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[Withdrawn] Syrus Seto's Pipe Case

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Character name:

Item name: polished wood box

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Syrus was recently given a tobacco pipe set by his significant other. During work hours, he occasionally smokes (usually within the confines of his office, or somewhere he may do so in private) as a means of relieving stress caused by his work as command staff.

Item function(s): Would serve as a custom sprited storage container with the following:

-darkwood pipe, self explanatory, a customized pipe.

-tobacco tin, a container holding a reagent without a gameplay effect (probably water, I'll simply be roleplaying it as tobacco.), which can be used to refill the pipe if it is emptied.

-box of matches, self explanatory, a set of already in-game matches.

Item description:

-A finely polished wooden case, presumably made of teak wood.

-An archaic tobacco pipe, crafted with smooth, carefully sanded ebonywood. Looks fairly new.

-A small, tin container, labelled, 'Arcadia mixture, strong blend.' It smells of tobacco.

Item appearance: I've already prepared the code and sprites for this item. All that's needed is its approval.

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Pipes are fantastic, Michael has one I'm just waiting for it to be fixed on the code so it spawns in his inventory again.



I checked the code after seeing you post your issue. It's definitely 100% in the game. You could adminspawn it in. Think Skull said it was something to do with having removed you from the .txt custom item spawning list. If that's the case, him or Scopes are the ones you need to speak with.

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I'm willing to accept this. You have your own sprite for it (which greatly reduces the amount of work devs have to do), and I /think/ you could get some RP out of this. Application approved. The prefix of the thread will be set to Processing, and then the tread will be moved to the archives. Check back every now and then, and when the prefix is set to Complete, then the item is ready for use.

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