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DND 5e - Short Campaign - Recruiting Players


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Hello, I am looking for a 4-6 players for a DnD 5e campaign. I tend to be lax on the need of rolling as my style revolves around roleplay, so rolls tend to be limited contested actions or ones that involve difficulty. I won't have you roll on what you found, so if you fight two bandits with axes, the loot is going to be axes, not longswords due to a loot roll table.

Admittedly, I'm a bit picky given I've had some negative experiences as a DM. Since I put a lot of effort into campaigns, making things from scratch including any I post here. I don't care about first time players or those that aren't super experts, I'm mainly looking for people that are interested and won't be the equivalent of spectators. A quiet character can still be lively and have a presence that isn't 2-4 words a session. There is an application of sorts at the bottom of the post and instructions. 

What you need to know:


1- No evil characters without permission.

2- Any of the more exotic races need approval by me. Not sure if it's exotic? Ask me.

3- We are using 5e. UA + Homebrew is allowed but needs to be checked with me.

4- The party needs to function believably together to a certain extent, so no robbing or fighting each other.

5- You'll start as level 4, using point buy and health average + con mod.

6- This is text based, using roll20.

Not sure what any of the above means? Ask me.


The premise:


The setting is simple, I don't have too many specifics to limit backgrounds. It's based around the Forgotten-Realms post spell plague, standard DnD universe stuff. Magic and arcane things are considered rare, imagine it in the same way Witcher treats magic. Some people can go on their entire lives without seeing any magic. 


The actual location of this universe is a bit of a homebrew. In Forgotten realms, there are five continents, this location I'm using is essentially a sixth continent. The campaign will be set in a region within this sixth continent which I'll show in a map I made. Imagine this region as something akin to Westeros, before the Iron Throne was a thing.

The campaign itself is going to be short, with a strong potential of becoming a fully fledged one if I feel the chemistry of the group is great. All characters will need to have a hook which gives them a reason to accept some form of mercenary work, having no qualms of working for regional powers be it a noble house or something else. 





Format to apply:


Instructions: Send me the format to my discord via a private message. Aboshehab#0211

Note: While I haven't selected a time yet, I tend to be flexible. So that's something I'll hash out when I've got the people sorted.


Name: Give me a name I know you by, characters I've played with also help familiarize myself with your playstyle

Timezone and Availability: Has to be GMT, for example I'm GMT+4. 

Experience: Are you new, have some experience or an expert at 5e?

((Optional)) Character name and bio: You can send me a character concept you have, you don't have to but if you've got something on hand and want to demonstrate it, feel free. 

Got questions? My discord or this thread works.

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All slots filled up. I’ve had a lot of applications, I think 20 or so. Unfortunately I could not pick everyone and even went for my maximum of 6.


Given this interest and depending on how this campaign pans out, I may run more in the future.

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