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  1. @Goret Wonderful! So our definitions are pretty much identical! Now that I know what I can work with, let's get to it I've literally never got feedback from you. I try to do my best to improve things, but the easiest way to make someone do something differently is to.. ask them to do so. As an example, I would like to summon @Marlon Phoenix - I recently fucked up a thing where I missunderstood the Unathi, and specifically Aut'Akh lore to mean that Aut'Akh more or less do not feel pain, and as such acted upon that assumption. Marlon, being the wonderful person he is, Pm'd me on discord and pointed out my mistake. The mistake was not repeated. Another example of this would be @kyres1 - Literally last round as of writing this there was a missunderstanding over how IPC's are created and owned, should they be made on the station itself. Kyres contacted me on discord and explained to me that I was wrong. Yet another example that I can think of right now is @Jupiter Storm - I have been trying to do a lot more work with the Ai, since it is such a wonderfully useful way of involving crew in your storyline - With feedback from Jupiter [And the IPC discord server] I've created a bunch pretty well written Ai laws that I can use in the future to make good stories. Next example I can think of is @Aboshedab - When I was planning out my skrell application, I pm'd him and asked him to review my character concepts and then spent a bunch more time making sure their planning is more up to standards. Another example I can think of is @DRagO whom recently handled one of the ahelps against me where I went out of line and killed a person who didn't attack me. The situation was quite complicated and is irrelevant, but we reached an understanding and I'm going to strive to only attack in retaliation. Yet ANOTHER example is this entire thread handled by @Garnascus: Tl;dr: I no longer create or play 'antagonist' characters - a.k.a: characters that exist exclusively to be antagonists. Nor do I cryo out of rounds if I'm unhappy with things. Furthermore, there was an implication that I only play antagonists in that thread, as evidence against that I would like to offer the fact that during the week of antagonist ban I stayed active and played on the station. ANOTHER example would be the round that got me antag banned, handled by @Pratepresidenten: The reason for the antag ban was going too far with ooc knowledge, specifically walling in ERT/TCFL shuttle. I based this on the fact that one of the round-start tips literally mentions that one of the vulnereabilities of ERT is that people know where you land. This behaviour wasn't repeated since. Hell, in discord PM's I asked him to bwoink me more, because pointing out my mistakes is the best way for me to learn. Tl;dr: Please present evidence where I am unwilling to learn, if given the opportunity to. I would like to address this point using three different points: 1) Within server rules [ https://aurorastation.org/rules.html ], and as mentioned by @Garnascus in: Antagonists do not require gimmicks. Cookie cutter 'I am a raider, and I steal things' or 'I am a merc, and I was hired to assassinate X on this station' are just as acceptable as a proper well thought out gimmick. Are well thought out gimmicks preferable? Yes. But they are NOT mandatory. I have contacted @Skull132 and @Pratepresidenten during writing of this to ask their feedback on if this statement is correct, here are their respective inputs: [ Skull: http://prntscr.com/p9e2co ] [ Prate: http://prntscr.com/p9e32i ] With that said, you are saying that that gameplay style does not drive a story.... Is security on a manhunt for someone throught the entirety of station, having to monitor the cameras, involving Ai AND multiple non-security personnel who report seeing the antagonist to security... Is that NOT a narrative? Is that not something to talk about in the bar? 2) I have been working on this particular aspect since the original feedback thread with Casey Mercer which basically embodied this style of pushing story/gameplay. Since then, I have had a ninja gimmick where I caused a more-or-less revolution to occur by relawing the ai to claim that there is a raider ship coming [played by @Jupiter Storm ], and repeatedly used voice changer to stir up the crew into wishing to protect themselves. Furthermore using announcements from the bridge and/or uplink to drive the story even further, and yet more finally dressing up in captain armor and running around at the end of round as an evil pirate at the end of round. Next example would be the ai laws that we've worked out with Jupiter, one of which was already used in a round where the ai was lawed to believe it is a parent to everyone on station. The ninja was mostly unknown in the round, only adding in a little bit of spice there and then, until an ai-slaying team formed, consisting of @Cnaym @Jupiter Storm and two more players I'm not familiar with. Since the shuttle wasn't called yet, I needed to defend the ai and lawed it to be extremely unhappy with the security officer in the group. The ai interpreted that to 'Vent the hallway the character is in', which in this case involved primary hallway. Thinking quick, I teleported him to telecomms using ninja-stealth + hand teleporter, but because I didn't think it through well enough it revealed me and caused the round to derail from 'Slay the insane ai' to 'Slay the invisible man by the name of Death'. When shuttle was called, I attempted to give the story a crescendo by offering one person from the group to take them to the Ai core and letting them finish the job, which didn't work out as planned because of the aforementioned mechanical fuck up. The lawset in itself was almost instantly craked by @Rosetango who figured out that the Ai is literally lawed to be nice and treat you kindly if you simply are nice to it and the people on board and do your job. Rose spent the entire round on common comms trying to explain this to the crew. None of this would have happened if I didn't strive to up my story game. 3) If I am in the wrong for seeking to power up my antagonist characters and manage to gain the upper hand in situations where often I am playing as 1-4 people vs 6-9 people in security, then please explain why many other antagonist players are not in the wrong. And if they are in the wrong, why do I not see player complaints against them. This has a very simple explanation. The character in question is Sabael Kyledes [Human Miner]. For whatever reason, this character spawned as a merchant on exodus. I genuinely do not really know why - here are the job settings for the character: http://prntscr.com/p9e7ew The character /DOES NOT HAVE MERCHANT ENABLED/ - And literally cannot even have merchant enabled because only Independent faction characters can be merchants. As such, to not completely destroy the character's lore, I was forced to go Vox, regardless if I wanted to or not - as I did not wish to cryo on round start. Because Merchant code is inherently balanced around LRP, I have been personally slowly reworking it over in this thread right here: Before you say that my goal is to make antagonist merchants more op, I would like to ask you to consider the fact that Unathi Breacher from the merchant costs precisely 6 tc via operation funding. Operation Funding in the traitor uplink is fantastic for driving rp on station, but completely wrecks merchant traitor power economy, and this is an issue I am well aware of - as adressed in my 'To Be Done' section of the post. I wish to make these very powerful items UNABLE TO BE PURCHASED USING MONEY by transferring them to unique traders exclusively. Reality of the situation is that Merchant is balanced for 40 minutes rounds, and no one else but me is currently working to change that, as far as I know. If you have any feedback for the merchant changes, please write them in the thread. Sadly, until the rework's finished OR merchant being automatically excluded from being 'on station' antagonist [probably by being turned int "Antagonist" role like ERT are], this will continue being the case. Furthermore @Marlon Phoenix had a discussion with me on a round where an Unathi Breacher was used by a merchant and we agreed that items on it's level should be used extremely sparingly. - This has been implemented when later I had an unathi breacher purchased, but decided to leave it on merchant's base in favour of making a more interesting interactions. Thank you for reading this - I am not adressing the specific example round because while it is relevant to the post itself, this novella is already long enough. If it will be required, I am willing to provide further clarifications on my actions in the round.
  2. @Goret @Snoopy11 Before we proceed with this, please do me a favour: Please define what an Antagonist is, how are they supposed to do things, and what's their purpose for existing according to you. I will start with my own definition: Antagonist is someone with ulterior motives on the station, regardless if those are friendly or unfriendly. They should use any means available to them to achieve their goal, regardless of what it is, as long as it does not constitute griefing. Their purpose is to drive roleplay and/or atmosphere of the round in one way or another.
  3. Hey! I'd like to clear something up about the round you are mentioning! ... I got vamped 50 minutes in. I had very little idea how vamp abilities work, because it is very hard to try them on a test server. And finally.. I interacted with a bunch of people. Did those interactions end up in vampire bite? ... yeah? ... but I was a vampire after all.
  4. Right, I was asked to post my opinion to this threat, and after reading about 2/3rds of it I can sort of see why. I'd like to highlight two things: 1) I have never read any vaurca lore page. All I know about them is the 'everyman' knowledge. 2) I have encountered vaurca consulars a few times. Because of this, I would like to ask to not be judged in this post based of how the lore is written and understand that this is merely from a perspective of a crewmember who has very little idea of how Vaurca actually got where they are. _____________________________________________________________________________ When I first met a breeder, I was like holy shit - because it felt so random for a 'breeder' of the species to be on station, unprotected. As far as I know, they are rare and always kept protected - kind of like how the breeding bee in a bee hive is kept safe, so I was awed that the devs were doing a little event like this, despite there being no guards for the breeder. The second time I realized they are just a vaurca consular - and that is cool AF, but it felt a little off too - Why would a member of the hive important enough to it's survival be sent off to some hellhole? After reading some of the points in this threat, it seems to be because 'they're more sociable than the other castes' - This makes no sense to me. I thought Vaurca are raised in VR for a direct purpose, and while some act stupid, they as a species are not stupid.... So why wouldn't some 'normal' be better at communicating than a important breeder-mom bug? ... so the only real answer seems to be 'This is an important member of our hive, we trust you with her safety' - And I think that gesture is cool. Few rounds later, I was on my paramedic and was responding to a bar situation when I come upon a Breeder standing in middle of a combat zone between an angry ipc bartender with a shotgun and a cadet who's absolutely getting rekt and shouting for help [which wasn't coming]. And the... important mama bug was fighting? This annoyed me personally - surely the bug is important to her hive, surely she cannot risk getting destroyed in a fight - that would destroy her value to the hive and it's queen I always thought that breeders are more of a last-resort fighters that the hive will only ever use if it's in really bad situation. _______________________________________________________________________________ And this is where I have to talk about not my experience, but their mechanical functions. Breeders are 1) Impossible to grab (4x as hard as a human to grab, 3.5x as hard as a skrell to rgab) 2) Can break cuffs 3) Have a massive (larger than human) stamina pool, have low-cost sprinting, and have fast stamina recovery. What? 4) Cannot slip. 5) Have natural weapons _______________________________________________________________________________ Overall: I think they are cool, but me as a 'normal' player - I don't really understand why them specifically. I'd like them to stay, I genuinely do think they are a cool idea, but I need an explanation that Mr. Joe Average the Janitor will be able to make some heads or tails out of. Furthermore, if they are to stay, they need across the board nerf - they are supposed to be mama bugs, not frontline soldiers, so why do their stats remind me of a hunter-killer?
  5. @Resilynn Hey! No stress, I'm glad you took the time to read it and reply! I didn't want to advertise the app because I wanted it to be judged on the strength of writing, but since you want some community input I'll go ahead and show it around As for the questions - I'm not going to be giving you proper answers right away because I'm really tired and only got about 5-6 hours before I have to move to university for 5.th semester - so I'll probably get to proper writing in about a day or two, but quick answers: Why another space station/vessel: She idolized Qulluv, not because the culture made him famous or anything - as far as the wide public is concerned he was nobody, but because she recognized the effort, care and pride he took in his craft. He's what she's striving to be, and he was working on space-bound vessels. I'm still working on if I want to give her some form of void-phobia to play around with, but I think that might clash too much with working on a space station. Also, people can die planetside too, just the causes are different. Why work in human/synth place: I have been struggling with this question, and decided to post the app before having a good answer myself, not gonna lie. She doesn't outright hate synthethics as many other skrells would because she wasn't there to see even just the aftermath of Glorsh-Omega - being too young for that. It is similar to how today's generations are detached from world war 1 - they know it was a horrible thing but ... they usually don't put too much thought into it. - This distant misstrust in synthethics that was given to her by her history teachers and education system led her to chosing an area she believes even more dangerous than the traverse - An area where synths roam free. That clearly is a volatile region of space, much more than the traverse - and that's not accounting for things like The Frost Incident where the tiny [mostly] defenseless republic was left out to the wolves. Help those in need is what Qulluv taught her, and that's what she's going to do. How did she announce her leaving for human space: I havn't even considered this, kind of completley forgot that people have families... heh. - Her family had accepted her going for the Traverse > She is supported in her decisions, but they worry about her because she clearly is somewhat reckless. Thus - Going to human space came as a shock, but not one they didn't think of before. Her mother in particular spend over an hour arguing back and forth but finally gave up and accepted it when the stubborn child refused to move from her position. Who knew that going to the Traverse would make her so strong as to argue her point for an hour without backing off?
  6. BYOND Key: naelynn Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Reddish Pink Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Skrell have a unique relationship with synthethics - unlike that of all other races, primarily due to Glorsh-Omega and the resulting incidents up to Tri-Qyu. As I am heavily invested in mechanical augmentations and ai`s/synths in general, this has lead me to checking up on Skrell and finding I like how they`re written.. And want to give them a try myself. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Skrell are exceptionally curious species with unmatched intellect and esoteric abilities equivalent to telepathy, yet retain a strictly individualistic approach in their society. Their culture is completely based around merit - and as such anyone may rise to glory, should they discover or achieve something worthy of recognition. Furthermore, most Skrell are going to naturally be suspicious of any synthethics, even more so if they overstep their bounds. Skrell are also going to be rather competetive in their approach to their work, but will never see it as foul play if they are outdone - rather they will be impressed. Character Name: Aquuore Wluqluv’Qulluv - CMO Please provide a short backstory for this character It can be difficult for a young skrell in today’s society. There are so many geniuses out there it can easily cause one to feel inadequate. And that was precisely what has happened to Aquuore Wluqluv. She was just finishing her university degree in neuroscience which she believed would nicely accompany her previous general medicine doctorate. She still wasn’t entirely decided on what to do with her life, but she was starting to feel the need to pick a specific path for her career. It was around that time when her university demanded an internship to show that she can apply all that she has learned in practice. She felt nervous and pressured to perform - after all, her grades were always stellar - even compared to others of her age, and this decision to choose her internship was gnawing on her mind. With the deadline for signups nearing, Aquuore made a move she didn’t think she ever would - she signed up to assist an exploratory vessel in the traverse as a medical doctor. And her request was granted. Yet, she didn’t feel the pressure on her shoulder lessen.. It seemed to have only built up further. Not even a month later, she was aboard a relief vessel darting around the traverse, offering medical aid and supplies to the colonists. She and Dr. Qulluv have succesfully saved multitudes of lives and she was starting to take a liking to the older man, learning to respect his wisdom and advice. However, things don’t always go according to the plan and the relief vessel was hit during a meteor storm before the shields could have protected it’s crew. Both Dr. Qulluv and Aquuore were in the room when the rock breached the outer hull and crashed into the medical facilities. That was the first time she realized her own mortality and she froze in heat of the moment. But Dr. Qulluv did not. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the terrified young woman, and threw her into the only remaining undamaged piece of equipment left - a single cryopod, meant to preserve critically wounded patients during long transfers. When next she was woken up by the ship’s engineering staff, she got to meet the man she learned to idolize and respect once more - lying on the ground, in a black tagged bag, motionless and cold.. So cold, like the deep void of space. She screamed, and cried, she struggled… and eventually accepted the reality laid bare in front of her. Due to her panic, her idol had perished. This must not, and would not happen again if she had anything to say about it. To remind herself of this, she would choose to honor the man in her name, and continue his work in places where most would shirk to go, yet the need is highest. What do you like about this character? Aquuore is a young Skrell, very young in fact - who more or less only knows the Radiant Era first hand. As such, she is generally very optimistic. Yet, there is something beneath that, deep under the surface there are layers of insecurity and dread of losing someone else she cares for once again. She is characterized by her avoidance of loss. She is very aware of her mortality, and that her very existence is the last thing left of her mentor. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 - While I do try to look for rp chances, sadly I often reply only reactively and don't drive a narrative to my satisfaction. I currently see this as my biggest weakness and it bothers me. However, I try to work on this. So why did I rate my ability as above average but not excellent? Because while I do believe I have a huge weakness in that, I also believe that I have a big strength in rp - and that is willingness to improv and change my entire plan at drop of a hat if something is more fun for everyone involved. Notes: I currently have an admin action going against my account - that is being Antag-banned for 1 week. The game ID's that have caused this are b25-acBS and b25-c3gA [ in case you want to check them out because it changes something. Idk, figured I should be honest. ] Thank you for taking the time to read my application - if anything is not up to your standards, please do let me know - I will do my best to rectify it in appropriate manner.
  7. Hello, this thread is meant to be used to discuss and documents things that should be adjusted in merchant code. Feedback is more than welcome in comments, I'm following the thread and will read all posts. If a suggestion will have good reason behind it, I'll put it on the list and code it when I have time. Please check if your suggested changes are in any of the lists. Thank you very much! To be done: Completed: Denied: Once again, please use this thread to post feedback and/or suggestions to merchant code [ The computer software that lets you trade with traders. Not the base itself ]. Thank you very much
  8. @Garnascus Can the thread be closed and archived? It's been more than a month since last post and it's been resolved.
  9. I like the app. I don't have a bone to pick with the person or characters. I don't see a reason to say no: It's a +1 from Naelynn
  10. BYOND Key: naelynn Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Metallic Silver (Aut’Akh) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: One day when I was playing Aimee I ended up having an Aut’Akh co-worker in robotics, and it was probably the most pleasant experience I had. This left quite the impression on me. The unathi acted like no other unathi I’ve seen, so friendly and bordering on Zen-like. I was curious so I started reading up on their lore and mechanics and well… here I am. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Aut’akh are peculiar, especially amongst the unathi. They are a relatively new sect, focusing on quite frankly stupendous level of augmentation, to the point where discussion on whether they are cyborgs or not could be appropriate. Yet, despite this outcast status in their society, they are encouraged to be the friendliest creatures on the planet due to the hole the lack of Oss’s connection leaves inside them. I always liked the idea that maybe we can become better and something more through machines, and there frankly is no race that can represent that better than the Aut’akh. And oh god Oss quirks are downright fascinating. Character Name: Optikam Azski, Paramedic Please provide a short backstory for this character: “Life’s what you make out of what you’re given” was the first thing the discolored female sinta learned in her childhood. She was expected to grow up into a young lady of the house, to stay in the background as those discolored like she was were expected to. Her local shaman claimed her sickly white color to be a stain on her clan - a curse of the ancestors who were displeased with how they’ve conducted themselves lately. And yet… ...not one of those things mattered when the contact wars came. Still merely a 5 summers old child Azski’s world was thrown into chaos when her village, family and neighbours all either perished or disappeared. The little one survived, albeit barely. Living on what she could find, and running away from danger she couldn’t handle she bumbled her way through the wars, always moving, never staying in one place. For everyone would remember the discolored thief should she find a place for herself. Eventually she was accepted into the Kuhwinla orphanage. She, like many others was scarred from the war in more ways than one. And yet, still, she was unable to find common ground with the others. Bullied and ostracized for her colour she was bottom of the ladder in her newfound home. And yet… … despite all of that, she survived. Her will hardened and steeled itself through all the hardships and she learned to fight back. And that was around the time a certain individual approached her. Offered her a new start, with no history to weigh her down, with no body to be judged by, and a place where one may be revered solely by their actions. And that’s a day that Azski will remember forever, for that is the day she joined the Aut’Akh. Being part of the commune was difficult at first, but Azski was more than willing to leave her cursed, discolored visage behind. Yet, she opted for a silvery metal chassis, a clear statement of defiance to the world who had treated her so unkindly. A message sent with not words, but action. And this attitude is what lead her to joining with the Optikam, for she saw the value in their willingness to act when everyone else is still talking. For life is what you make out of what you’re given. Amongst the Aut’Akh she may be recognized as a Paradigm who added optional rescue and quick first-aid subroutines to BattleTrance.OSS, allowing for BattleTrance fielding of medical personnel in sync with their combat units. What do you like about this character? Azski is a character who was growing up throughout the Contact War, and it has shaped who she is. She is not particularly talkative, preferably using laconic phrases. This is completely different to a lot of my other characters - Aimee for example is very talkative and often has very long sentences due to filling in unnecessary words. She, as all Optikam, would seek to achieve her given objective by any acceptable means necessary, and her short and cut-to-the-point attitude should make for quite an interesting development when she will feel the need to bond with everyone around her. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 - While I do try to look for rp chances, sadly I often reply only reactively and don't drive a narrative to my satisfaction. I currently see this as my biggest weakness and it bothers me. However, I try to work on this. So why did I rate my ability as above average but not excellent? Because while I do believe I have a huge weakness in that, I also believe that I have a big strength in rp - and that is willingness to improv and change my entire plan at drop of a hat if something is more fun for everyone involved. Notes: Thank you for taking the time to read the app
  11. For players who cryo'd and observed?
  12. Hello, I believe this is a topic I can have a relevant input on - as a frequent antag player. Tl;dr: DO NOT REMOVE OR WHITELIST THE AI. PLEASE. Sincerely: Antagonist player Now for more details: Ai's are vital for functioning of many departments and have a whole suite of aux functions that many people seem to ignore because a good Ai does them so well you won't even think about it. Ex: Pumps in atmos, mining airlock, configuring cryo cells in medical, assisting in locating blobs, rescue operations etc. etc. Seriously, play an ai and try to keep up with the ridiculous amount of things an entire crew worth of people will want from you - it's probably the closest you can get to an admin handling tickets alone on high pop. Furthermore: Ai is an excellent role to LEARN COMMAND. It is the only non-command role to have access to their channel, and can observe how things are to be handled. This is suuuuper important for people who are looking to whitelist for command. You can say that Warden is the 'Learn Command' role, but... not really, even though they have access to fax machines. As for shutting down antags: Can Ai's do it? Absolutely. Is the end of the world for an antag team? No. MISTRESS in my yesterday's round as Vox Nightingale [raider] was in this 'maintenance' mode and it felt /Worse/ to play for me. Normally when Mistress is in a round and I'm antagging, I do have to really worry about her, because she has absolutely no qualms with wrecking my plans and telling security where to run, which usually after an hour-or-so of the round leads me decide that ai has to die [And then usually getting rekt myself due to trying to breach a fortified position alone]. But rather than seeing ai whitelisted [as that would screw over all the benefits an ai brings to station] I'd like to see more TEMPORARY BLACKLISTS - to have them act a little more like wiki says. Ex: "Room Y breach detected. Security response recommended" instead of "Four hostiles armed with X in room Y, red voidsuits, one rig". (See wiki, it genuinely recommends the ai acts like this) I'll edit this post to be more coherent over the day - writing this in spare 15 mins before going to work.
  13. I mean, if ya'll are saying that this is a easy way to 'get away' with shrapnel, consider all the following: You're going to get infection from that 99% of the time you're probably going to cause IB in the process The thing itself will take fucking long to do you're going to lose a lot of blood doing this And finally: How the fck are you going to close the wound. If you're ghettoing this, you probably don't have normal cautery so.. lighter. So... MORE BURN DAMAGE.
  14. Ahh! That makes so much more sense! Thank you! ❤️
  15. looks great, except for this part: From what I understand, that means that research would essentially be useless except for money without an RD. This.. it just feels bad to lock a core mechanic behind a command staff player.
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