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  1. This topic has came up before here: Just like back then, I will keep lobbying for the nerf of apparition spam, and I still believe my proposed solution to it back then was an elegant one: Make apparitions not cultists + impossible to convert. - They can't use cult swords, - They can't help with runes, encouraging actual conversion of in game players. - If the cult wants to go the murder-aparrition spam route they can, they just need to find weapons elsewhere, and each dead apparition will bleed out their stock of tools [meaning no infinite armies]
  2. Hey @Lemei thanks for the feedback! I'd just like to comment on few of your points. -------------------------------------- Facts: - "Ran around with the rest of cult, stealth converting people via gunpoint." In that entire round I believe I had one conversion, which was a Janitor who wanted to keep his shotgun, so I had offered to let him keep it if he accepts a 'NanoTrasen bluespace gun license'. I had not even sought him out, he ran up to me and asked if he can keep the shotty, so I rolled with it. Hardly can be considered 'stealth converting' - After summoning, spent the round breaking into the back of the nuke centre to kill the two survivors whom you had previously force walled inside. Yes, because when Nar'Sie is summoned the round is essentially over and I did not want the two who were trapped there to have to wait until round end to be able to ghost. Furthermore, I spent well over 20 minutes speaking with the captain [and later HoS who came into the office], trying to give them some good rp and give them a chance to be converted instead of slaughtered. After that time, the cult mob bursted into the office and instead of allowing the mob to murderize people with little reason, I had walled them in and gave them a little more time. -------------------------------------- Personal opinions, comments and additions: - Crushered large parts of the armory despite already having a majority of security. At round start we had entirety of cargo AND security as cult. Later on some other officers joined but they were almost instantly converted. So what you are saying is that I took weapons that only my side had access to [because they are in secure lockers] and destroyed them? And somehow that is... powergaming? - Raided the accounts and bought tac armor + a bullup. I had pm'd the cult cargo tech that they can buy w/e they want with the money, but they didn't seem to care. Felt like a waste to not use it since I put some effort into getting it. /shrug. - Spam created nanopaste despite the fact there were zero credible threats. I do not remember exactly if this is the case, but I'm willing to believe it. Neither do I remember if there was anyone in robotics. Either way, would you accuse an organic character of power gaming if they carry bandages + ointment on them in case they get shot? Short of broken bones, there is no difference between having bandages+ointment for organic and nanopaste for an ipc. [Nanopaste cannot repair internal ipc damage without a roboticist to perform the equivalent of surgery] - "especially when this kind of thing is round after round, to the point where it's something of a meme" Interesting, because in another recent cult as Narra round I spent most of the round in a closed room trying to do a non-violent see-ghosts gimmick. In yet another recent round as an antagonist. In another recent round, this time as Ninja Nomad I had coordinated with traitors and enabled their gimmicks by coordinating rp with them and acting as inciting incident to what caused them to go bonkers. Round ended with me attacking people 0 times [Though I did use some leg actuator leaps to knock some people down for rp]. In this round I had even delayed my gimmick to try and save an officer who got screwed by the other ninja going mega-aggro and was bleeding out in a completely different part of station due to it being early into the round - it would be really shitty for him to die so early and miss most of the round. Later on in the round when medical was overwhelmed due to a disease, I wanted to have a person healed of their wounds, but medical simply didn't have time to even rp. Instead of making life even more hellish for the players, I just went and did the surgery myself. Sure, you could probably interpret this as power gaming if you wish, but I'd argue that my core reason is not to 'feel like a bad ass' [a.k.a power gaming] but rather 'Oh damn, the doctors are having a hard time, let's give them some space so they can enjoy the game a bit more'. [a.k.a focusing on making sure others enjoy the round more] In ANOTHER recent round, this time as Rev. Leader Azski, we had screwed up the game mode balance in favor of fellows a bit too much, so I had came up with a plan to correct it - the bioweapon story. [Instead of going mega-commando with 50tc and doing exactly what you accuse me of] The admins even seem to have liked it and started posting server wide messages about how it was starting to affect people! : D - Likewise during your previous trial, near every interaction I had with you as a moderator was poor. It always felt like you came into ahelps firmly on one side of the other, were somewhat rude, and generally lacked people's skills. Ouch. I'm sorry I'm not sure what to do about what you said here except accept your criticism and keep trying to be cordial and professional? Though, I'm a little confused as to how you got this impression in the first place, can you please post some logs where I was rude? I'd like to know how I managed to put that impression across. : ( As far as I remember, when I took an ahelp I was generally fairly slow in resolving it because I always went in and dug up logs for where relevant, or even went code digging on github to explain things that I didn't understand properly.
  3. Basic Information Byond Account: Naelynn Character Name(s): Discord username + tag: Naelynn#1337 Age: 27 Timezone: GMT +1 / Central Europe When are you on Aurora?: Early mornings or late evenings, depending on my schedule. Often both. Experience How long have you played SS13?: My account was created in 2017 solely for the purpose of playing SS13. How long have you played on Aurora: Ever since account creation. I don't like how other servers play out. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I'd like to think I'm familiar with almost all of them, including obscure things. Primarily because of how long I was playing, and how often I jump to digging in the code to understand the details. Not to mention that I do not shy from reporting things or even fixing them myself when available, as seen with some of my PR's. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Yes, a trial that was running for a week in february. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Full banned? No. Antag banned? One week, due to an over-the-line example of power gaming behavior. Unintentionally banned? Yes, I used to have to play over a VPN due to my university internet connection blocking BYOND - this sometimes lands me in a permabanned IP and I have to bug an admin to unban my account as I change the IP. Personality Why do you play SS13?: It's an amazing game in multiple aspects. The absolutely bonkers-insane depth of the mechanics, the fact that everyone in the community CARES about the game and their server (Because if you suffered through the learning curve, there is no way you don't).. And to have fun with other people. This point specifically is a big driving point for me - that *EVERYONE* should have fun in this game. Not just me, or just few other people. Why do you play on Aurora?: Because I despise how hectic and honestly lol-so-random other servers are. Aurora has dignity that other servers don't. Why should we have animations and mechanics for farting?! It's really not necessary... Aurora also has the right pace for someone like me who really likes reading - unlike other servers where it's act-then-talk, Aurora strives for talk-then-act approach by actually encouraging role play! What do moderators do?: Help players with whatever they need help with, handle OOC issues, make sure the round progresses smoothly, uphold the server's rules. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: It means that you should be even more responsible than a normal player and that you focus on primarily improving the experience for others. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I'm convinced I can do a good job and I care /A LOT/ about this community. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: Patience, empathy, honesty, willingness to help in difficult scenarios. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I am capable of bottling things up and finishing my job without letting it affect me. If this bottling becomes too much, I know what my limits are and can request someone else to step in. However, this is rarely an issue. Anything Else You Want to Add: I have previously applied for a moderator position Interview from the first app is here: https://pastebin.com/f1UHTVSG Some of the replies have not been changed because I still agree with them. Same with the interview. I stand behind my answers. I have went out of my way in the past to invest time into players who were on a troublesome path. An example I can name during my trial was Kihatomai / James Praxton, whom I had a long discussion with and at least while I was there his behavior improved dramatically. Because I know it will be brought up, I wish to address the fact that I had my previous trial declined.
  4. Hello, I think I can contribute here to create a reasonable discussion. I've played on Aurora for a decently long amount of time and have whitelists for all races except Diona. I've also code-dived a lot and am very familiar with the nitty-gritty details of the game. In this game, the most powerful stat you can have is movement speed, and anyone who thinks I am wrong should take a look at the fact that the three most popular alien races are Taj [who have excellent movement speed], unathi [who have excellent sprint speed] and IPC's [who may or may not be fast, depending on type]. Movement speed makes EVERYTHING in the game more convenient. Your job? Easier if you get there 50% faster. Going to cargo to pick up something? Easier with movespeed. Hell, moving around as M'sai and NOT overshooting doors is still difficult for me sometimes. The map we have is massive, and any convenience is welcome for this reason. Not to mention the obvious combat perk of movespeed - if they cannot click you, you cannot be attacked. Have you ever tried fighting a sprinting zeng-hu with a suit cooling unit on it's back? Everyone makes a big deal out of damage modifiers, but I personally find them to be some of the most overrated pieces of code. Can a M'sai be downed with a single shot from a gun to the head? Yeah. But so can a unathi with a single attack of an E-sword to the leg if they are unlucky and get critted [Yes, the game has a luck-based crit system], so what's the difference really? Once you are unable to act/move anymore, you are literally dead in combat. And here's where humans come in: I also believe humans are in need of a buff, but I don't think they need anything special added to them. They already have something special: An absolutely gigantic stamina pool. Sadly, this goes mostly wasted as human sprint speed feels awful to play As you can barely even notice the difference between walking and sprinting. Except for the intentionally slow races [Diona, G2's..], no race should be slower when sprinting than another race's /walking/ speed. [Which is currently the case with human sprint vs taj/Zeng-Hu walking speed] Humans are supposed to be persistence hunters evolved species, which in this game is represented by their stamina bar, but this stamina bar is not used effectively for them. Yes, they have a gigantic stamina bar, but their sprint is really unimpressive. I think going from 0.9 human sprint speed factor to 1.2 or even 1.3 could be a viable change to give them something special. Additional rant: Only 'lethal' bullets security has access to by default are beanbags shotgun shots in armory. All lethal options are lasers. For god's sake Vaurca need a buff. Augments don't even work on them, their racial bag [cloak] has like half storage space of a normal bag, they can't choose sign to communicate without radio EVA, unable to stop bleeding is beyond ridiculous meaning that every cut, fall EVA, Gunshot or melee attack is lethal and their phoron tank can rupture whilst they have absolutely no way of getting the excess phoron out of their system. Literally the -ONLY- thing keeping them -PLAYABLE- is how ridiculous K'ois are coded to be for them as an all-cure to try to give them a chance to exist.
  5. Please, PLEASE do not remove Ai's, it would be a horrible mistake. The arguments that I've seen in past on this topic are: It shuts down antags. Not... really. You know if you played against me antagging. At worst, the follow verb is the culprit here because it's impossible to lose track of ai once it's ontop of it. That's about the worst I can say. Electrifying doors? Bolting them? Removal of those powers.... I have to honestly ask if you are insane when suggesting that. Here's why: The ai already has limited power of being malicious without being malf [and malf pretty much has explosions and gravity slams on top of the normal ones]. A big part of antag play is working with the ai in some way, be it sneaking around it's vision, trying to not catch it's attention in the first place, preparing escape routes if things go wrong that the ai can't stop you with... it makes a player feel like James Bond once you have it down. Not to mention subversion, the ai NEEDS to have access to those things. Literally the only thing I'm willing to step back on is that the follow verb is .... a bit too much at times. Otherwise, please leave ai be.
  6. Hello, I would like to offer my point of view here, as well as my proposed solution which I believe to be elegant and effective way of solving the issue at hand. The issue: Malf is a hated game mode due to the abuse of it's mechanics by most of the players who end up as a malfunctioning ai. Most notable of these is the Apc bomb spam and Shuttle Recall. So, how to solve this? Lock Malf AND Ai both behind a command whitelist. Yes, really, as simple as that. Cons of this solution: Harder for new people to learn ai and learn how command talks on their radio channel. .... that's it for cons that I can think of. Pro's: Command Whitelist players are eligible to have their whitelist stripped for poor command play. Ai COMMANDS cyborgs. This makes sense. Whitelist players have proven that they have good grasp on rp and are more likely to have good gimmicks than Joe Average because of this. Command Whitelist players are used to having to monitor multiple radio channels and are more likely to be able to keep up with the demands of Ai play than Joe Average. It is a small enough change that will allow the staff team to see if the issue is [as I believe it is] abuse of malf mechanics and insufficient rp, or malfunction ai game mode itself. Thoughts
  7. I have said this before, and will say it again: This pr is needed to make people stop believing that miners make more cash than NT-supportive captain characters [Because ATM THEY DO MAKE MORE.] Why? Originally this was extra visible due to the ability to purchase scratch lottery cards from the mining vendor. A miner could easily make over 30k credits in a round, making it clearly the most profitable job on station. Right now miner makes their ludicrous amounts of cash indirectly by selling to cargo - so even if they are not actually getting the cash, they still know that they brought in 50+k credits worth of things. Furthermore, this will balance out the discrepancy between cargo and merchant prices somewhat and make it feel less surreal at some of the random stuff.
  8. Absolutely no. This would be a ridiculous nerf to IPC's/Prosthethic characters everywhere. You cannot 'just change this' and expect it to have no effects. @Cnaym is making very valid points that people seem to dismiss out of hand. I'm going to point out the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF REMOVING FLASHES: 1) Wizard/Cult/Vampire/Renegade/Panicking Non-Antag crewmembers all have to now be dealt with using weaponry exclusively. 2) Command staff loses a valuable defensive tool and is left only with the most boring option: Just give 'em a gun. A.k.a: YOU RUIN CHARACTERS LIKE THEA MARIETTI WHO DO NOT LIKE TO USE GUNS - Because now they no longer have ANY means of self defense despite being VIP [Command] 3) Vaurca no longer have an obvious non-lethal means of taking them down, meaning: Prepare for Vaurca-sec-army 4) Synthetic flashes [Devices used to construct borgs] no longer make sense - why are they synthetic when there are no 'normal' flashes? 5) Overall massive increase in pain on station as the primary non-lethal non-pain tool of security gets removed for handling minor infractions. Say hello to more heart attacks for medical due to random pain procs And there probably is more that I'm not even able to think of. Random balance changes have to be thought through, not just thrown out.
  9. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think this is already in game. AFAIK, normal ai doesn't get pda interception messages. Malf maybe does?
  10. I cannot deny this as there are too many hypothethicals. Tl;dr: in my opinion this would kill mostly any story there may have been on the station, but I can imagine an extremely rare series of events that could lead to this being a well recieved ending... but it is so unlikely of a possibility that I don't think it's worth accounting for. And even more so, if mercs/malf has such a good gimmick that they need a nuke for, they can always a-help for one.
  11. That is a fair point, but please do tell how does that further any story?
  12. You already cannot use radio with handcuffs. @Doxxmedearly is right.
  13. Thank you all for your replies - I genuinely do, but I feel like I didn't manage to get my point across as [to me] it feels like you guys are often addressing points I didn't even raise in the first place. @GreenBoi I think this is reference to me calling the station-self destruct Malf-nuke. My point is that the station self-destruct is pretty much never used for anything BUT Malfs, and for Malfs the stories it tends to force are played out so much it's become beyond stale and an actual meme. No matter what the storyline may be, as soon as the nuke is brought in the nuke becomes the primary gimmick. The nuke is -TOO DANGEROUS- to ever be reasonable story telling device. It's like saying that a villain in a book is going to destroy the world. That story is ridiculously boring, because the stakes are too high to actually be real. If the nuke goes off, the antags ALSO die and no one gets a good story. There will be RIDICULOUS amount of collateral player deaths who had nothing to do with the incident AND any storylines that may have been happening are ended. If the nuke doesn't go off, it has completely ruined whatever other gimmicks may have been going on due to how large of a threat it is. EVERYONE has to focus on the nuke as soon as it comes up because it can just kill everyone in the round as soon as it is activated. The story loop it promotes is -NOT- interesting. Please post a good nuke-gimmick example. I play antags boatload, and there are none that I could have thought of that either weren't lrp-bad or played-out to hell. Keep in mind, the gimmick has to be realistically executable with 4 mercs, each of one will want to go do something else. It has to be simple enough for everyone to get in few minutes, has to allow enough freedom for people to improv the details and has to be interesting enough to appeal to the crew [We are a Role Play server. The story is a priority]. Finally, the gimmick should involve more than just command staff/security because otherwise you might as well be running [Maximum Stealth] gimmick because most of the crew won't get to interact with the antagonist in any way. Yes, but this could be made way more interesting if the nuke is replaced with a Virus bomb. [a.k.a: All organics in blast radius become ill with randomly generated virus (class 7) and it has to be treated ASAP. Synthethics are unaffected and will be fine.] And that's literally something I came up with in like 3 seconds. Fair point! Didn't remember them being in originally - thanks for the heads up. I was trying to suggest some things there. @ben10083 Divorcing the nuke and combat modules would be great, yeah. @Carver Yeah but that never happens. Admins will never send HAPT just to deal with nuke threat. I've ran a few nuke ops round, and at best it was randomly Phoenix instead of TCFL spawn. I suppose - they do end the round. But the amount of rage/salt in the chat after a nuke goes off clearly shows that people are not okay with these endings. Queue up as merc and run a NukeOps gimmick - if I'm not on the team to boycott it you might be able to do it. The reason I boycott nuke runs is because they LITERALLY ALWAYS end in either player complaints, bwoinks, personalized salt over discord/pms or any combination of the above. I agree with this in my original post - They do not create interesting RP. We are an RP server. Thus my suggestion to just delete them. @Butterrobber202 But they're not. Villain ending implies that things went the antag's way. The antag is dead, as is everyone and everything on the station. Yes. If I'm on the team, I boycott it. Can't speak for anyone else. The reason for my boycott is because I am not interested in dealing with the ahelps/disheartened players who got 0 rp from antags just flexing on them with a giant bomb. It's a hostage situation except the hostage is the entire station and crew.
  14. Currently there are two nuclear devices that can be used via different game modes. - Merc Nuke - Malf Nuke. [No, it's not station self destruct, I have never seen this actually used by NT outside of Xeno non-cannon events] I suggest that their presence actively makes the game worse and they should be removed. More detailed reasoning below _____________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1: The Merc. Nuke _____________________________________________________________________ The Merc nuke can be used precisely for one single gimmick: Nuke Ops. This gimmick boils down to: Give us what we want, or we blow up the entire station, you, us and everyone else. Role play options presented by this: - Give mercs everything they want because you don't want to die - Fight mercs because you don't want to die That's it. There is nothing else left for you as a crewmember to do because the mercs managed to find a way to not only hold everyone on the station hostage, they are holding the station itself hostage. Solution? Remove Merc. Nuke. It contributes nothing anyway and exists only to be a bait towards bad rounds. No need to replace it with anything. _____________________________________________________________________ Chapter 2: The Malf. Nuke _____________________________________________________________________ The Malf nuke is a bit more of a complicated beast, as it exists primarily to give Malf. an end game. However, this single part of it's toolset has served to spawn countless memes [Stealth malf delta rush, 1:50 delta ...] because of how thoroughly annoying it is to play against. As soon as the malf begins the delta hack, everyone in the round knows what is going to happen, because there is literally no other way for this to do. Malf finishes the hack -> Goes to delta -> Upgrades borgs to combat [Combat module is horribad by the way, it needs a buff] -> Threathens nuke -> Station evacs or storms the core. The only possible deviation from this is that borgs don't become combat. That's it. This is not an engaging story loop after everyone has seen it for the billionth time. Removing this one single aspect of Malf play would greatly improve station's outlook on Malfs as every single round vs Malfs would no longer end in the exact same way. However, Malf should probably get something else 'end game' back for it's troubles, as the nuke hack is currently integral. On the other hand, synthethic takeover exists. So, not sure Malf needs something else. _____________________________________________________________________ Chapter 3: The Nuclear Problem _____________________________________________________________________ Finally, we come to my synthesis of the above points. Nukes do not create an interesting story. Every single time a nuke appears in a round, the round's enjoyment and quality plummets. This is due to the above mentioned issues as well as the fact that as soon as the nuke is brought up, the nuke BECOMES the gimmick, regardless of what the gimmick originally was. It doesn't matter how well planned the gimmick is, it will be overshadowed by the thermonuclear fire provided by the bomb. _____________________________________________________________________ Chapter 4: The Final Solution _____________________________________________________________________ 1) Remove Merc nuke and SAT. 2) Add dirty corporate secrets to SAT to explain why it's so difficult to get into. Requires captain's disk + captain access to get inside. 3) Consider adding new end-game mechanics to Malf. 4) ADD ABILITY FOR NORMAL CREW TO GO INTO CODE DELTA - Delta becomes an extreme alert mode that resets all cyborgs and unlocks combat module. Used by station to aid in extreme situations. 5) Rework text on Code Delta
  15. BYOND Key: Naelynn Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: 150, 180, 255 ( Mouv'lek'tanta Unbound ) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I think they are interesting - the most alien race available to players, even outdoing the Dionae. And I want to give them a good try! Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Many, many factors - normal air is poison, meaning they always need to have internals. They tend to be a bit awkward when communicating due to the fact that their native language utilizes non-vocal means of communications heavily. It is like asking a person to communicate using words with A's and E's in them exclusively. You would feel stifled. They also are huge bug monsters, they should be viewed as creepy and terrifying. They also have the ability to communicate long-distances between one another. The lore behind them is quite solid and thorough, if a bit overwhelming. Character Name: Ka’Akaix’Xor C’thur (Xenoarcheologist) Please provide a short backstory for this character Created shortly after first contact with Jargon Federation was established, Xor was designed for one single specialized purpose: To analyze and harness all the new technologies these aliens were offering to the Hive. Xor had spent the early months of it's life surrounded in the vast oceans of data in Mouv's VR-scape. With it's Imagotis designed to encourage deep analysis and methodical thinking process, Xor dived into the data-streams with excitement. Each little bit of knowledge it has learned, each tiny thing it managed to comprehend taught the impressionable Vaurca things it could share with it's hive, but created so many more questions. Yet, information can too be danger, and Xor had several too-close encounters with triggered defense systems from which it had to be rescued by more skilled Unbounds. After the initial maturation was complete, Xor was quickly put to work in the field it was designed for - deep analysis of unknown pieces of technology. The work was slow, methodical and presented many opportunities for Xor to feel pride at the discoveries and the information it was releasing into it's queen's VR, allowing others to learn further just like it did before. What do you like about this character? Xor is obsessive about technology, especially tech it doesn't understand. It is driven to analyze and compile all information about such technologies before presenting the results. It feels immense pride upon completing it's given work, and feels frustration if it's missing a piece of the information puzzle. It has very clear emotional states that I believe would make a good easy-to-play first character. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Reasonably good - I expect to make a few mistakes with their pronunciations at first, but I believe I can manage to portray a Vaurca in a way that will stand up and match the image of Xor in my head. Notes: I had previously applied to Vaurca before - the app can be found here: Thank you for reading my app
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