good medication to use if you can administer it quickly with say, a RIG's chem injector, or by the bots, because when someone is actually hurt there's better things to use. It mostly just tides people over until they can be brought to medical for proper treatment - or if someone has something like 2.5 toxin damage from a radiation storm and you don't want to waste dylovene on them. Also, if you don't have anyone that can do chemistry on shift, dexalin and bicaridine are borderline unobtainable unless you get lucky with what spawns in the warehouse - so in these cases, it's pretty helpful to have around, because it's 100% better than nothing at all. I understand there are dexalin autoinhalers in the suffocation kits, but they're not always available, and while you can administer it in the sleeper too, you're not always treating patients inside medbay. Also we have Omnizine already and it was a completely worthless addition by Burger and it's never used at all.
  9. I love love love seeing people draw things in general, doubly so when it's characters from this community. Like Kyres said, please never ever stop doing it, it's amazing.
  10. This was merged already, but if people still have opinions on the sprites now that they're in game I'd certainly welcome them.
  11. I really like them even more now.
  12. I love them very much. My only request is, is it possible to get one in green? Green is the overall colour theme of medical on this map, so it would be nice to be able to match. Still though, they're stellar.
  13. The TG ones are the ones we've got right now I'm pretty sure.
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