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  1. Nope. I'm thinking of an assault rifle that was in the code, you used to order it from Cargo. A semi-automatic rifle.
  2. There is a rifle like this already, I forgot what it was called but it had a 10-round magazine and is available in the ERT Armory, and Cargo. Uses 5.56.
  3. Is this finally a reason to contact the Tau Ceti Government over fax?!!?!?!
  4. http://www.trans-west.net/img/home_eyecandy2.jpg Nah, even county-sized private security companies have uniforms. NanoTrasen Corporation has a private mercenary army, its own fleet and an internal security department equipped as well as normal police can be, they have uniforms, balance snowflakiness with realism. If you want to wear skirts and fine suits, don't play a Security role.
  5. Nobody plays Traitor because Traitor isn't fun for players, that's why Autotraitor ends up selecting people that don't have the Traitor antagonist tag selected. Do not nerf them more, you're thinking backwards.
  6. You know, I really like Rosetango, but uh. The last time I played the server, a month or two ago, I had a bad experience with Willow Harper. There was a Raider team with a funny Thunderdome gimmick, we all played along, myself and the Captain (I was the HoS) fought them in the Dome. Captain got his head cut off by a genuine energy sword, there was a brief fight, Security won (if memory serves). So, Willow was a pest all round. She used her Security access (As a Janitor) to come yell at me and the Captain in the Security sub-level about how some friend of hers (I cannot for the life of me remember who) was being mistreated by Security. We blew her off, due to the aggressive way she approached us. Later, when the Captain's head was cut off, she decided to break into Surgery after I dragged the Captain's body in (for a head reattachment and then cloning). She broke in, screaming at me about not walking away from her (she had the Captain's head), and after I flashed her with proper warning when she started to get aggressive, got into a physical fight with my HoS, going so far as to use surgical tools to harm me. She got stunned down, handcuffed, and thrown across the table, where I told a Detective (Apparently a good friend of hers) to get her out of my sight. He told me to go fuck myself, as did the CSI, who I believe was also a friend. Again, names escape me. I just dislike the real disregard for dangerous situations, and the shoe-in-mouth indifference to violent escalation, really, along with the eagerness to play a backseat antagonist. It really reminds me of another character that was extremely aggressive and inappropriate, Joe Vick. Way too aggressive and inappropriate, but in a different way. Resilynn might remember more about that round, she played one of the Raiders.
  7. Thinking about it with the above said, yeah, I'll change my +1 to a -1. This isn't Lifeweb.
  8. My concern actually was how to handle spriting clothing. You'd need special outfits for children, and not uniforms either. And no ATLAS Youth uniforms.
  9. I would assume default laws would protect kids just as much as adults. Since when were laws interpreted by individual age, after all?
  10. Tie it into wizard contracts perhaps, or as a Visitor role. Who knows. I'd be fine with this, I think the community has progressed to the point where there'd be no reason to drop bricks and freak out over a 2d sprite kid.
  11. I agree with the Construction list, not the Weapons list. Have you ever actually held a spear? A sword? A telescopic baton, or a shield? How about an axe? It's not as hard as you think to use all of the above (except a sword, but for a different reason) effectively. A spear is -the- simplest weapon outside of a club that people can use, you poke people with it, spears made up the majority of weaponry used by untrained peasant armies typically associated with feudal militaries of the early middle ages, and while they didn't quite compare to trained soldiers, it doesn't take a lot of skill or training to use them. At all. Swords? Eh, manage your edge alignment and you'll be fine. A baton has the same concept as a club, and an axe is a club with a sharp edge. It's inappropriate to claim that people shouldn't be able to use those weapons, the answer is to what extent they'd be capable of using them. They won't be doing kick-flips and 1v3ing swordsmen as a master spearman, but they can stab someone in the gut, twist and pull out of that five-year veteran just as easily as anyone else. Also, please, please, don't make a regulation surrounding and legitimizing the formation of civilian militias. That goes to the CCIA who'd consider that a potential policy, please, no. Please. I can't offer any answers personally, but lessening what people can and can't use on grounds such as inexperience or even blatantly never holding a weapon is not the way to go.
  12. Eldar bestdar. Can't ever convince me knife-ears aren't the best.
  13. Slugs were removed to keep Security from instantly going to shotgun+slug combinations (as a force not meant to get 'em valids, and instead protect the crew) and because they were insanely OP and available to anyone that could access the Armory. And because there were a lot of them. Antagonists going the best possible route to remove the opposing force in a dog-eat-dog scenario is not the same. Personally, I do feel the gloves themselves are -weaker- than they should be. You should feel like the One Punch Man when getting into a fist fight with enhanced force gloves on.
  14. Alright then. On the topic of how competent CommanderXor is as far as characters go? He's great. Probably one of the first guys I RP'd with when I first joined Aurora, and I'd trust him with an Unathi character. I'm sure Jackboot shares my sentiment on this too. A lot of my reasons for supporting this are based in the small details of RP with CommanderXor's characters, and I've never been one for super long lists. I just think he's qualified. +1.
  15. Don't Unathi orphans take the name of their orphanage now, according to the lore?
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