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Project Zomboid

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Since I just now realized we had never gotten a Project Zomboid thread up here, I feel like it's time to discuss it.

Project Zomboid is an open-world, zombie survival game, with two preset maps, and a few community created ones. The basic gist of it is, that you're going to die, and you have to do everything in your power to delay it.

From setting up a safehouse, to taking care of the undead for whole blocks, Project Zomboid is pretty fun.

That said, it's still in early alpha, and while NPCs have not been added yet, they seemingly should help bring more life to the game, something that also should bring the replay-ability up.

You can get it over on Steam, or the official webiste for $15.

There is also a demo you guys can check out, to see if it's something you want to try or not.

One of my most prized safehouses I managed to set up, some time ago. Total time survived was a little more than eight months.

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Aesthetics reminds me of the Sims 1 and that's a good thing, the game's pretty neat and fun. Though the trait system is shit. The traits are both boring as all hell (+Carry weight, -disease risk, +melee damage, and other such 'fun' additions) and you need to dump yourself with negatives to consider taking even one positive.

The game also has a backwards 90s-tier multiplayer netcode that really, /really/ needs steamworks integration (Or some dev-updated guides).

Overall, 6.5/10 and that's not on the IGN scale, that's on the '5 is average' scale.

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