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Tenenza's Head Whitelist thingy

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BYOND key: Tenenza

Character names: Sabrina Song, Yusif Asher, (A handful of AIs and Borgs: Namely: Lobsang, Robbie, and Astrid), and some one-shot characters

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Two weeks, give or take a few days

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: The station doesn't have enough heads apparently, and doesn't have enough structure and interesting things, especially on some of the long extended rounds (RP is good, but not everyone is the type to make their own fun.) I (maybe foolishly) believe I have enough RP skill and ideas to give the rounds more *plot*, if you will.

Why did you come to Aurora?: The words Heavy Roleplay in all Caps tipped me off to the fact it's big on roleplay, which is the part of this game that I enjoy the most. After that, well, the Admins aren't, well, um, they're different from other servers (in a good way!) and I've managed to grow to like and develop interest in the community here.

Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:

Roleplay is using a runaway train to tell a story. We are the passanger, carrying our own stories along, only aware of what we can see through the windows and from what we hear from others. Maybe the admins, the conductors, know where this train is leading, but they're not quite sure either. So everyone is in motion, pushing and shoving their stories against each other, shifting the train back and forth, keeping it on the rails until either pushing it off or giving up.

Okay, so maybe this metaphor is better for SS13 then other roleplay, but I think I've managed to make a point. Everyone comes on with their own stories, their own characters who's personalities they wear, knowing not how this train ride will end, each with different hopes and ideas about how it will go. But if everything went right, it wouldn't be Roleplay. Without a chaos element, without adventure and tension to a degree, then it would be simply a written story rather than roleplay. The train needs to go out of control for it to be roleplay. You need to stop reading from a script and actually think as the character does, and react to the unexpected. And it's over, you won't have the entire story, but you will have your story, a unique experience that you didn't entirely expect, but was wonderful anyways.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: To be a guide, a character of authority, to give those without direction something to follow. When things start to get chaotic, the heads are there to prevent people from being overwhelmed, and give the crew hope. They can't do everything (or much of anything really, when things are going down.) on their own, but they keep the crew togeather and coordinated. Also, when things are calm, they're there to provide excitement and are in the position to best incite player events (which we all know are better then Admin ones, no offence.)

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:

Be helpful, have answers, and set and example. They should have decent roleplay, as well as inspire people to be creative and artful with their own RP. Also, they should try to aim for a more proactive style, making fun things happen instead of responding to fun things happening.

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

I made a new character just for this:

Character name: Alexis Shaw

Character age: 41

Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs):

There are many who would call NanoTrasen a merchant of war and death. Alexis Shaw would rather prefer if the job lived up to the title. Growing up out on a no-name frontier colony, there didn't appear to be much choice in life for Alexis, who had naught much to her name other than what skill she could aquire. But she still has fond memories of her no-name home, of long summers spent watching the world pass by. There wasn't much to her homeworld, a terraforming project that never got anything worth eatting to grow in abundance, but it's skies were blue and it's people had learned to love the mostly worthless rock. Yet early in her youth her planet had the misfortune to attract the notice of greater powers. The empire had a name, although it had more Hs then a word had any right to, but Alexis prefers to mention it simply as that empire, partly out of respect and mostly out of distain.

Alexis was barely 11 when she was conscripted into their army. There was another empire, or maybe two, that was at war with that empire, and conscription from these weak worlds was a cheap way to bolster their ranks. This was another title that Alexis had, that sounded a great deal more interesting then the title. Child-soldier was an occupation that mostly revolved around filling out paper work and doing jobs that no one else wanted done, which was a blanket that covered everything from cleaning to cooking. So she was raised on a battleship, as a child-soldier, by that empire which took her from her family. Things sounding a lot cooler then they were is quite likely the running theme in Alexis's life.

Thats not to say that life in the army was dull, afterall, they don't bother cloning conscripted children, but mostly it was just a daily grind. Get up, breakfast with the other conscripts, clean until lunch, help cook lunch, eat leftovers, fix whatever broke in the last battle, check paperwork, fill out paperwork about checking paperwork, help cook supper, eat supper with crew, fill out paperwork regarding what progress was made today, sleep. Over and over. For a little under 9 years. But at least the job had security.

Among the crew was the bureaucrat, called himself Dr.Monroe, although he didn't ever say what his doctorate was in, didn't have one in his office, and didn't wear anything worth more than a cup of coffee. Alexis hated him. He was a madman when it came to paperwork, requiring everything to be done perfectly and in triplicate, on paper, in pen. She'd asked him a few (hundred) times for why exactly everything needed to be done perfectly, and in triplicate, on paper, in pen. His answer was to glare at her until she went away. Smooth moves that Dr.Monroe, smooth moves. This arrangement, Alexis failing to do paperwork properly, Monroe barking at her to fix it, Alexis asking why it was needed, and Monroe staring at her until she fixed it, worked out up until a point.

Then she decided to stop it. He stared, and she just dropped the pen and walked out. It was cooler then it sounds.

Okay, it wasn't that much cooler, but for Alexis it was a turning point. She'd stood up for herself, against the old man, and beat him. And all it took was about three pints of alcohol beforehand. Oh, and also getting sold off to NanoTrasen for disobeying a direct order. Can't forget about that.

Well, the next few years were a blur. Mostly because of heavy drinking and various head injuries (which she suspects may have actually been clonings, although she can't prove it.) Mostly they consisted of hard lessons, namely that confidence gained from alcohol is fickle and easily taken away, that NanoTrasen is not as accepting of bar brawls as her old shipmates, and that when it came down to it, Dr.Monroe's lessons on proper paperwork ended up being useful.

Nowadays Alexis has cooled off a bit from her troubled youth, and isn't quite so dependent on alcohol, and a few broken bones and sometime with sec have more or less taught her a lesson regarding bar brawls. Her various life skills have proven to be enough to keep her alive so far, and a mastery of paperwork has resulted from deep inner meditation on the nature of bureaucracy and learning that Dr.Monroe died a painful death at the hands of pirates.

What do you like about this character?:

She's got a colorful history, meet colorful people, had a colorful youth, and is now a rather mellow bureaucrat. She's most certainly not boring, but she's wised up enough about life and it's ups and downs and is a much more well adjusted person as a result. (Well, apparently just having an alcohol dependency and leaving your family at a young age is well adjusted on this station.) Also, she can relate to a lot of other characters who have to live through the chaos of the station, and has been in the business of keeping calm in danger for pretty much the majority of her life. She also has a dependency issue, which shifts around. An addition to paperwork is a most crippling affliction. Also, interesting.

What do you dislike about this character?:

She's kinda a boring bureaucrat that doesn't have many ambitions beyond NanoTrasen. She's more or less leveled off in the character department, and can't really develop in many interesting ways. She's really close to falling into the grizzled space veteran archatype that I hate, and she probably would be like that if she didn't have a serious dependency issue that she's trying to hide.

Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff? (Please note that Head characters must be over 30, unless given special clearance): Yes

Why?: She's calm under danger, experienced, and can relate to and understand others suffering on the station. Plus, in a way, NanoTrasen is a focus of her dependency.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Meh to Okay. I'm bad at typing things correctly, and I guess that can most certainly break immersion. I'm also not always the best at putting myself in my character's shoes very fast, and I'm a bit of a dramatist, with a love for long monologues. But some people seem to like it, and I haven't heard many complaints about my roleplay yet, so that's something.

Extra notes:

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Feedback isn't instantaneous. Don't expect to post a thread and get a ton of replies overnight.

If I were you, I would inform the people who you know on the server and enjoy roleplaying with, and ask them to vouch for you. You're also allowed to advertise your application in OOC (to a reasonable level), as it helps people garner a lot more views.

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You have a plus from me.

EDIT: Based on their character's background and personality, they seem like they would make an interesting addition to the station. They seem to have a solid grasp of roleplay (especially given their past performance as a reporter) and their idea of a head's responsibilities means that they would probably do very well in the position, both ICly and OOCly. They seem like they would be receptive to criticism if they were to do something wrong.

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You have a plus from me.
You got a plus from me

As a note, these comments need to be based on feedback. If you make the effort of reading someone's application and vote on it, we expect you to give a clear reason why you are voting, whether it be in the positive or negative, even if it's simply to restate or agree with someone else's opinion.

It's common courtesy for the person applying as it shows you've taken the time to actually read their application, and it also lets us be sure you're actually giving them a vote for a valid reason, and not just because they're your friend.

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I've had some decent RP with Sabrina. Tenenza seems like a decent player.

But...I haven't seen too much of you. So I'm going to have to -1 with the recommendation that you play a bit longer and get your name out there on the server more.

Table, I'm gonna have to veto your -1 on the grounds that it has no basis. Refer to this post, (which, by the by, I will be distilling and adding to voting rules if something like this happens again). But basically, instead of -1ing someone because you haven't seen much of them, make an effort to roleplay with them when you do see them on. Abstaining from voting because you haven't seen someone playing is perfectly acceptable. Downvoting them is not, especially when the player in question has been fairly active for a couple weeks now.

Edit: Thanks for changing that.

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I remember Sabrina Song. I believe we did a special event the weekend before that went absolutely swimmingly and had an extremely Dead Space-y vibe to it. One quarter the crew was getting murdered, a quarter was attempting to survive on Cargonia, and the other quarter had absolutely what to do with themselves, so they made weapons through the lathes.

Cargonia and the R&D/civvie quarter eventually banded together to survive on the station, away from the bloody aliens and the so-called "Faithless". Sabrina played her part really well by moving newscaster to newscaster, keeping the station updated on information and testimonies based on what occurred on-station.

Then the admins decided to kill off everyone who didn't leave on the shuttle. Total BS by the way, soooo not canon. Everyone who got on the shuttle are now slaves, ya hear?

All joking aside, however, I've not seen better immersion that comes from Sabrina. I've seen a couple of your other characters a few times, you played 'em quite nicely. But one thing needs to be said: +1, absolutely recommend.

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