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[Accepted] Kiha's 2nd Vaurca Application

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BYOND Key: Kihatomay

Character Names: James Praxton, Thr'us Zuhlisk, Many Walks In Space, LHT-001

Species you are applying to play: Vaurca

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: 27, 0, 3  -  Traditional coloring of Zoleth brood marred and darkened by bruising and staining from security training.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: The Vaurca have a really interesting aesthetic and remind me of the villain of the first Men In Black movie in that respect, but once you get into the meat of their lore it gets even more interesting. They are complicated and have intricate societal restrictions as well as their own version of synthetics with growing lobotomized slave caste Vaurca that fill a number of jobs with no discontent due to their situation. It's cool to me, and that's before getting into their VR provided by Queens and hosted by Cephalons. Pretty nuts.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Everything about the station is foreign to you, and jading. You're stationed to be outside the VR of the Hive, and that inherently sucks. You're not really trusted by the commanding staff and in general your species is so different that you might even find others scared of you just because of your appearance. You don't feel the drive to be better at something than a human, but they might feel that desire in regards to you and you'll not be able to relate. It's good being alien.

Character Name: Za'Akaix'Zahx Zo'ra

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Initially signs were shown by a gestating Za within the brood of Zoleth that indicated the designation of Bound. However, by luck, it was instead determined to be a candidate to be sent to improve relations with the megacorp NanoTrasen as the anomaly that initially showed a tiny increase in competitive nature, something unnecessary and even sometimes detrimental to the functionality of the Hive, was something that may prove fitting for a mixed species environment. Being that Zahx was hatched a Za with considerable size, growing to a height of 7 feet 7 inches in it's standard hunched stature, it was designated Unbound and prepared to be processed as a Security Cadet upon a fitting station governed by the megacorp. After all, such a being would likely incite workplace obedience and prevent straying from workplace normality simply by appearance and presence.

This proved a difficult goal to reach despite that, as it took several years for Za'Akaix'Zahx Zo'ra to even pass the standardized examinations for performance as a Cadet, being often outclassed by the still far more competitive peers of other species. Yet he reached a passing performance level and was provided a post upon a common phoron research facility built upon an asteroid. It was perfect for the Vaurca given the environment was slow paced and had many intertwining hallways similar to that of a hive, and as such, his first shift began, under the scrutiny of peers that saw him as either frightening, or simply not belonging. He himself was jaded by the miserable years outside the VR of the Hive, leaving him apathetic to many joys such as joint break hours with other faculty, compounding his growing status as a loner and distanced individual.

What do you like about this character?: He is flawed and relatively unfit for Hive life in the comfort of VR, but rather fitting for a position outside of it to further relations with NanoTrasen at his comfort and happiness' expense for the Mother of Victories. It's a bleak life that while undeniably perfect, is also tragic.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I am an experienced roleplayer.

Edited by Kiha

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Playing with them over the past few weeks, I can say they're a capable roleplayer, and I think they can handle the whitelist.

The whitelist itself is also fine.

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Once again, you apply with a seven foot tall warrior from Zoleth who works in security. Coupled with the reports of your previous behaviour, it is difficult for me to think that you'll use this whitelist well.

All I have to go off of is your word. But, very well. I'll take your word for it. Just please don't give me a reason to remove the whitelist.

Application accepted.

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