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  1. I was the Security member. It was a galaxy-brain move for that little bit of air, I totally left my magboots off in my combat suit and got knocked over by atmos. I'd just emptied an Ion rifle into you and DOOM and was falling back to recharge it. Honestly, I love you UM but this was a shitty malf round. You stealthmalf'd for the vast majority of the round until you suddenly said "No one can leave." and blew up the docks, depressurizing the majority of the surface level. This was not a fun round to play.
  2. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7699 Here you are. It was changed here.
  3. This. That will fix 100% of the problems with Agent IDs.
  4. Just use the Unathi stomach sprite organ image and make that what it is. Make it obvious what it is. Boom.
  5. @Mofo1995 I instead propose that we move away from any semblance of Nazi imagery. Add more red. Add more Soviet. The faction is literally from the USSR, that's on its wiki page. The CEO is Soviet. We don't need any hammers and sickles to do that, we can add red to the shoulders and red to the wrist-sleeves or do away with the red and brown entirely and use Amory's blue, yellow and brown to represent a separate branch of Necro Security. That feels like it'd please everyone here. Sexy compromise.
  6. I can't share your concerns on this, Jackboot. Butthead sec exist regardless of uniforms. If anything, I would suggest more red highlights for the uniform. Put some on the shoulders and wrist-collars.
  7. I must also draw your attention to Star Wars directly modelled the Galactic Empire after Nazi Germany. This is obvious in the stahlhelm-style of Vader's helmet and the fact that DLT-19's which Sandtroopers used on Tatooine were literally MG42's. Also in the comparisons between Imperial uniforms and Nazi-style uniforms. The same can be said for draws between Necropolis and the USSR, but not draws between Necropolis and Nazi Germany. The USSR is also still a faction in our lore. The one that Necropolis is HQ'd in. You can't ignore that just because you think it should be retconned. It hasn't been, so it's relevant still. Addition: I've got no problem with [g]ommy cats, only problems with red herrings. Necropolis has brown and red and black and red because it fits their eastern European style and because the USSR never fell.
  8. @AmoryBlaine Don't change a thing. It's fine as-is. I personally feel that this is misguided at best and grasping at straws at worst. The uniform is only equitable to brownshirts if you squint real hard and ignore the Soviet appearance. The uniform is literally this minus the obvious political insignia,
  9. No Jackboot I'm saying that there's no Nazi imagery here, but there may be Soviet imagery here, because the faction which the uniform belongs to in-question is Soviet-based. See This is literally the uniform as-shown by the Necro-beige. You also can't say "the USSR is irrelevant to this uniform" when the state exists, Necropolis is HQ'd in it and that's all written on the wiki.
  10. I would say that there is also no Nazi imagery in this uniform. Maybe there's Soviet imagery, though. And that's okay. Because Necropolis is Soviet. Its primary corporate HQ is located in Russia and its CEO is named Kazimir Boytsov. Tolyatti, Soviet Union, Earth, Sol: The headquarters of Necropolis Industries can be found in Tolyatti. The skyscraper complex consists of three Necropolis buildings, a Kumar Arms building, and a ConTec building. The complex is relatively austere and compact, though this can be said about any Necropolis building. Why aren't you arguing on the front that this is Soviet imagery, not Nazi imagery? Brown and red is PRETTY SOVIET in color-scheme.
  11. The USSR was literally a faction in human space until like a year ago when it was arbitrarily turned into one of the three megaprovinces on Earth. There was literally a lore article wherein the Premier of the USSR allied with the senator of Mars to fight ATLAS politically over it. That's "what" I mean.
  12. under one year ago in a human lore arc that never finished in a manner that very few people ICly agreed with outside of ATLAS (as indicated by the premier of the USSR going to mars to fight atlas politically) just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean it doesn't exist i love you jackboot
  13. I like the neo-Galil take on the one with the skeleton stock. It even has a chamber and the saturation of dark blue-ish colors make it look more like a battle rifle. I'd personally prefer that one, but it's just me.
  14. Okay but the USSR literally still exists in aurora lore, Necropolis is HQ'd in it
  15. Black and red, or red in general, is what associates Necropolis with the Syndicate in our lore.
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