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Vault Accessibility Update


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This is a typical rounds contents for the vault.  There's some variation based on RNG, but for the most part this is about what you will find in the vault.  Generally speaking, only the captain is allowed to legitimately visit the contents without permission from someone else.

There's a big problem, though, with the setup.

The captain can't actually access the vault.  In fact, no one can legitimately access the vault without assistance from either hacking or a synthetic.  This is because the vault is bolted shut at round start and there is no mechanism in place to actually open it.  At times in the past when it was full of weapons and antag-bait stuff, that made sense, but there has been a paradigm shift since then.  The vault now contains objects that are specifically useful to legitimate crewmember use only, such as high quality KA and cardox grenades, along with some material resources that science or medical could use for certain things.

I assume these were added for the crew to use in certain circumstances, but if that's the case, the vault shouldn't be under lockdown at all times that cannot be lifted without the aid of an engineer or synethetic.  We should add some kind of button or swiper that can unbolt and open the vault using captain-level access.

Additionally, we might need to add some regulations that permit the use of vault contents with captain/head permission, because the pervasive mentality among the crew seems to be the out of date 'if it is in the vault it belongs there don't touch ever' mindset.

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I agree so much. The vault is literally only Antag-bait now, but the only thing that's worth antag's time in there is [sometimes] rig modules, and safe's contents. Safe cracking is messy and glitchy [sometimes it refuses to open even if you do know how to crack them] and the contents can be anything from mostly useless stuff [race-locked rigs that you cannot use and random Gladius-tier melee weapons that look omega-derp inside a corporate vault] to ridiculously op stuff [Energy Axe]. 

PLEASE, as it is now it should be accessible with captain/HEAD OF SECURITY [They're Loyalty implanted both, use it] oversight and authorization from a relevant head of staff.

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