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  1. I support Cnaym's app. Why? He seems responsible, calm and able to work under pressure. He understands the game and is capable of defusing situations. I firmly believe it would be benefit the server if he becomes a moderator.
  2. BYOND key: Naelynn Character names: How long have you been playing on Aurora?: My byond account was created on 29/10/2017 and Aurora was the first server I played on. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I believe the station needs more IAA players. Why did you come to Aurora?: Others servers are too.. dumb? Is that a good word? There is not a lot of reasoning to why people do things, they just do because 'lmfao wouldn't it be funny to spam *farts* while killing people with chainsaw?' Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? Yes - I have recieved a warning for botched nuke-ops round. Here is the complaint thread: Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is process that requires two or more parties to initiate. [You cannot RP alone] It's an activity of acting out different characters for the purpose of enjoyment for all parties involved. Thus, by my definition, if only one party is enjoying the 'RP', it is no longer considered RP. This definition always drives me to try to improve. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: 1) Give direction and help with role play. 2) Make sure in game interactions are not driven completely off the rails. 3) BE RESPONSIBLE for their department. [Lives of their people, equipment etc.] What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Help new players learn the roles I am capable of teaching. Be a role model player. Leading by example. Being whitelisted means your job comes with a bit of authority that you don't have - and that means you have to be responsible. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Tau Ceti is a region that's currently in something of a pickle. Multiple situations causing distress to citizens of Biesel - Unathi Exiles, Aut'Akh situation, the semi-recent war with Vaurca just to name a few. Many people are worried because of this - one such example is my miner/TCFL character Sabael - signed up to help people survive, to protect others. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Internal Affairs Agent. Maybe RD later? Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Internal Affairs Agent - Katherine Thorne - Shell IPC Character concept: How would you rate your own roleplaying?: about 6.5 /10 ? I can definitely do better. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yes. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes. Extra notes: I am a fairly notorious antagonist player, and I'm worried this might influence the application negatively, so I'd like to address it here. I mostly play off station antagonists, with the exception of traitor. I do not plan to have traitor enabled on any command characters, and this everyone is able to see for themselves in game: My 'traitor main' character is Casey Mercer, a VISITOR/ASSISSTANT with 1 useful loadout item [Webbings]. If I wanted to powergame, I could roll Aimee [Roboticist] as traitor, or Vale Rigby [Sec. Officer] or VRS [Xenobiologist]... but I don't. I like the fact that my traitoring comes with a little extra challange of starting with no access or tools whatssoever. As such, head of staff traitor with so much access, authority and equipment would be... kind of meh really. I even go as far as to state in my security/employment that Mercer is on an official watchlist and is a very dangerous person to have on board as well as stating that the character is a solarian merc. Like, all the red flags possible. Thank you for reading through all this, and thank you even more if you decide to post your opinion. Please be harsh with your assessments, I can take critique. It's the best way to improve.
  3. I'm reading the post now, and I do play engineering. In fact, it was the department I started SS13 with on aurora. The portable pumps on main level don't fill properly and EVERYONE knows this. Either 1) Fix atmospherics on round start so shit actually works or 2) accept that people will fix it for you.
  4. There's a piece of counterplay available to faxing for ERT - if you destroy a bluespace transmitter in tcomms faxes no longer work. However, swiping for ert works 100% of the time, and EBS is so rarely used that I don't even know if destroying the transmitter does something to it.
  5. Fair point. Fair point, I didn't know that. Thank you for teaching me!
  6. Okay, so I was basing that on my irl experience with volunteer based governmental organizations. More specifically, I live in a somewhat small city that doesn't have enough money to have a professional fire department - as such, they run a volunteer based organization where people have to have a job as their main income, and they get very little money from actually being firemen. My family happens to live right across the street from the fire dpt. so as you might expect we have a lot of them as friends and get to know stuff about how it works. - They have regular training sessions, and while mostly anyone can join the volunteer force, there are still filters for incompetence. - This means that while they are not expected to be nearly as good as a professional fire department, they are still expected to be competent and carry all the same responsibilities as normal fire dpt. People's lives are at stake, and if they fuck up they are held just as liable as a pro firemen would be. - Their main income is their job, while the volunteer work is secondary. - While the term 'weekend warrior' may come to mind here, the way it works irl is different. Instead of working for a day or two for TCFL, and rest of the week for NT, they have an alarm system and their employers are aware of it. If an emergency happens, they are expected to drop their job on the spot and come running to their post as fast as possible and get ready for deployment. This is co-ordinated based off how far from the fire station the volunteers work and what's the expected time to arrive at the fire station by central emergency system operators [basically 911 operators] who select the people who can at this moment respond the fastest. - When the volunteer is in a place where an accident happens they are expected to assist and organize the situation in an attempt to prevent further harm.- They are not expected to dive in headfirst undergeared, but they are expected to know what to do in emergencies and save lives where possible. In fact, if the dpt. knows that it's where their co-worker works, they would even bring an extra set of gear for said additional volunteer to assist on the spot. However, they wouldn't bring extra firemen suits and gear for random untrained people because if those people could handle it, they wouldn't be called. Furthermore, they would be held liable for throwing an untrained person into a harm's way - which opens an untold amount of lawsuits against the city and themselves. - They have all access, as far as real life is concerned. - While obviously they cannot have keys to every single door on the planet, they are given governmental right to breach any door,wall or window required to extinguish the fire and/or save lifes of people trapped inside and/or handling any crysis which they are called to handle. NanoTrasen would probably want to avoid unnecessary destruction of their property from Lgn.'s trying to get to places without putting crew at risk, so the easiest way is to give access. Also, if a Lgn. steps out of line, there's so much money in it for NT from sueing the Republic of Biesel. - If a firemen force is given all access, please explain to me why a military force wouldn't. Few additional notes. - TCFL is seemingly based on the French Foreign Legion, with it being a viable way for immigrants to gain citizenship with Republic of Biesel for serving in their military. The FFL is selective with it's process, but the requirements are basically: don't be an international criminal, and be physically healthy. TCFL seems to be working on a very, VERY similar basis. FFL is considered to be an ELITE ARMY FORMATION despite being made literally only of volunteers [no draft whatssoever]. This is because of the grueling training it puts it's soldiers through. TCFL seemingly operates similarly,
  7. - Undefeatable = actually giving ert them weaknesses to abuse unlike now where they have really fooken good protection all 'round. Yeah. Sure. - You said it yourself, response teams are meant to end the rounds in one way or another, so why is one treated as a joke by the community and the other as serious business? Like it or not, but as far as the community is concerned, TCFL is a joke. If you have more than 4 legionnaires, there is not enough weapons to stock them proper on everything they want. If you have less than that, you're not enough in numbers to do anything without SEVERE robustness on your part. - This rework's major purpose is to actually make TCFL feel like an ARMY. I can't stress this enough - they feel like a peasant crusade, they are the laughingstock of the station, THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE ACCESS TO THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT. A TCFL Team can be defeated by a SINGLE MAINTENANCE DOOR. [Like it happened to me when I was solo TCFL into Kyres's Ninja. I got locked in bridge maintenance just as crew transfer landed. No ai, one command staff who refused to get me out. - It was the round where Odysseus teleport+slurped you.] The reason why ERT ends the rounds in a heartbeat is BECAUSE OF THEM BEING TOO WELL ROUNDED - Too good all-round armor, too good selection of all types of weapons, too large customization of gear. -> Proposed rework adresses this - giving each type of trooper a powerful but clearly defined kit along with a HUGE WEAKNESS in their armor. Once again: Engineering trooper gets melted by lasers, medical by bullets, security by non-lethals and leader's weakness is that his rig's stats are only that of a hazard rig so it's possible to overwhelm even without best kit possible. UNLIKE HOW THINGS ARE NOW WHERE THEY HAVE NO WEAKNESS FOR THE ANTAG TO LOOK FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. - If you don't like that ERT is a 'win button' you should SUPPORT this rework, not decry is because it actually gives antags a chance if they play correctly, unlike now. When I was making this I was worried I was making ERT -TOO WEAK- because I've been playing a copious amount of antags now and I've already had plans how to deal with re-worked ert. two mechs capable of targeted teleportation (through walls, even) - False, there is one teleporter. Furthermore, mechs are instantly deleted from the round by a single ion shot because emp enables maintenance protocols even when they are disabled in the menu. A naked bald on oxycodone and hyperzine is scary - Reminds me when there was a bwoink that I should not hand out rigs to officers to deal with space bears, that an assistant with a crowbar and no armor can take one down. Maybe they can, but rp wise it make absolutely no sense. Why would, for god's sake, a military rescue force give guns to the people they are trying to keep out of harm's way? FURTHERMORE, how the fck are you proposing they get them to the station's crew, when TCFL armor is NOT VOIDPROOF and the TCFL shuttle doesn't park next to an airlock. I genuinely want an explanation on how you imagine this should go. They're not that underwhelming - Once again, the easiest way to delete TCFL from a round is to close them in command maintenance. Done, they're out of the round. Their access is beyond pitiful. It's outright laughable, a joke. Additionally, let's talk about their guns. Thumpers are good, which is why my rework proposes to build them upon thumpers, and not blasters, why? Blasters have horrible projectiles. The one time I saw them used I was the antag and I genuinely couldn't tell I was being shot at until my health dropped to red and I double-checked chat. They are tiny balls that move very fast and have no impact. Thumpers are loud and allow people to actually react to them proper. The numbers don't matter if the gun feels this bad. And there are only 2 thumpers to bring. Okay, please give me an ic reason that justifies this. Here's my arguments, IC, why they should. - They are the MILITARY FORCE OF THE COUNTRY YOU'RE IN. You do not say no when they come knocking, if you want to do business in that country. - They are only called when they should RESCUE the crew from hostiles. The crew that is being put in danger. If they want to get somewhere, it's probably where danger is. You don't want your crewmembers getting shot so the soldiers can get somewhere... AND THEN GET TRAPPED WHEN THE CIVVIE INEVITABLY GETS SHOT BY THE ANTAGS. - Not every round has an AI. - The most valuable and important things NT would want to protect are in high security areas - command, captain's office, armory, SAT, all that jazz. If NT wants to protect those things from hostiles, they will give access to TCFL so they can keep those things safe from hostiles. - NT would like to avoid damage to the station caused by soldiers trying to do their job. [As things are now, TCFL will just destroy the doors when they can't get somewhere, because OF COURSE THEY WILL. THEY'RE NOT ABOUT TO PUT CREWMEMBERS IN HARM'S WAY.] If this was a mechanic it would change a lot. Alas, it is not. Furthermore, it makes very little sense to insert untrained civilians directly into a military operation. Even if the said military is volunteer based, they still have weekly trainings and have been preparing for these scenarios for years.
  8. THANK YOU. So why exactly is it that when call for help is sent and TCFL is sent in, they are -supposedly- to bring extra weapons to hand out to the crew? THEY HAVE RIGS, WHERE ARE THEY GONNA CARRY THEM? MORE TO THE POINT: Quoting DIRECTLY FROM THE WIKI: "4) Don't ask incoming Legionnaires to give you weapons or gear when they're coming in. You can help in your current job by doing that job - or staying out of the way unless asked." https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tau_Ceti_Foreign_Legion I would -REALLY- appreciate if people who are ignorant of what the server rules regarding ert/tcfl would stop butting in without prior research on what those organizations are. Furthermore, I would ALSO appreciate if people realized that response teams are sent in to PROTECT CIVILIAN LIVES. So it definitely makes a lot of sense to give those same people weapons and send them at the antagonists without any training, yeah. /s
  9. Okay, help me out here. What do you call an armed force that lends its services for money and is not subjected to any government?
  10. It already is an elite merc team, just hired by NT - ERT 'Phoenix'
  11. this is a point I will not budge on. Antags are notorious for gaining access to the station by multiple means - captain's id, emagging places, hell, just hacking doors works. Assuming low pop where the regularly is not command/ai, is the army supposed to just leave the hostile alone in the bridge..? Hell, not even bridge, how about RD's office? Or HoS's? What if there was command but it got killed? What if they have a hostage? Or what if you run them down into maintenance, and they just .. close the door behind themselves and you're stuck for rest of the round [Like what happened to me when I was keeping Kyres's ninja from rest of the crew]? When you call on a military force to assist you in a CRISIS you help them as much as you can. I repeat, they are the Republic of Biesel's military force, THEY ARE BOUND BY LAW AND BIESEL IS LIABLE FOR HOW THEY ACT. If a TCFL will go on to intentionally destroy the station or steal things, there are about a billion security cameras on aurora recording -everything- as well as all tcfl gear being simply too different from anything they could grab on aurora, so they'd be spotted immediately.
  12. Hello, you may know me from playing a lot of antags and decent amount of ERT rounds lately. After talking with my friends and multiple dead-chat chats, I've decided to draft a rework to ERT and TCFL. These proposed changes aim to make the two response organisations feel significantly different and provide the mechanical backbone to achieve that. ERT Changes: ERT is composed of an elite merc team that has funding for everything. They should be geared with very powerful weapons and suits with a lot of tools. They should have a stupid degree of specialization [Good thing as it is now: Security has it's own specialization, engineering, medical etc.] as they have funding to get any form of experimental or high tech gear they want. Their gameplay should be very lethal - high damage weapons, often requiring two-handing, easy access to painkillers and hyperzine on all members, and each rig should have it's module access restricted to general + it's department [leader rig is broken..] due to this specialization. ERT Should also have access to a unique general rig module fitted on all their rigs that essentially is an energy carbine just better - just call it something fancy - to really sell the idea that even medical trooper is ready to go apeshit at a drop of a hat, instead of giving all ert rigs access to combat modules [medical rig with laser cannon is a meme...] - General changes: - ERT-Egun is basically a copy of the normal Egun module, but it packs more punch per shot in both stun and lethal modes. - ERT Base no longer has rig modules lying around. They get what's in the rig, make them pick tools+weapons, not do chores and annoy lead by stealing shit from his office. - ERT Rigs should have no slowdown. - ERT Should have acess to more laser weapons and less projectile, include quad lasers, x-lasers, energy marksmen rifle etc. etc. - Laser weapons are more suited for their gameplay, as they can be used in short fights but they would run out of charge an become useless in an extended fight. - Encourage ERT to dual weild guns, or use two handed weapons. Speaking of which, increase the amount of two-handed weapons at ERT base and remove some of the ones no one cares about [hello stun revolver and machine pistols] - Security Trooper base should have access to tactical shields and chainswords [Esword is a signature antag weapon and shouldn't be given to ERT] to allow security troopers in assault mode to charge into close quarters situations at their leisure. No other shields or melee weapons [outside of tactical knifes] should be available, and the equipment should be capped at the amount of S-ERT rigs available. - Medical Trooper rig should have following changes: - Armor values changed to 50/35/70/80/30/100/100 [Specializes in laser and energy protection] - jetpack - IIS - COMBAT actuators - ERT-Egun - Combat chem injector - medihud - Thermals - advanced health scanner - Target chem injector [stocked with Bicaradine, Dex+, Dylovene, Kelotane/Dermaline, Oxycodone, Peridaxon and Spaceacillin -> it's not self injector, IT INJECTS WHOEVER YOU CLICK AT, INCLUDING SELF], - as well as a piece of experimental gear: Tranq dart launcher [Essentially the tranq sniper rifle in HoS office with limited ammo that cannot be replenished] - Engineering Trooper rig should have following changes: - Armor values changed to 60/70/20/20/90/100/100 [Resistant to physical damages and electricity] - jetpack - IIS - COMBAT actuators - ERT-Egun - Combat chem injector - RCD - Mesons/Material - Diamond Drill - Mounted Flamethrower - Nanopaste [Engi ERT should be able to fix a borg/ipc like medical ERT for organics] - Material storage [Literally just holds up to 50 sheets of each mat, comes filled] - as well as a piece of experimental gear: Suit recharger [Works similar to Exosuit energy relay - turn it on to regen rig from nearby APC's, something slow but constant, maybe 50/sec.]. When used on another person wearing a rig, it transfer 1k power to them. -> if impossible, then just steal ninja energy generator - Security Trooper rig should have following changes: - Armor values changed to 60/55/50/20/50/100/50 [really Good overall protection for most combat scenarios] - jetpack - IIS - COMBAT actuators - ERT-Egun - Combat chem injector - Nightvision - Security hud - Grenade Launcher [Flash/Emp/Smoke/Frag] - Mounted smg - Cuffer module [literally just cyborg cuffs] - as well as a piece of experimental gear: Assault mode [Makes the trooper move REALLY fast [slowdown becomes -5], gives the suit 90 resist to melee, bullet and bomb and 70 to laser, 500 power drain per second] {Sec troopers will literally be able to sprint into a place and be basically immortal gods of war... for maximum of 20 seconds. Weakness of this is non lethal takedowns, tranq's, walls etc.} - Lead Trooper rig should have following changes: - Armor values changed to 60/50/40/20/50/100/70 [Decent overall protection, but weaker than sec rig] - jetpack - IIS - COMBAT actuators - ERT-Egun - Combat chem injector - Multi visor - Datajack - EMP Shielding - Mounted Ion - ANNOUNCER MODULE [Literally just allows the trooper to make announcements] - Energy Net - as well as a piece of experimental gear: Portable Bluespace Inhibitor [Literally just what it says - prevents nearby teleportation. Yes, it's a ninja/wizard hard counter. Drains energy while active.. 100/sec? idk] Goals of ERT Changes: ERT overall becomes more powerful with this, but all of their gear just encourages them to rush in as big damn heroes [especially security]. They should feel fucking terrifying to fight against, and an absolute rush to play as. Each suit has a heavy specialization, but also a HUGE weakness - medical is weak to bullets, engineer to lasers, security to non-lethals and lead only really only has extra tools to deal with non-standard enemies. This will mean that prepared antag will be able to snipe each trooper with what's good against them, but must be prepared with all kinds of gear to be able to do so. ERT should fill the elite-super-soldier fantasy. TCFL Changes: TCFL should be slower and encourage team tactics instead of an individual power fantasies. Individual trooper should be weaker than an ERT, but they should have tools and equipment to work together in to a devastating effect. Instead of having departmental specializations like ERT, TCFL should be set according to video game military roles: Assault, Support, Medic and Commander. - General changes: - TCFL gear needs to stop being represented as a retrofitted mining gear. The sprites are good, but it shouldn't make people feel like they are getting help from a peasant crusade. Literally just name changes alone will go a long way. The combat ripley is the worst offender. 'Combat' meaning it has a ghetto laser. That's it. - The combat ripley should be changed to a different mech - something unique/signature to TCFL they would be encouraged to take on every single mission. This mech should come with an exo equivalent of the Gauss Thumper as a matter of course and move at the same pace as a rig-equipped Legionnaire. - TCFL needs to be given all access. They are Republic of Biesel's military force. Imagine calling for a military rescue force to assist you and you don't even give them access to the security department. This point is without a doubt the single biggest weakness of current TCFL. Janitor access for an army force is a joke. - All TCFL rigs are much heavier compared to their ERT Counterparts [slowdown 2, and have better overall protection but weaker specialized defense. They are differentiated based off the color of shoulderpads when deployed. - Unique TCFL-only rig module: Military health support [Similar to how leg actuators are just enable and forget unless you use them for mobility, once enabled it will always keep inaprovaline, tricord and tramadol in the user's blood. Does so by injecting 15 units of each into wearer when 0 of each chemical is detected. Auto Splints broken limbs.] - Military wouldn't use too dangerous painkillers like oxycodone as they could potentially ruin the person after their service is over. This module, alongside their generally tough armor, would be the reason why legionnaire's should be feared by antags - they are resilient and there's no easy way to shut them down. - Energy Barrier is a standard issue equipment for every single TCFL soldier. All [except heavy support's] weapons can be fired one handed. - TCFL should favour projectile weapons because they can stock up on ammo and use them for an extended period of time without having to resupply, reinforcing the fact that they are expected to handle long engagements. - TCFL should have access to deployable barriers [These should act similar to toppled-over tables - blocking shots from one direction, and allow peopel to stand on their tile if they don't approach from that side], plenty of breaching explosives and WAY more weapon choices. Deployable barrier has to fit into a combat belt. TCFL soldier should be expected to a primary weapon in suit storage, military or medical belt + webbings full of their chosen kit and energy barrier and thermal/energy knife in their pockets + rig of their choice. - TCFL Weapons should have very high damage but lack in armor penetration. Instead, for additional effects look explosive or ion payloads thumper rounds. - As an army that's trying to save costs, a lot of TCFL gear is standard-issue with little variance - As such their rigs should feel and look kind of similar and have similar base kit with only few differences to allow for the soldier to do their job. - Create few additional Thumpers weapons, all using the same ammo type. Thumper weapons lob large metal projectiles at high speeds, usually using much higher payloads per 'bullet' than other types of weapons. They should be TCFL Exclusive to highlight that while they have raw resources, they lack the technology to make particularly well refined and polished weapons. - Gauss Thumper: This should basically remain identical, a high damage, slow firing rifle that requires two handing. This should be in Support Lgn.'s room. It should be considered a standard issue for support Lgn's. This weapon should lore-wise be treated as packing enough punch to just breach tank hulls with the raw mass and speed of the projectile it lobs. - Thumper Bolt-Pistol: This should be a single handed pistol. Once it fires, it needs to be cycled like the hos's tranq rifle [manual reload] to really show that it's a clunky weapon. It's fire rate and damage should be lower than Gauss Thumper's, but the damage should still be stupid high for a pistol. THIS WEAPON SHOULD FIT INSIDE A COMBAT BELT and should be considered a standard issue secondary for TCFL. - "Hammerer" Thumper Shotgun: Uses multiple rounds per shot and able to be used one handed but makes the weapon only close-quarters viable while one handing. Shoots multiple thumper projectiles and at close range can even outdamage a Gauss, but it's lack of precision hampers it beyond that point. It should only be able to fire up to 4-6 times before needing a reload. It should come with an grenade launcher like bullpup assault rifle has. Primarily used by Lgn's who like engaging their enemies up close. [Think more like Scattergun than a combat shotgun - hits a large area in front of you, but if the enemy is not near you they will at most get hit by only one projectile, at which point you should be using the pistol for more damage] - Rechargeable Projectile Accelerator "RPE" Assault Thumper - this should be the weapon of choice for Lgn's who like to engage their foes at medium range. It should be considered the Thumper-SMG. It should only consume 1 thumper round per shot, and be perfectly usable with only one hand, and have the ability to switch to 3 round bursts. However, to achieve this fire rate it works like a hybrid of laser and kinetic gun: It has a laser-gun-like charge that allows it to shoot fast, but once that's expended it becomes only second thumper pistol. It should come with an grenade launcher like bullpup assault rifle has. - TCFL Medic Rig [White shoulderpad] - Armor values changed to 50/50/40/30/50/100/80 - Slowdown 1 instead of 2 - jetpack - COMBAT actuators - Grenade launcher [Flash/Smoke/EMP/Frag] - Military health support module - Medihud - Advanced health scanner - Target chem injector [stocked with Bicaradine, Dex+, Dylovene, Kelotane/Dermaline, Oxycodone, Peridaxon and Spaceacillin -> it's not self injector, IT INJECTS WHOEVER YOU CLICK AT, INCLUDING SELF] - TCFL Heavy Support Rig [Yellow shoulderpad] - Armor values changed to 50/60/40/20/70/100/80 - jetpack - COMBAT actuators - Grenade launcher [Flash/Smoke/EMP/Frag] - Military health support module - Optical zoom [ zooms camera out, allows you to see more, doesn't stop movement] - Multi visor - Thumper ammo storage [holds a bunch of different ammo types for TCFL Thumpers] - TCFL Assault Rig [Red shoulderpad] - Armor values changed to 60/70/50/20/70/100/80 - jetpack - COMBAT actuators - Grenade launcher [Flash/Smoke/EMP/Frag] - Military health support module - Mounted SMG - Multi visor - TCFL Prefect Rig [Blue shoulderpad] - Armor values changed to 60/70/50/20/70/100/80 - jetpack - COMBAT actuators - Grenade launcher [Flash/Smoke/EMP/Frag] - Military health support module - Multi visor - Announcer Module - Jammer Goals of TCFL Changes: TCFL should feel like like foots-on-the-ground grunts. Their commanders don't want them to die, they have very, VERY good defenses and are capable of locking down checkpoints and securing areas. They lack in civillian specializations like engineers or hackers and they lack in specialist gear, and individually they don't have the raw power of ERT Soldiers. However, a TCFL squad should be very capable to adapt to most situations where they would be required [Most of their work is NOT on aurora!]. They should be slower than ert, but more thorough. Think about how military would sweep a station, room by room, always covering each other's back. Their weakness are things they cannot prepare for - enemies with extremely unusual gear like Ninjas and Wizards, Armor piercing weapons that get through their defenses and hit and run tactics are all something they struggle with. That said, fighting them on their terms, in fortified position or being systematically ground to death in a siege scenario should be a remarkably bad idea. TCFL should fill the gritty-soldier fantasy. Please, PLEASE provide your feedback. I've tried to account for everything, but there's obviously things I missed. However, I believe that ERT/TCFL should both feel powerful and potentially overpowered, as they are expected to close out the round when being called. Killing either of the two factions should be hard but possible - ERT should be difficult to manage due to their lethal weaponry, ridiculously fast movement [0 slowdown + free hyperzine] and extensive suite of gadgets. TCFL should be difficult to manage due to their resilience and ample supply of military-grade gear.
  13. Right, here's my take on the situation from 2 sources: 1) Reading all of this stuff 2) Being in the round as BC-V41, medical surgeon. V41 has avoided most of the 'action' in first round mentioned in this post due to not having access to security or command comms, and wasn't present for second round. I am a very cynical person at heart, and will not be sugar coating my thoughts in any way, like them or not. @MissNatcula Please be willing to admit that there were some serious miscommunications going around. - Command members notoriously are swamped with requests for random stuff 24/7. It is not uncommon for me to have to repeat my request to a command staff player up to five times before it gets acknowledged like it was the first time seeing it. - The meetings could have been handled better. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Move on. @SHODAN you insist that you never meant for this to endanger Lin's command position. Then act like it. Words are worthless without actions to back them up. -Lin absolutely has a point that you disobeyed an order from your superior. Should I when I next time play Vale Rigby and end up with you as HoS ignore your orders because I disagree with them? You can grumble, you can dislike it, but unless you have a damn good reason, follow your orders. - When round ends and you are emotionally unstable enough to carry grudges to the next round, TAKE A PAUSE. If your next round begins with you bitching someone out, you failed as a player and should rethink your gaming habits. - ... wtf does being British have to do with anything? @Resilynn your character is brash and very hard to get through to. I've experienced this in the past when I was learning medical on Akemi. I thought you were the devil incarnate until I finally started seeing through the armor at the person behind it. You know it, you do it deliberately because it is a cool character to get to know. Don't be surprised when your character has the intended effect of making people dislike him on their first impressions. - Throwing people out of medbay is something that shouldn't be a thing, but sadly it is. I've been guilty of this on all of my chars. I'm not going to blame you for this, and I think this should be handled as necessity of medical personnel to keep their workplace clear because LIFES ARE ON THE LINE AND PEOPLE ARE CONSTANTLY GETTING IN THE WAY. So, yes, I support this, and if either Natcula, Shodan or Bear think this should be considered battery I invite them to try playing medical on high population. You people will learn to love evicting people loitering inside of medbay. If HoS's don't want this happening, assign officer to do the throwing out for medical staff or just accept it as a bitter reality. - The other issue you brought up, with Maxwell, I was there to witness in IC. He was misstreating a patient. You should have requested a charge for malpractice, which you did. Which wasn't handled because... idk. @Bear didn't say anything I could poke holes in. @Brutishcrab51 I was in the round in medical, and I can't even understand what your point is or what you were trying to put across with your post. Elaborate. @Nantei " I could act as a somewhat neutral party in a discord group chat if you are both up for it. " - The only way I can interpret that without assuming things is the following: "Even under ideal conditions I do not believe myself capable of stripping enough of my bias towards one party or another to be able to hold a neutral viewpoint." - and if this is true, are you only making a post to defend Shodan? I don't know if Shodan would appreciate that. If you cannot look at things without bias, I would recommend you focus on practicing looking only at facts and ignoring feelings they bring up, a.k.a following the scientific method and train yourself to be more critical. Now, assuming that was just a flourish and it didn't actually mean what it means... - "ICly Maki found your attire and the way you belittled the other officers as incredibly unprofessional, most of security very much did not like you at this point" .... this discussion is not about your characters. Furthermore, Lin wears standard issue security/HoS clothing. This part of your post is completely irrelevant and shouldn't be there as it has nothing to do with the topic at hand outside of an attempt to manipulate emotions of the reader via poisoning the well fallacy. - "Shodan was ironically the most neutral about it when I talked to them about it" The... person who started a round by drilling her superior and going to the captain.. was cool about it... uhuh. - " Similarly I took issue with specifying a black rigsuit in this drill. It felt like a blatant attempt to prey on players who would meta this as, "Black rigsuit means Ninja. Probably stealing the captain's ID.". This is minor thing, which is why I said nothing at the time, but I wanted to point out that it really rubbed me the wrong way as probably our first meaningful interaction." - Does your character know what a ninja rig is? If yes, then point it out. If not, then keep your ooc out of ic. IC you can assume people to just paint a standard issue mining rig black. Those things are possible. Keep your ooc and ic separated. This point is invalid. - "Yes, actually. I do. Often. There is nothing wrong with asking for details for such a high profile arrest. Being a head does not make Fernando above the law, but it does mean that his arrest should be treated with more decorum than most." Not wrong. But you do it while heading there and putting cuffs on the man unless you're about to turn around on your HoS. Keep in mind, your character has a job, it's the way they earn money to actually live and probably support their family. Would your character risk your family's well being over not being informed about something? Probably not. - " I will say that when I mentioned in OOC that Maki has never had an issue with an HoS before you I very much meant it. " ... right. And you've never had an issue with any character before this either. This is ridiculous, especially coming from someone who's post is literally dripping with emotional charge like yours is. - "You started the shift fairly hostile and uncomfortably, belittled your officers before even asking for their defense, and overall just pissed off most of security." ...She.. started the round in a hostile way. Not Shodan who started the round by bringing up the previous round... right. Definitely Lin is 10 000% the one who 'started' the round that way... uhuh. - "your rank does not gain you respect on its own." yes it does, welcome to whitelists. That is why WHITELISTS exist. Whitelists are an attempt by the administration to filter people who are competent and skilled at their roles. As such, YES, PEOPLE WHO ARE WHITELISTED FOR A ROLE ARE EXPECTED TO BE COMPETENT AND THIS COMES WITH SOME NATURAL AUTHORITY AND RESPECT. Deal with it. - "It was not an excuse, it was an explanation. They are not using it to excuse their behavior, they are using it to explain. This is why Shodan also apologized for it. I'd also argue this entire complaint is unnecessary drama, to be brutally honest." Right, am I allowed to walk up to you while completely drunk on vodka and vomit on your clothes because I'm slavic and we're known for drinking vodka? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Don't judge people based off stereotypes, be they national, racial or whatever. Judge the individual as an individual. I can already hear the argument you will reply with here - Either "Those are two completely different things" or "You are overexxagerating". Allow me to adress those right away: No they are not different things, both of them are taking a stereotype. Yes, it is exxagerated, but so is the idea that all british people are crude and brash. - Overall I believe approximately half of your post should be adjusted. While writing this post, SHODAN has posted another giant reply post. I'm not going to be adressing this post as I've already devoted multiple hours to cross referencing information and re-reading the points multiple times and I am done with this.
  14. I don't understand. They're barely visible 95% of the time as you're either looking for info on the screen or glaring at the chat window. Leave it in! 😧
  15. Hello, I would like to post my side of the events. In that round I was Valor, the operative responsible for priming the nuke and ending the round prematurely. Earlier today I was contacted by DRagO and made aware of this post. While DRagO has already decided on the verdict, I am merely writing this as to explain my side of the story. Whatever conclusions will end up happening I will accept, and whatever you will end up thinking of me is fair, however.. I would ask you to read this post before making up your mind. The round started and we were trying to decide on a gimmick, which ended up being nuke ops after some deliberation in aooc [there was an admin responding in aooc and he approved of the idea, as such, it wasn't a-help approved, but I viewed it as such due to said approval.] Being involved in a Nuke Ops round on aurora before, I tried to copy the protocol by informing the station ahead of time. - If memory serves this warning was delivered about 10 minutes before we boarded the station. We did so using the intercom on the merc ship. Here I believe was my first failure -> Despite establishing myself as a defacto leader of the merc team, I didn't communicate our demands clearly to the crew. I only said we were coming with a nuke, and that we'll take what we want. This didn't facilitate anything really, and only served to sow fear and resentment in the crew. I was too focused on the merc internal comms and not enough on the public radio. After landing on surface, we made a b-line from the shuttle to captain's office via EVA, this has avoided most of the initial conflict with security as we entered via surface command. There were no attempts at stealth, as we breached the hull with an e-sword, and the station had an AI. The security was informed of our arrival a few moments later. We moved the device to captain's office and dealt with some derp moments as none of us knew how to use a wall mounted secure safe. Here comes the second big failure of my approach -> While we were trying to retrieve the nuke disk from the secure safe in captain's office, my team got restless and started scattering, doing their own thing. Until that point we were pretty much on the same page what we wanted, but my inability to resolve the situation quickly and keep the team in check resulted in loss of control. This will reveal itself as the core mistake later. During this, I also tried to communicate with the station again. I informed them that our next demand is Lt. Colombo, and that we're going to take him. (Our gimmick was that we were hired to rob the station, and given a target from each heads' office. My target was captain's offfice, and the unique laser - which I retrieved and carried on me. Each other merc chose the target they were given in their contract - next on the list was Lt. Colombo.) Third failure -> Once again, my communication with the station was lacking. Only one message, and then back to radio silence. However, I realized it before leaving captain's office and snatched the captain's headset to try to communicate a little more. This I believe was the correct move, but combined with mistake #2 it is what caused the round to end prematurely on my part. After we successfully learned to drag-n-drop the safe onto us, we looted the disk and captain's id and copied the access, before proceeding to move through maintenance to security. At this point I was starting to communicate with the crew more than with my own team - See mistake #2. I didn't manage to strike a balance of keeping my mercs in check and keeping some radio communication with Aurora going. After we exited the maintenance into security, the Ai did it's best to hamper our progress - whatever, it's to be expected, no big deal, however, then the main heated moment arrived - two armed officers holding the hallway against a team of 4 mercs, armed to the teeth and dragging a nuclear device. This is where mistakes #2 and #3 escalated and caused the round to go south. The officers were doing their best hero impression in the face of the armed merc team, and didn't seem to back off right away. So I went ahead and primed the nuke and then immidiately turned it off to trigger code delta. After this, I focused on the radio to try to calm the crew down - I didn't want to blow up more than anyone else on board. However, this focusing on external communication made me completely miss the above mentioned command to the cyborg to throw a frag, as well as the tank transfer valve being used. The only memory I have of the event was that I believe that the security were willing to back off, but i'm not even sure that is true because of how hectic things got right after. My entire screen went white as security department exploded. When I woke up from the explosion, I was the only merc standing. I attributed this to the fact that I was wearing a rigsuit, while rest were only in voidsuits. My health status was reporting that I am in critical. I assumed this means that I'm most likely to die of internal bleeding soon. My next assumption was that it was security who detonated us, as I missed the aforementioned order for the borg and the usage of the tank transfer valve bomb. Finally, there was no way for me to correct the missinformation as my character was deafened from the explosions, and all other mercs were down on the ground. Because all other merc characters have not recovered from the explosions by the time I oriented myself and took few seconds to think about things, I have assumed them deceased. The nuclear device was blown off screen by the force of the explosion. At first I had thought the nuke detonated, but it was merely pushed a screen to the right. Or maybe I was pushed to the left of it, hard to tell when everything is blown up. Seeing how I believed I was already dead, and that none of my team had survived, AND that the cause of this was ISD, I had searched the area for the nuke and primed it once again. It is important here to note that I did not remove the disk, nor did I remove the code. Defusing the nuke would have been as simple as walking up to it and pressing a button. Then I had attempted to head towards where I assumed the officers were. The officers I had thought to have thrown a grenade to kill us. Seeing how I believed I was a dead man walking [which turned out to be true shortly later], and how I believed we were attacked by security, I opened fire without asking any questions. The officer tried to shoot me with an ion multiple times, but I was playing a completely organic character and was using a ballistic weapon - as such it had absolutely no effect. By the time the officer ran out of ammo, my character had bled out to death and succumbed to their wounds. While ghosting I saw a person coming from direction of the nuke, and I assumed it disarmed - primarily because the crew was refusing to believe me on radio earlier when I said that it was inactive despite code delta being triggered. I only learned after I died in ghost/ooc chat that it was our own team who blew us up, not the enemy team. Furthermore, it appears most of my team had survived and only took way longer to recover from the stun than Valor did. They also apparently evacuated to the shuttle, so Valor ended up being the teamkiller. If I had known ooc that it was our own team who detonated us, and not security I probably would have even meta'd it and tried to retreat or even surrender. But, as the things were, I didn't know IC, nor OOC. Why didn't I know IC? Because I had to take off merc headset to talk into captain's headset - can't hear team comms. If you'd like to give me your feedback about my approach and how you think I could have done better in that situation, feel free to contact me on discord - Naetatolynn#1337
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