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JACK ACTION NEWS! (compilation)

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”Energy Guns … Bombs … Anything That Will Cause Havoc!”

 ”Sec Ain’t Playing Nice So We Won’t”


12:06 - NSS AURORA - J. Edwardson


Scientist Aaron Otes contacted me unsolicitedly via PDA earlier this morning.  He was offering me weapons.  Playing along, I met with him in Science, where he revealed to me a massive scheme to attempt to arm the crew.

”I ain’t telling you this but legend has it you can get science weapons if you’re quiet about it.”

-PDA message from Scientist Aaron Otes

Sec ain’t playing nice so we won’t,” Mr. Otes explained.  I asked Mr. Otes what he was providing to others aboard.  Force gloves, (kinetic accelerators)… stuff like that,” Otes replied.  He added that a couple of individuals already had been provided force gloves.  When I mentioned that Kinetic Accelerators did not do much damage in an atmosphere, he said ”KA's with the right attachments are still pretty powerful."

I asked Mr. Otes what he was in it for.  Profit?  Otes said it wasn’t about profit.  ”I don't care I just want more work for the sec," he said.  I asked if others had approached him or vice versa.  Otes explained he had reached out to them, much like he had done with me.

To see how far Mr. Otes would go, I asked him to provide me with his best force gloves and the most lethal gun he had.  He immediately provided me with a pair of basic force gloves, free of charge, and then said he could teleport me the gun when it was ready.  I asked Otes “But ... what if somebody gets hurt?"  He replied ”It ain’t me (then)… they stole it.”

Right before I left, Otes said something eerie.  ”I’m trying to make something better… energy guns… bombs… anything that can cause havoc.”

It’s a good thing he decided to reach out to a reporter in that case.  Not just any reporter, either.

He reached out to JACK ACTION NEWS!

After a draft of this story was provided to Detective Bigby Farkas, the long arm of the law reached out to Mr. Otes for further comment.

JACK ACTION NEWS! is back! Got a tip? Contact Jack over comms or via messenger! Rooting out incompetence where it exists, and shining the light for all to see! JACK ACTION NEWS! is there!


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Added pic, EDITED TITLE because I don't want to create 50 of these threads. This will be a compilation of all future articles.
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