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Mogelix's Two For One Special

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Unban Request

BYOND Key: Mogelix

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Arrow768 

Reason of Ban: Asked to be banned after intentionally jumping through a wormhole, shooting himself and ahelping about it.

Reason for Appeal: This was really dumb of me, a decision I made at night with little foresight and self-destructive guilt and frustration for previous actions. I don't really remember, just that it was dumb and self-destructive, something I don't want to and won't do again.

Ban Request

BYOND Key:  Mogelix

Accused Players Byond Key: Mogelix

Time of Act:10:24-8:24 Estimate AEST, Game ID: b18-bFs8]

Reason for Ban: I admittedly bullshitted my way out of the Ahelp that resulted from this round, where I suicide bombed the shuttle of the mercs that was full of civilians. I had no clear IC motive and did it mostly because I felt 'burnt out' from the round, bored. I majorly disrupted the flow of the game and escalation in a otherwise flawless round and I shouldn't get just a warning for that.

Evidence: The entire scene where I was on the merc shuttle is evidence enough, especially when paired with the RP before that.

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Checking the logs again, it seems as the warning didnt save properly, so I reapplied it and verified its saved.

Regarding the unban request:
I´m willing to grant that as, while you did something dumb it did not really effect anyone else and I´d just call it a moment of impaired judgement which can happen.

For the ban request:
If you are sure you want to be banned for the merc situation then that's possible.
But I do not see the reason to do so because:

  • You already received a severe warning about it and the next instance of similar behaviour will lead to a ban anyway.
  • The ban request shows me that you understand what you did wrong and most likely wont do it again.


Unless you have any questions or further comments, I´ll just lift the perma and you´ll have to acknowledge the warning.

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Sure, I guess. I still think a warnings kind of light. I'd have thought a ban would be more appropriate for that kind of unreasonable shittery. Do keep in mind that only now has the warning entered the web interface, unlike yesterday where I couldn't find it. So, I'll acknowledge the warning.

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