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Brutishcrab51's Unban appeal

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BYOND Key: brutishcrab51

Total Ban Length: 7-days, week.

Banning staff member's Key: riqpleydagasd

Reason of Ban: Banned from Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Forensic Technician, Security Officer, Security Cadet - Disconnecting for +20 minutes as an officer with full gear. A weekban is being applied due to not being the first nor second time this happens.

Reason for Appeal: Hey, so, I just wanted to state on this front that I'd been experiencing a pretty nasty connection around the start of the afternoon my time, that's just how my internet is. I hadn't been warned at all related to these incidents in the past, and before the disconnection that caused this ban - which I didn't learn of until today, when I got on to play -- I knew my connection was slowing down because I was freezing up, being DC'd and reconnecting, and announced in OOC my character's name, and that I was lagging out.


Riqpley, please notify me in the future if there's an issue regarding my playing as Security. I don't even think this is the first or second time it's happened, as I typically cryo or ask people to cryo me, such as when I played Warden prior and stated in Security chat, "If I SSD again, cryo me."

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