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Un-Note Appeal

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CKEY: Nikov

This is an unconventional request.


I have been playing on this server since 2015, and over the course of four years, have acquired some number of notes and warnings. Many of these are old, some are new. My most recent warning is from 2018, yet "a history of warnings" has been cited as proof I need to "improve my antag RP" by a trialmin.

I do not care to go line-by-line through my warnings and notes going back four years, and have never cared to drag individual warnings into staff complaints and appeals. I simply ask this. Given that notes dating back to 2015 are still being used against me in 2019 by trialadmins who do not have the context to understand improvement of play since the time of those notes, I would like my formal record purged.

Individual administrators and senior staff know me and will continue to know me. Most, I hope, think I am a decent player. However four years of records being presented to someone who has never met me colors their impression of me at first glance, and given that multiple ban appeals have been made regarding trialmins citing my notes or past warnings, I feel this has become a self-perpetuating problem, and not one based on my present behavior, but based on my distant, prior behavior.



Having huge sheets of notes and warnings isnt necessarily a bad thing. We look for patterns of consistent behavior when we ban someone. After about three months or so a note or a warning becomes a lot less relevant. Unless you're an odd case where you have months of inactivity and then you go back to being a massive shithead. Cases like that are super rare though.

-- Garnascus

Long after three months, I am having four-year-old notes leveled against me. Unless I am a massive shithead (and I'm certain I can be on occasion) I'd like a clean slate presented to people who don't otherwise know me. If I am a massive shithead, I'd like a clean slate so I can respect a bwoink as an individual action being judged individually, and not feel that outdated records are coloring all of my interactions with new staff members.

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