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[CLOSED] Dionae Deputy Applications

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Hey, guys. At long last, after having an extensive time meditating with myself, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to open up the Deputy position. I feel that it is deserving that I explain a little due to how long I've held off, being the only one-man band on this team of partners in crime.


I'm not going to lie to applicants, Dionae have been in a somewhat difficult spot from the start, perhaps at their very creation. They're a very unique species that can be difficult to work with for most due to their truly alien nature, and many have difficulties in understanding these creatures which means that they're not going to be very popular to play. But that isn't a bad thing! There are diamonds in the rough that can bring the species to life and help other players understand them, eventually leading to a slow growth in player numbers that creep along as time moves on to create even more wonderful and enjoyable experiences for players and their characters. It's very fitting for the species anyways, and there is no intention whatsoever to make them everyone's favorites; as long as they're appreciated, that's good enough.

But to the honest part from my side in general, I was one of those players who were completely enamored with the species, falling in love with just how different and unique they were, and as soon as the position opened up I snatched it up with sparkling eyes and big dreams. Unfortunately, and I'm not going to say this lightly because it wasn't a matter to be taken lightly, shit hit the fan for me not terribly long after I had taken the position. As I suffered, so did my work. I wasn't asking for help, and I had retreated in a corner much to everyone's dismay, to quietly work alone on a big project that I hoped would help make the species truly feel a part of Aurora's universe once more after spending all this time as being seen as distanced and detached (ironic, I know). I'm obviously doing much better now and able to think with a clearer mind, and right now I think that the best decision to make is to advocate change.

My intentions were good, but they're not enough. And I feel that I've spent a long enough time keeping this little patch of lore all to myself. It would be unfair for me to stay here forever. I need to allow someone else to spread their creative wings and share the fun before letting them become a maintainer themselves, and continue this endeavor of living, creative writing.


Below is the application that I would like to be filled out, and after a bit I will review applications and select my new deputy. The absolute minimum response is three sentences starting at "Past Experiences/Knowledge", but remember-there's no maximum in what you can type for each answer! When you're finished, post your replies here for review. Good luck!

[b]Ckey/BYOND Username:[/b]

[b]Position Being Applied For:[/b] (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer):

[b]Past Experiences/Knowledge:[/b]

[b]Examples of Past Work:[/b]

[b]What do you think about your creative/writing ability?[/b]

[b]How is your ability to work with others?:[/b]

[b]What is your philosophy about lore in general?:[/b]

[b]What do you think you can do for the lore?:[/b]

[b]What do you like about the lore as it currently is?:[/b]

[b]If you could change anything about the lore, what would it be?:[b/]

[b]Additional Comments:[/b]


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Applications closed.
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