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  1. There already exists a limited version of this - the sprites change. Barefoot Unathi and Vox for example leave behind claw-shaped sprites. It's not listed in the flavor text though.
  2. @Alberyk update posted via main post edit. Included pre-rework section for comparison, and highlighted the changes.
  3. I wish I could answer this, but the wiki doesn't state minimum age-requirements for tajaran engineers. Besides the point, she will be starting as engineering apprentice, but she's old enough to be a station engineer code-wise. However, as I don't have the number, I have to be vague with this number else I will mechanically destroy the character 😕 While most Tajara participated in the Second Revolution, not that many survived or were on the 'winning' side in their territory. Her parents happened to be at the right time at the right place, and with just enough pull to be able to call in a favor from important-enough people to get a spot in a university. As for money - loans. Which is why the father asks Narra to send him back money. Primarily hunters or trackers through the wilderness around their homes - that is until The Uprisings. Being M'sai her parents were called into action. However, as they didn't hail from a traditional militaristic family, rather being peasants from a rural area, they ended up on the side of winning side of the conflict. Especially considering they had a bone to pick with Njarir about the tight grasp they pushed on the lower classes. Yes in fact she did participate - maintaining the mechanized units and infrastructure which she was rather well suited for due to her diminutive body size. It's much easier for someone tiny to fit into maintenance tunnel of an artillery entrenchment. She didn't participate in RnD. I meant very fresh - basically straight off the shuttle [with having a week or two to sort out visa and paperwork]. The reason for her housing on Odin is her debt-contract signed with NanoTrasen. NT sponsors housing of it's employees on Odin to a certain extent AFAIK. As for why leave Adhomai now - that is a problem that I tackle from three sides. 1) Her parents have a rather jaded view of the world. Their belief is/was that Adhomai is suffering, and the unrests are not going to get better for a long time. That if she wants to live a good life, she needs to get off the planet. 2) Her family is deep in debt due to the tuition. Having NanoTrasen offer her a long-term contract with waaay-above-average-adhomai pay would allow her to support her father. 3) The contract signed wasn't very specific about her employment location. She didn't know she's getting whisked all the way to Tau Ceti before being assigned to NSS Aurora. She had assumed she would end up in Sol, and have easier time visiting. More or less sheltered, yes. Her mother was killed which I tried to elude to with the mention of her grave, but I didn't make it very clear. On the other hand, I was trying to write from the perspective of a single-father. The exact sheltered I'm using is supposed to mean "Wasn't on the frontlines as a soldier, thrown into a ditch to fight." She's heard the barrages of artillery, seen wounded coming back and seen men succumb to death for causes greater than themselves - but she wasn't handed a gun and told to shoot that guy over there. To her, enemies always were abstract dots on a map. If this answer is not sufficient, please, tag me again and elaborate on your question a bit more, I will do my absolute best to explain - and if my planning will show itself to be poor, I will correct the error in Narra's backstory. Actually no, she was originally of S'rand'marr Worship, as was rest of her family - her father still is. Again, only softly eluded to when he mentions that he must be blessed to have four suns. However, in light of erudition, she found it hard to keep her faith while understanding that sun is nothing but a flamin' ball of gas and seeing little evidence to support their existence otherwise [a.k.a: God of Gaps], and assuming that someone made a suit fire-resistant enough, she could go and touch it... assuming she had the money of course.
  4. BYOND Key: Naelynn Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Silver-white ('dark' furred M'sai) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes comrrade Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I was having a blast rp-ing as one of the Action Cats (Kosmostrelki) when they were recently added. The speech pattern is fun to think about and there's a really enjoyable community built around Tajara! Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Tajara are very new to the space-age that they find themselves in - this along with the huge rifts caused by Njarir oppression for hundreds of years causes them to be probably the single most fractured species. Their speech pattern is obvious, but to me it seems the true challenge would come from the mind of someone who suddenly enters a world that is several hundred years in the future technology-wise. As the famous words go: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Character Name: Narra M'rah Notes (Changes highlighted😞 Please provide a short backstory for this character: "She's leaving Adhomai today, being taken by the fur-less aliens… Hah. He didn't think he'd be this sentimental about his daughter graduating from Shastar Technical! But, she should 'cut him some slack' as humans would say. He didn't think she'd be leaving Adhomai so soon. Feels like yesterday when she was still purring in his arms, a tiny fur-ball just sleeping and screaming. He still maintains his fur became three shades paler because of her! What an unruly child she was… and it didn't get better! She knows we fought against wearing tail ornaments in the wars, yes?! Yet she still wears them! Hmf. But well.. she is still his daughter, and regardless of where she is going, he wishes her well. He still owes money for the tuition, so he hopes she will send some credits back home to help him as he hopes to have clean account one day. He needs to buy flowers for her mother... She always liked Messa's Tears. Please - she should buy some too, even if she cannot place them on her grave, he would appreciate the gesture. He will be ending the letter here. Suns… he is blessed to have four. Two in the skies, and two in his life. So make him proud little sun. He love- .. I love you." - Rihay-Reyab M'rah Pre-rework version - Archive: What do you like about this character? I see most Tajara as tired, world weary burdened people - bent but not broken. People who have faced hell but bite their tongue and march on despite their miserable lot. Narra isn't like that. Being sheltered, young and born after contact with humanity she is much different to her kin - Bright eyed and excitable at all the wonders, relentlessly optimistic with a can-do attitude. I want her to be a little beacon of hope for those tired souls in order to show them that just maybe the life on Adhomai will be peaceful and prosperous in the future, heralded by the young-lings. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think I'm really getting the hang of it nowadays - the thing is in really thinking like the character you are portraying - not just being like 'I guess they'd do this'. Try to feel what they would feel, what they would think. It helps so much. Notes: Thank you for reading all the way through!
  5. Way back when Eric Bayer was bear's main, he was always the 1.st spot for interim HoS - and he always delivered quality when he was put into that position. I'm not afraid to +1 this.
  6. Reporting Personnel: Zakk'ra Karn Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Engineer Game ID: b4u-cSKZ Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other. Only three witnesses other than yourself permitted, the rest go to secondary witnesses. Victims count as witnesses) - Randolph Carter, Engine Technician: Offender - Vyyal Qutaal, Station Engineer: Witness - Daniel Pitchford, Station Engineer: Witness - Zakk'ra Karn, Chief Engineer: Witness Secondary Witnesses: Time of Incident: Events after 4:50-ish station time, Sunday 01 December 2461 Real Time: ~8:30pm GMT+1 12/01/19) Location of Incident: NSS Aurora II Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [x] - Destruction of Property [x] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [x] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: Engineer Carter was excited to participate in a rescue op of a nearby crashed ship with a survivor aboard. However, before a team could be formed, he went EVA against a direct order of his head of department [myself]. This has not only delayed the rescue team's operations as they had to wait for the airlock to cycle back, but further put himself in danger due to a nearby infestation of hostile xeno-fauna in the form of giant space worms. Furthermore, he then proceeded to fall off a cliff, creating a new rescue target in the process. After being recovered, I have attempted to have a 1-on-1 discussion with Mr. Carter in my office as to allow him better integration into our engineering team - as he had gotten into an argument over engineering communication. At this, Engineer Carter declared he will not do so. Due to his brash behavior over communications, his decline of my 'olive branch' and violation of previous order to not impede the rescue team, I have decided to ask security to detain Mr. Carter, should they see him. Shortly afterwards, I was informed by Head of Personnel that Command Bunker has been breached and had it's cameras damaged. After going there myself, I have discovered Mr. Carter, SSD, inside the cryogenic bed inside command bunker. There was an obvious trail of hacked airlocks leading from EVA between engineering sublevel to command bunker, and two cameras were damaged via electrical sabotage and needed repairs. Final note, Mr. Carter attempted to cryo while wearing the station's engineering Voidsuit and carrying some of our limited supplies, including but not limited to an entire stack of plasteel - the only one engineering is issued. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I have discussed the situation over command channel with other heads. Primarily Head of Security and the Captain. However, their knowledge of the incident is purely second hand from my communications. Actions taken: I have at first attempted to order Mr. Carter into compliance. After seeing he wasn't responsive to harsher dealing, I have attempted to soothe things out via polite approach and discussion in a private environment - without judging eyes. After Mr. Carter abandoned his duties and vanished, I have asked Head of Security to restrain him should he be seen - and to inform me in such a case as I wished to talk with the man in a professional capacity. Only after all of that he was discovered SSD in command bunker. Additional Notes: I believe NanoTrasen should re-evaluate it's current contract with Mr. Carter.
  7. IRU 'Sentiment' passing on Sentimental flowers? It even fits the name, aah 😧 +1
  8. I'm expecting that. Thank you very much for getting back to me, I appreciate it.
  9. Hello! You can find it on the initial post at the very top. Click the Reveal Hidden Content button and it'll appear. I like to put characters into spoiler warnings like that because it tends to be rather long list. Right, that's a scenario that looks like one large clusterfuck to me, but here's the important points I could gather reading your post: 1) Extended round, everything is cannon 2) Scientist was sciency and made exploding lemons, but didn't stop when asked to and attempted to escape security 3) Officer arrested him after he ran away via application of The Stick. 4) HoS wasn't happy with brutality and wanted to have a heart-to-heart 5) Officer didn't like getting the talk, and decided to say fuck it and bolted 6) HoS+Warden chase him down and use aim intent to get him to talk with them, but something happens and the intent triggers a fire fight resulting in 2 wounded and 1 cuffed. 7) I bwoink the officer to figure out wtf is going on and assemble this timeline Based of this information.. ... The scientist - I need explanation from him why he didn't stop when he was asked to by his RD. Also why he ran from the cops. If it ain't good one, I'd give him a warning or something to chill him out a bit unless it's a repeat issue. ... The officer - I don't have an issue with him using a baton on a running suspect. They are resisting arrest and he used non-lethal means of dealing with the simulation. Assuming he didn't go out of his way to be cruel, I don't see issue with that part... That said, similar thing as with the scientist. Why did he outright defy his HoS and bolted? He's an adult professional, not a teenager with a gun. Refresher on the fact that this is a HRP server would seem appropriate, and also a scan of the notes on whether or not this is a common thing. ... The warden - I mean, he basically is a side character. Odds are there's not much reason to involve him unless he was the one who did the aim intent on officer. ... The AimIntent/Shooter - Just a quick reminder on the mechanics of aim intent - you can enable aim intent and disable the triggering actions before aiming at a person, making sure the mishaps don't happen again. ... The HoS - This one is the most difficult to evaluate for me, as it depends too much on how far the officer went during the initial capture. Was it abuse? Or necessity? Was it pre-mediated? Is it because he knows the officer and this isn't the first time? I'm hesitant to declare any verdict on the HoS because of this without having waaay more info. All I can say is: As a command-whitelisted player I would be more inclined towards being critical rather than forgiving simply because they are in possession of a whitelist that they had to acknowledge is temporary and can be taken away if abused. A.k.a: Watch for abuse of said whitelist.
  10. Thank you for the post @Cairath. I'll do my best to take on the two cases you've presented. I'm going to assume that in both cases there are no antagonists involved as then the case basically devolves into "He's an antag. He does bad things." with some splice of 'hey, don't take people out of the round without a good reason'. 1) My first step would be to find out if this is an isolated thing or a repeat problem by checking the players notes. Second step would involve trying to figure out whether this is an IC or OOC issue. If this is purely IC issue, it should be passed over to CCIA by recommending to Y to make an IR. However, if there is a reasonable cause to believe this to be OOC issue [most hinted at by repeated similar behavior in notes or generally behavior that is not conductive to role play ((I am assuming here that Y was just wordlessly shanked more or less.))] then I would have a reason to involve myself further in this case. - This would manifest as one of the following options for X - If he has few or no relevant notes, attempt to simply explain the situation to him and how it is not conductive to HRP environment. You mentioned he would not be receptive to critique so this method would likely not achieve the intended result. In this case I would probably end up issuing a verbal warning and adding a disciplinary note to his profile for further incidents. - People who are not conductive to critique while simultaneously being prone to self-antagonistic behavior have a tendency to accrue notes and admin/moderator warnings at rapid rate. If he had a high amount of disciplinary notes before this case, I would double check whether or not his behavior warrants severe or lesser punishment with someone more experienced than myself. Lesser punishment would be: Verbal warning, Written Warning. Severe punishment would be: Temporary or even permanent ban. - Alternatively, if the person is a repeat offender with acknowledged written warnings about similar behavior that have yet to expire and a history of breaking whatever promises have been made, I would once again seek advice of someone more experienced than myself but recommend banning. The difference here from previous case is that I have an opinion of how this should end, but I'm not comfortable just banning someone without making sure it's correct first. - After issue is resolved inform all parties that the situation has been handled and close tickets to give people at least some closure. 2) Case two seems a little more complicated to me than case 1, as it involved third parties getting damaged as a result of X's actions. However, a lot of my process would remain the same. Gather information about the player's past behavior, determine whether or not it's an ic or ooc issue. If not sure, ask for advice from someone more experienced so that in the future I'll be able to make the calls on my own. As such, I will only note down parts of the process that would differ from (1). - Player X in this case seems to be more receptive to standard instructions so a verbal warning might do the trick on it's own. However, this would need to be double checked against the player's notes (and thus previous behavior). - With a player that is receptive to communication, I would be willing to spend a lot more time explaining why things that happened have overall negative impact on the round, even if it is 'in character' for them to have a mental episode that causes them to behave in disruptive manner. - Assuming he doesn't have history of lying to staff and intentionally disruptive behavior, verbal warning + note on their profile would appear a reasonable solution to me. Additionally I would give him some things he should consider doing to mend the issues he has caused and minimize further disruption of the round. (For example: Intercept all miss-labeled bottles, apologize to the nurse etc.). - If he is a repeat offender when it comes to disrupting the round via self-antagging behavior I would seek to look into more severe punishment methods outlined in (1). Notes: The points outlined assume X to be player that actually knows what they're doing. If they don't and more or less bumbled into causing troubles by sheer ignorance of the game's mechanics that would change the situation significantly. I live by the creed - Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by ignorance. Hopefully those answers are to your liking - I've wanted to reply immediately and not mull over it for 3 hours before replying. These are my immediate thoughts as I was reading your post, and thus it is closest to what I'll do in game via just immediate reactions.
  11. Thank you for your reply! Yes. At the time I had a lot to deal with. Between having to travel to a different country, my sports interest taking me to madrid for a championship, real life emotional pressure from family and high amounts of stress on the side of SS13 due to aforementioned complaint, I have opted to take a break and accepted that I will not have input on how the case will be resolved anymore due to said break. Could I have worded it better? Probably yes. But, let's think of this same situation differently, and see if it holds up from a 'moderator' point of view. Your moderator is losing their mind due to all the stress they're going through and are not handling tickets well. They decide that they cannot do their work properly due to this stress and decide to leave, announcing it publicly and making sure that everyone for whom the information is immediately relevant knows. Alternatively, this moderator may stay on board and try to bear with it, not delivering quality service via ahelps due to said stress - just losing it more and more until they either make some horrible stress-induced mistake that rest of the staff team has to clean up or get better? Which of these two moderators is better suited for duty on this server? The one who admits they have limits and when they can't take it steps down, or, the one that pushes on through? I believe there are merits to both. Alternatively, the point of your post was to imply that I bail if things get too tough. If that was the case, I would have bailed during Mercer character complaint - that one was by far the most stressful for me on it's own, as it was my first.
  12. Alright, let's see why. Play style doesn't have much to do with being a good moderator I feel. But, you elaborate more later. As for how many - three. In all of which I have been allowed to remain on server provided I adjusted how I behave or been found innocent. Correct. Improvisation is a critical tool in one's skillset. I wasn't doing a good job, people brought it up, I learned. I have been recieving a lot of positive feedback after adjusting my story-building with feedback from Garnascus on discord. By taking everything, I assume you are referencing the round where I took the voidsuits as wizard? A.k.a recent complaint by Geeves. You might notice, I have taken in the feedback provided and adjusted my style. This is not something you wish to see in a mod? The ability to listen to opinions of others and change for the better? I've been told to not do many things in the past, and every single time I have adjusted my behavior accordingly. I have been told to not cryo on round start if I don't get antagonist - I do not do so anymore. I have been told to not wall in ERT's. Have never done so since. I have been told to not 'murderbone' unless it is specifically in self defense or in furthers my gimmick in some way. I have never done so since being told so. ... Your post feels odd to me. You are praising me for the things I have achieved, for improving from complaints, yet you claim it in negative light and wish to see me without this chance to prove myself. Please, elaborate on your points in a consistent non-biased manner. Thank you.
  13. Basic Information Byond Account: Naelynn Character Name(s): AI Name(s): Don't play Ai. Discord username + tag: Naelynn#1337 Age: 26 Timezone: Gmt +1 (Central Europe) When are you on Aurora?: Depends on my schedule, but usually between 2pm to 4am my time. Experience How long have you played SS13?: My account was created over two years ago specifically for the purpose of playing SS13. So.. two years. How long have you played on Aurora: Two years. I have never really played on any other server. I have I think 1 round total on CM and on TG, but I don't enjoy how they play out. I really like Aurora though. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: A lot. From code digging almost everything in the game to understand the game better, to being familiar with some quite obscure interaction. (Ex: You can throw people over holes while EVA without them falling into said holes, and then leg actuator over the hole in question, allowing one rigsuited person to escort multiple people safely.) Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes. I may have issues with being concise sometimes, but I believe I can fix that. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Full banned? No. Antag banned? One week, due to an over-the-line example of power gaming behavior. Unintentionally banned? Yes, I have to play over a VPN due to my university internet connection blocking BYOND - this sometimes lands me in a permabanned IP and I have to bug an admin to unban my account as I change the IP. Personality Why do you play SS13?: It's an amazing game in multiple aspects. The absolutely bonkers-insane depth of the mechanics, the fact that everyone in the community CARES about the game and their server (Because if you suffered through the learning curve, there is no way you don't).. And to have fun with other people. This point specifically is a big driving point for me - that *EVERYONE* should have fun in this game. Not just me, or just few other people. Why do you play on Aurora?: Because I despise how hectic and honestly lol-so-random other servers are. Aurora has dignity that other servers don't. Why should we have animations and mechanics for farting?! It's really not necessary... Aurora also has the right pace for someone like me who really likes reading - unlike other servers where it's act-then-talk, Aurora strives for talk-then-act approach by actually encouraging role play! What do moderators do?: Moderators, in my opinion, are people who are veteran at the game and have a vested interest in helping others. Their focus should be on easing other people into the game and making sure everyone CAN do the things they want to do. There also is the part about moderators existing to uphold the server's rules - and I mean that with both interpretations being valid: Moderators should make sure that the spirit of the server's rules is upheld by the population, AS WELL AS being a shining example of rule-abiding behavior. However, moderators also are only people, and to err is human. It is fine to make mistakes, but one has to learn and accept critique of others. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Moderator for Aurora specifically has to be able to distinguish between ic and ooc things - as we are a server uniquely focused on role play. This then has HUUUUGE implications on how things are handled. Because issues on Aurora can get extremely complicated, Moderator for our server should be willing to just say 'I don't know' and ask someone who has more experience. Furthermore, activity. Being a moderator is a /privilege/. One you have to work to keep. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I want to help people. I've had a lot of time to think about how I play the game lately, and... my own reputation. I figure that since I spend -a lot- of rounds ghosting anyway, I might as well be useful and helpful! It's a win-win for everyone! What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I believe I am a very patient person, and strongly believe that I am open to opinions that contradict my personal views. On top of that, I think that my position as someone who spends many rounds ghosting anyway leaves me in a good place to be a moderator. Furthermore, I like to be very deliberate with my actions. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I believe I do reasonably well, but at the same time I have some dignity - if someone will be genuinely pushing my buttons in an a-help intentionally, I might request for someone else to take it, or at least advice on what to do. I'm only human after all. We all are. Anything Else You Want to Add: I've been around the server for a while, and built up a reputation as someone who power games... but at the same time as someone who listens to feedback when given it. I have messaged many of the server's staff in the past asking for feedback, and I genuinely believe I integrated their recommendations into how I approach the game. Please do not hesitate to post your opinions. Thank you and have a wonderful day
  14. Let's ignore the derailment and focus on the topic please. Reality is: Security is under arrivals, meaning it can easily become collateral, and nobody wants that. Thank you for staying on topic.
  15. Trust me on this - It is a real concern for me when I use explosives - primarily because I try to avoid using welder bombs, but rather mix my own grenades, and those pack enough of a punch to wreck several z-levels.
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