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Incident Report 7/11/2461 QTii'Aei-Multiple

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Reporting Personnel: Qaeio Tii'Aei

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer

Game ID: b2b-aq2w

Personnel Involved:
- Lynn Songna, Anomalist (Offender)
- Lesh Songna'Yullra, Anomalist (Offender)
- Qoumix Vo'lorem, Scientist (Offender)
- Chromemouth, Roboticist (Victim/Offender)
- Rocco DeFranco, Surgeon (Victim/Witness)
- D'Jar Sa'Kuate, Head of Security (Witness)

Time of Incident: 14:58

Real Time: 22:00-ish EST (-5 GMT) is when everything started.

Location of Incident: Research Wing

Nature of Incident:
[  ] - Workplace Hazard
[  ] - Accident/Injury
[ X ] - Destruction of Property
[ X ] - Neglect of Duty
[ X ] - Harassment
[ X ] - Assault
[ X ] - Misconduct
[  ] - Other _____

Overview of the Incident:

[00:00] Recording started.
[00:28] Fa'iq Nejem says, "This is Interrnal Affairrrrs Agent Nejem with Officerr Tii'Aei."
[00:41] Fa'iq Nejem says, "Please give a statement as to what occurrred rrregarrrrding this incident rreporrrt."
[01:01] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Right. The shift began fairly normal, nothing major happened until about...twenty five, to thirty minutes in."
[01:11] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "We got called to science and arrived on scene. There were two Skrell, and a human. The offenders listed."
[01:38] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Doctor Songna had attacked a IPC, the robotocist listed in the report. Slapping from my understanding. An officer detained them and moved them to the brig. The issue seemed defused."
[01:55] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "However, less than ten minutes later we got called back. The scientist, Vo'lorem was breaking into the robotocist's lab. I witnessed this personally."
[02:08] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "The door had been barricaded and they were removing the window pane's and screaming at us to detain the IPC for Neglect of Duty as they had not given them parts needed for research."
[02:14] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "The Head of Security and a stationbound arrived on scene."
[02:38] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "The Head of Security took the IPC aside to ask them what happened. While the researcher refused to talk to me, and instead mocked me. Calling me a race traitor, and they were going to report me to the Jargon Federation for crimes."
[03:00] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "The IPC then fled the Head of Security's attempt to detain them, sparking a manhunt which resulted in the ion rifle being issued from the armoury and two officers having to search for the IPC before they could be brought in and charged."
[03:26] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "During this, Doctor Songna returned screaming she was going to dismantle the IPC herself if the parts weren't printed and started smashing the door. The stationbound had to bolt the airlock."
[03:38] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Doctor Songna was not charged for this, for some unknown reason."
[03:48] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "After all this, we're forced back to science by screams of help from a EMT."
[04:11] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "We arrive on scene to a crowd of people gawking through the window. Doctor Lesh Songna'Yullra had a pair of force gloves and a prototype weapon on his belt. Contained within the science wing."
[04:24] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "He had attacked a lab assistant for 'working in his lab and taking tools'. A wrench and a crowbar, to note. Which could easily have been printed."
[04:47] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Doctor Songna started attempting to man-handle the assistant out of the lab. Again, the Head of Security arrived on scene to assist and issued a formal warning to both persons not to do it again or they would be charged."
[05:05] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Several times during this Doctor Lesh Songna'Yullra utilized force gloves in front of myself and the Head of Security to physically throw the assistant across the lab."
[05:19] Fa'iq Nejem says, "He thinks we have to leave verrrry soon."
[05:30] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "About fifteen minutes after this, Doctor Songna and Songna'Yullra left the lab."
[05:42] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Songna'Yullra was then detained as they brought the force gloves and prototype weapon outside of the lab."
[05:50] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "Doctor Songna then proceeded to chase a EMT into the medical bay and attack them, and was also detained."
[05:57] Qaeio Tii'Aei says, "That's...the summary of it."
[06:04] Fa'iq Nejem says, "OKay. To the shuttle."
[06:06] Recording stopped.

Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Yes, D'jar Sa'Kaute (HoS) and Fa'iq Nejem (IAA)

Actions taken: As one could read, security was called and the offenders were arrested.

Additional Notes: IAA Fa'iq Nejem has written this report on behalf of Officer Tii'Aei. He recorded the officer's statement and has used it as the main body of this document. Also, Doctor DeFranco was added to this report as he was harrassed by the anomalists as well, being threatened to be assaulted via taser by the pair, to which Fa'iq was a personal witness.

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TO: Qaeio Tii'Aei, Security Officer, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report
This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.
DTG: 13-10:39-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461

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