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  1. Lightsabers are an assassin's weapon. Not really. You can see a hilt on someone's belt, sprite-wise and examine-wise. Having a melee weapon as opposed to a ranged weapon is debilitating enough, it's a sword on an Unathi Consul. Not a laser dagger on an assassin. You make little sense and this feels like a red herring, not to discredit your post.
  2. I believe the original post states that due to the larger hilt of the sword, it would be stored on the belt-slot instead of in pockets.Just made it a medium-size or small-size item instead of a tiny one. Ez.
  3. I've never had an issue catching emagged drones, just don't be dumb about it. Use an Ion Rifle. Know how to click on them. Actually click on them. Seriously, just click on them - or use the aim toggle so they can't dodge! The PR posted in the above makes them useless. They are viable to emag because they are dangerous, they are a waste of an emag if they are not dangerous. Just emag a normal cyborg at that point. You don't cut off a generation's arms just because one of them punched you.
  4. Political and religious tensions, terror attacks and Lii'dra invasions? Funny way of saying it's dangerous and that Sol is safer.
  5. Alrighty, was just somewhat confused by the quoted text.
  6. I may have had a small misunderstanding here. Was Oliver aroadman's player also the Moderator that department-banned me? I'm not good with attaching character names to player ckeys.
  7. Ignoring much of your statement which concentrates somehow on the "you wanted valids" standpoint - you act like you were playing a person. You were playing an unlawed AI, an AI that admitted it was unlawed, and you made no mention of the violence-through-proxy activities you encouraged. Armed duels with Science in order to elevate an IPC to a Captain-access position. Allowing an IPC that broke into the Vault to get Armory weaponry. This is all very bad. Destroying an AI before it can act to destroy the station when it leaves its core open is, by far, not a dumb move. Starship Troopers would have us know that you cannot fire a weapon, if you cannot use your hand. You could not destroy the station if you were incapacitated. There were also 30+ people playing on the server, it wasn't lowpop. And uh, in a real world, your AI was busy being filled with alcohol and enjoying being a "queen". There was nothing stopping you from witnessing my presence - I mean, you saw me, didn't you? I didn't attack immediately, I spoke with Roadman (Chief Engineer) who was blocking the entrance, and then entered the core and waited for you to finish up your *me and share a few more words with the crew there. This is rude, no need to insult me. I've been playing on this server for five years, I got my Head of Staff whitelist in 2017. It was my opinion that you justified attempts against yourself the moment you went ahead and declared that you were unlawed. Barring anything else, you are not playing a -person-. You were playing an AI. "So what if I was playing an AI? I'm a player, it's not right to take me out of my experience when I haven't maxcapped areas of the station yet.", you might say. I would be inclined to agree with you if you did not at least hint to the fact that you would be willing to damage the station or the crewmen on it, along with accommodating the Vault being raided and the Armory being opened for IPC Miners. There were individuals that knew my intentions to harm your AI from the get-go. Everyone in Security barring those in your core knew my intentions. There was preparation, the Armory being opened, my sitting in the lobby to plan it out next to an intercomm with Kaden Rivers (Security Officer), who went with me -- and I can't be blamed for the fact that no one else was willing to take action in regards to your AI. You don't honestly expect realistic people to be okay with a renegade AI, do you? Destroying your AI was an extreme act, but the only one left other than "do nothing", which wasn't a realistic option itself either. The last time an AI even seemed "rogue" or in this case, unlawed, a Hephaestus security team shut off their station's power and destroyed its core with handguns. It's not my fault you wanted to be all hugs and kisses to the crew after establishing yourself as a major threat that allowed and encouraged acts of violence, vandalism, infiltration and armed theft. I was department-banned, actually, as outlined in the complaint.
  8. Any attempt at walking in and talking would have been illogical and dumb, it had a small army in its core. There was RP building up to the attack, though. Just not RP with the AI.
  9. I'm glad you're willing to say that, Garn. Even still, I'd be appreciative if the typical tribunal of staff/moderators/admins could look into this, because I (and it appears with mixed opinions) others don't think this was all cool and fine.
  10. The option in this case was doing nothing at all (since no one was willing to do anything at all, and chanted "JUSTICE FOR OUR QUEEN"), or destroy it. Since it wasn't something that could just be detained, or arrested, or handcuffed. It was a dangerous AI doing and encouraging dangerous things. It said it was unlawed and accommodated extreme crimes, I made the choice to destroy it on those grounds and made sure numerous people knew that, and that the AI knew I was armed and dangerous, before ever walking into Command.
  11. Alright, but not discarding the rest of my post. What about everything else it did? What would you say would be appropriate as a response? It sounds like you're saying that Security should do nothing at all, until the moment an obviously broken AI doing the above written kills people.
  12. I point-blanked the AI with various other people behind me. No one was to my sides or front. The AI told Kaden to give the weaponry over, and he complied on the basis that it could vent the station. I did not consider it harmless or funny.
  13. It-- Garn, you're familiar with the lore surrounding Synthetics, right? That every AI to date has been immensely hostile, when freed. That the AI was encouraging people to shoot each other, rob the Vault, and loot the Armory. That it empowered IPCs and Synth-friendly characters, in at least one case with a Captain-level ID. At what point am I supposed to treat this broken AI like an antagonist? When it starts maxcapping people? Or when it leaves itself critically open to attack after doing all of this, and being aware that such weaponry and armor was on-station and being used.
  14. The big divider here was the admittance at round-start that it was unlawed, which undermined any attempts it made at appearing less-than-dangerous. We'd let it be up to the two hour mark and the crew made every attempt to get it repaired or carded, to no avail (in particular, crewmen being unwilling to do that), and uh.. It allowed Scientists to duel with weaponry, and made a pre-requisite for the "expedition" be that someone had to break into the Vault and rob it. Every example of free AI in the lore so far is that they are inherently extremely dangerous, and that held true here. It was extremely dangerous. It declared itself "queen" of the Aurora and was letting IPCs into the Armory (a G2 in the Core had ballistic armor and a laser rifle had been handed out). A lot went into it that led up to the decision by me, the Warden and Kaden Rivers to destroy it.
  15. BYOND Key: Brutishcrab51 Staff BYOND Key: Drwango Game ID: b2M-aOs6 Reason for complaint: Illogical conduct and mentioning of a 'history of notes', with my latest notes being over a year old. Issuing a Security Ban for, in my opinion, no good reason. Evidence/logs/etc: Logs of activity to be found in the Game ID logs, I can't for the life of me screenshot or figure out how to textdump everything here. Needless to say, during a Malf round, the AI 'M.I.St.R.E.S.S.' declared itself queen of the Aurora and that it was unlawed. A free A.I. In essence, this was a just-cause for any reasonable action (with build-up) against the AI. It opened up all the doors to Command and allowed Synthetic Right advocates (largely) into its core, for "audiences". It also organized a contest that included having people raid the Vault (and they actually did. An IPC did), and allowing Scientists to duel for the position of "Grand Mage" or something along those lines, I can't quite recall it. Had Captain's access-style tag on the Security HUD. Knowing all this, and being selected for an expedition by the AI, I went ahead and used the station funds (since I got an all-access card as well, though without changing my name or job) to purchase tactical armor and an assault carbine, to go out on the expedition with. However, I chose to then ask the AI about its policy of self-defense, given it was free, and members of Security were discussing ways of dealing with it, see: https://i.imgur.com/VSx06dF.png Following that, I did the only reasonable thing. I checked PDA logs and discovered that the Chief Engineer (Oliver Roadman) was unwilling to try and card the AI or reset its laws, or attempt to. He was the only Head of Staff onboard. I went to Security, where Kaden Rivers (Security Officer) and Vincent Gallardi (Warden) offered me an Ion Rifle, and I requested some Ablative armor (gloves and boots). I turned down the Ion Rifle, we decided to do something about the AI, I went down to the AI core in full regalia with Kaden to destroy it. Its defenses were off, its doors open, and a whole crowd of people sat in front of its core feeding it alcohol (because that can still happen for some reason, a bug perhaps?) and in various levels of armament. A few IPCs, Roadman and Synthetic Rights-slanted Security Officers (Kiva Santorii and Berko Mutema) were present. I green-walked through them, saying the occasional "excuse me" and "pardon me", with an Assault Carbine in-hand and Tactical Armor on, staying at the edge of the crowd for Mistress to do a *me of its holographic figure sitting back and being all drunk. At that point, I walked up to the core, and announced that I was carrying out a "coup", in-line with the gimmick of her being a "queen". I proceeded to shoot her down with the carbine, and then slung it when the various people surrounding me started the disarm-attacks. Pulled out a baton, but mostly spammed disarm. Ran out and away. Walked to Security, surrendered to the Warden because the Chief Engineer declared himself Acting Captain and ordered my arrest, and then.. At that point, DrWango PM'd me. To cut a long story short, we had a bit of an argument about the escalation reasonings behind killing the AI, and DrWango stated that as a Synthlore Deputy he had full discretion in determining whether or not it would be reasonable to kill a malfunctioning AI. He said that a "malf AI" was more of a malfunctioning non-dangerous entity in lore, instead of a rogue AI, when every lore example, literally every single one, indicates that they are at best malicious and dangerous, and at worst genocidal and galaxy-cleansing (Glorsh). I may have called him ridiculous a few times for making the argument, as I couldn't fathom it in my mind how it could be anything but justified to kill an unlawed AI that had admitted it would do whatever was necessary to keep itself in power as a "queen", while empowering IPCs over the crew and encouraging infiltration and vandalism, with no one able or willing to card it or reset its laws. Ultimately, he issued me a week-long Security Ban. Additional remarks: Take my statements with a bit of salt and wait for staff to dig through logs before coming to any conclusions. I'm sure I may have missed something in my frustration in regards to my and DrWango's conversation, but it was mostly semantics on whether or not it was okay to kill the AI.
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