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Incident Report 07/29/2461

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Reporting Personnel: John Brandy

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Solar Consulate Officer

Game ID:  b2u-aui1

Personnel Involved: 

- Muhuurla'Khala Shm'ta, Paramedic, Offender.

- Kaden, Security Officer, Witness.

- Marc Price, Head of Security, Witness.

- Elspeth Grant, Detective, Witness. 

- John Brandy, Solar Consulate Officer, Victim. 

Time of Incident: Throughout the shift, 09:00-11:00

Real Time: 8-9 PM PST 

Location of Incident: NSS Aurora, Consular's Office, Bridge 

Nature of Incident:

 [  ] - Workplace Hazard

 [  ] - Accident/Injury

 [ X ] - Destruction of Property

 [  ] - Neglect of Duty

 [  X] - Harassment

 [  ] - Assault

 [ X ] - Misconduct

 [ X] - Other Targeted campaign based off of nationality and political beliefs. 

Overview of the Incident: I was attempting to do my job this shift, when a certain Tajara paramedic, Muhuurla'Khala Shm'ta, initiated a vendetta against my person based on my nationality as a Solarian and my political affiliation. Early in the shift, he tore down my Sol Alliance flag, defacing my consulate. He then threw trash and other items at the windows of my consulate for no reason other than to spite my person. He continually remarked about how he hated me, and attempted to get individuals to sign a "petition" to get me "kicked off the station". He also continually insulted me, both in person and in comms, throughout the entire shift with no recourse, despite continual security interventions to get him to stop harassing me. He called my many names, in which he also called me both a fascist, a communist, and also a racist, for no reason other than my unspoken political affiliation, which I did not promote throughout the entire shift, and the only reason he knew was because he saw an armband I had on underneath my suit jacket. I had attempted to reason with this individual multiple times before, and in the meeting between him, I, and the Captain he cited his service in the TCFL and his desire to punish Solarians due to Frost's invasion and ATLAS's "Genocide against the Tajara". 

Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I did not report it, nor did the offender, however, the Captain, Quintin Copperfield, still intervened in the situation. 

Actions taken: Formal injunction between the offender and me, issued by Captain Quintin Copperfield. 

Additional Notes:

This continual harassment seems to coincide with a malignant Anti-Sol attitude, and I feel as if this issue needs to be resolved so this does not happen again to me or any other Solarian consul. 

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TO: John Brandy, Sol Consular Officer, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report


BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review. If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.


DTG: 30-03:28-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461


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TO: John Brandy, Sol Consular Officer, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report
This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to agent Sasha Reyes (shodan43893).

You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.
DTG: 15-14:46-TAU CETI STANDARD-08-2461

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TO: John Brandy, Sol Consular Officer, NSS Aurora
FROM: Sasha Reyes, CCIA, NTCC Odin
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report
An Investigation has been conducted regarding the incident, and appropriate action(s) has been taken.

The matter is now considered resolved.
DTG: 25-15:48-TAU CETI STANDARD-08-2461
SIGN: S. Reyes

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