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  1. First, thank you. I don't question the unusual condition at all, and I'll take the time off to make sure I'm ready to fit in when I return. I look forward to it.
  2. BYOND Key: Kihatomay Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Cnaym Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I have had several days to think on my mistakes since I've come back, and I realize I deserve the punishment I've gotten, but I'm right on the edge of where I want to be. I really do want to be part of this community. I know you're probably looking at the chances I've had already, and I understand I've had too many, but I want to show I really can be a good addition to the playerbase and that I will be better than I have been. There's no excuse for my mistakes, so instead of trying to justify myself on anything, I want to ask for the opportunity to come back and prove I've learned from them. I recognize I'll be on thin ice, and I promise I will not make you regret giving me the chance. I'm not going to do things impulsively anymore, and if I ever have a moment of doubt I'll just ask rp to pause so I can confirm with staff I won't be causing any trouble instead of just hoping it's going to be okay.
  3. I did not have the thought cross my mind, I was dealing with a heated series of events in IRL that night and I was focused on that, I can't help that it happened, it did, but I'll focus on the rest as that seems more important. The warning telling me I will be permabanned if I made a mistake in a month was an eye opener. And I went five days with no issues. I had begun my path towards 'redemption' I guess you can call it. And then, on the 21st, I accidentally found a bug where you can use malf abilities post mortem. I did not 'abuse malf powers' I made an appeal about that situation clearly explaining what happened and even gave proof of why the second verb was activated. I didn't mean to activate it. Exactly in this order, I 1. clicked a malf ability after being dead because there's no reason it should be possible to do anything with your body after death, and changed the alert from green to red. When I realized this happened, I began to adminhelp about it but in merely seconds I was bwoinked and while rearranging my text boxes to reply to the admin message my mouse did an annoying glitch and stopped dragging the box and clicked several times as my mouse moved (I don't have the reaction time to instantly stop holding down my mouse left button before I realize it's stopped dragging a window) and immediately said 'Oops', making it more than obvious a mistake had been made, and then when I was asked why I did that, I explained it was a bug, and an accident. I was not believed. Instead, they assumed I was claiming both were 'misclicks'. There is an archived thread about this incident. During the week of my antag ban I made significant changes to my playstyle. Abusive language in OOC is a stretch. A player was harassing others in OOC and I told them to "Ignore them, they're just being an asshole." Verbatim. I'm not a verbally abusive nor mean person, and that isn't what happened there. Here is proof: Furthermore I did not 'instantly strip' a wizard. Two wizards were extremely violent and were captured, I was caught up in that fight but managed to escape to medbay and they were also brought there in cuffs, and I began removing their costumes (which I now know is not cool, and it won't happen again), and made no argument other than explaining that I wasn't aware of the clothing mechanics of wizard. I still have never played wizard before to this day, and rarely have played wizard rounds. As for the vampire note, you are not doing the note justice. I vampirized more than five people and there was a single player who took qualms with how I rped it. They were one of the last one's I embraced, and I explained that I had been setting up so much beforehand that was meant to help enhance the experience. This was taken instead as me 'skirting my responsibility to roleplay' which I agreed that it seemed to have ended up resulting in that for the final turned player. I learned from that mistake, and that won't happen again either. Everyone else claimed to enjoy the round, I'll point out, even though I completely understand that does not change the fact someone was unhappy with it. Now, what really has been bringing me down and frustrating me is that there is this notion that I am not improving at all. I am. I can assure you I care, and I really do love this server and the community that is behind it. I wouldn't be trying to acclimate as much as I am if I wasn't genuine in my intentions. So, if you are willing to lift this ban, I will go out of my way to do better and show that I mean what I am saying here. The requested antag ban was a good start, but I really don't want it to be the end. I will meet any conditions requested if it means I can play on Aurora, please.
  4. My interaction with Stepka has only been good, and actually changed my perspective on how to approach playing as a cultist, and I enjoyed reading the story, so I'd really like to see Sonic play a Diona. I +1 this!
  5. BYOND Key: Kihatomay Staff BYOND Key: Cnaym Game ID: I have no idea how to match the game ID but I'd assume it was the latest round of last night so I think it's b5Z-ahav Reason for complaint: Very late last night I kinda remember putting myself in an extremely low-traffic area to step away for what I expected was going to be a short time, only for it to drag out a long time. I'll explain why I was kept away from the computer if I have to, but I'd to point out that people AFK in the middle of the hallway, in medbay, in their chairs, and I at least was out of the way, I did not initially cryo because I expected to return shortly, but banning me permanently for that? I have made mistakes, but I've never gone out of my way to ruin a round or grief, nor been toxic in the community in any way. I have improved, and will continue to be better, I've shown that I will. I've rarely done things that could be considered LRP as far as I am aware. I've never ever ghosted in a locker, so this ban must be because I was completely disconnected, which is completely possible considering how long I ended up being AFK, my computer hates dreamseeker. I've seen people go full on disconnect (ghost has the same effect I guess) in the middle of hallways and even in medbay/other high traffick areas. I only even realized I was banned because I tried to play today about thirty minutes ago. I've made a real effort to improve, I had myself antag banned for a week to focus on the details of HRP without worrying about antagging at all, and to prevent any urges to antag. It worked out good, I've learned a lot about the forms I can use as my main characters, I learned more about species lore, and genuinely had no issues for a week, after I started playing antag again, I had a minor issue where one of six or seven people I turned into vampires during a vampire round didn't approve of the amount of RP there was before they were turned (the others had no issue and the general response to my latest antag round was positive as far as I know), but otherwise I've had no issues for an entire week, and I'm nearing the end of the big warning I received from Read earlier last month. I'm not being disingenuous, and I think that the records since the big warning should speak for it. I didn't ghost in a locker and try to rejoin the round, from the time I went AFK that round until that round ended I wasn't even able to get back to my computer, and I didn't expect that to happen. If I did, I would have definitely gone into Cryo as I've done many many times before. I don't have a track record of going SSD. I want to become a respectable member of the community. Evidence/logs/etc:
  6. I've given a third look at my story and realized you're right, and so I've adapted it to match that better mould.
  7. BYOND Key: Kihatomay Character Names: James Praxton Thr'us Zuhlisk Jack Marlowe H.R.P.U Za'Akaix'Zahx Zo'ra Many Walks In Space Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Very dark blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The Skrell are incredibly interesting to me and I've had a lot of really cool interactions with Skrell players. But my spurring moment to make this application was the most recent Jargon Federation event that was hosted by the staff team. It made me take another look at the lore pages and pushed me to making the decision to make this post. So here it is, I look forward to the feedback I get and I'll put my best effort in. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Skrell are a far more advanced and space-faring society that has transcended a lot of the concepts that Humanity still employs in their culture and society. They don't have the same concepts of gender stereotypes, warfare, and adulthood. Playing this species will require a lot of distancing from the interactions my character has so I can apply that objective Skrell logic. Character Name: Qigon Cuor-Nindo Please provide a short backstory for this character: Born 2336 not even 20 years after the formation of the new united Federation, Qigon Cuor showed a lot of signs for aptitude in diplomacy, physical coordination, and quick thinking. Where others in his generation showed talent for science, engineering, or medical careers, Qigon instead did well at reactionary and physical courses/exams and seemed to have an innate knack for getting what he wanted out of people. His parents were excited to see him so apt to communicate with others, and how well he got along, as they had nothing near the same opportunity he did. There was speculation of moderate or greater attunement to the wake being the cause of that diplomatic talent, and he was designated a receiver of unrefined but notable possibility for being able to have outer influence. Despite this, while he did score adequately among the norm, once he managed to get accepted into Gliutip’lyaz University at the age of , he found himself being outclassed by the mental elite. This did result in a negative outlook on his success, and his reputation was carried by the high scores he obtained in martial arts, communications, physics and critical thinking. Focusing on these strengths as his peers and instructors encouraged him to do, he was able to obtain his degrees and graduate with doctorates regarding his preferred field communications and political diplomacy at the age of 49. It was unorthodox, and some regarded it as a mistake, however his acceptance into the SSSF as a ground and naval unit proved this to be nothing more than a rumor. Honorably serving in his squad for roughly 35 years, he found himself marred with permanent bruising and injuries that would come back to haunt him in his future as he aged, but not before he was transferred into a smaller espionage and acute enemy forces disablement unit as he was not the best solid-cut solider. But the Federation saw use of his doctorates in the division, and it was with those skills that he served for another 42 years. It was here that he began his true interactions with other societies, and this is where he adopted his suffix, his name changing to Qigon Cuor-Nindo, in honor of Sui Nindo'Nral, his closest squadmate whom gave his life to save Qigon on a failed mission that became his last before he was retired from the intense and undeniably stressful lifestyle of his position at the age of 126. At this point, he had enough saved up that it wasn't a large concern to worry about making ends meet. Of course, as any individual who has lived such a life, he felt restless, and wanted to keep spry and active. So he decided to do this by working as a security officer via a private Federation contractor whom he knew in his service, and it turned out they had open outlets for NT and other reputable megacorps. After some paperwork he was contracting with NanoTrasen, and found himself moving from station to station, and eventually arriving at the asteroid research station Aurora. The largest negative for Qigon being outside Skrell space was the frequency of synthetics, free and law-bound. Being born just upon the precipice of Skrell society thriving once more, it was jarring and reminiscent of the horrifying stories he heard in and still clearly remembered from his younger years. But it was still acceptable by his standards, and after a few first shifts, he found himself enjoying the surprisingly large presence of other Skrell, solidifying his choice of contracted company and his place on the N.S.S Aurora. What do you like about this character?: Qigon is exactly how you'd expect a real military veteran to be. Smart, capable, but foremost above all, able to plan ahead during the danger. He watches out for others, as he already knows he can handle himself, he doesn't have to chase down an axe wielding psychopath to prove it. He knows his skills are better used to get others out of danger, rather than neglecting the innocents in order to try to quell the danger himself. That's something to think about after collateral isn't an issue. As for his views, Qigon was born not during but still shortly after the recovery efforts of Skrell society, giving him a heavy distrust of synthetics in all their forms. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I consider myself an experienced roleplayer, as I have been roleplaying in various platforms for over a decade. Notes: I know I had a rough start coming back. And many of you may be skeptical of me, but I have taken steps to improve myself. I've learned from my mistakes, and I'll continue to grow. Currently I'm on a self-improvement challenge of not playing antag for a week. And I've reached a point where I feel comfortable enough to attempt this again. Be gentle..
  8. I would love to see Beisel get more fleshed out, please! I hear a lot of good things about Borya ^ so I will +1 too, plus I'm a human main so I'm biased towards getting a new head to make me have more stuff to build around.
  9. Another thing I will note. I hope this helps prove I am not a liar, and that I never had intentions of lying to staff, or anyone. My ban was meant to be a week I believe based on conversation with ShesTrying, however it seems to end some time today. I think a zero was missed when applying the ban. So I'm not going to be logging in until this thread comes to a conclusion. Furthermore, I've done some digging because my mouse continues to have this doubeclick issue, and it turns out it's not just me. I'm probably going to have to replace the switch on it, here is where I found the information, I hope this helps you better understand my issue and that I was not lying or making things up.
  10. I'm aware that I have a lot of notes about powergaming and bad antagonist play, but I've grown from that recently, and I'll continue to improve. I've never refused to cooperate with staff in any of my conversations with them, and have always immediately complied with their desires, which I think should speak for my character as a person. I've never shown any behavior along the lines of lying, nor given any reason to believe I am a liar. To answer your questions: 1. I was clicking into the adminhelp message box to be able to type into it, I have OCD with a lot of things, one of them is UI placement, I was dragging it into a better spot on the screen and while doing so my mouse glitched (it's been doing this a lot recently and I'm looking into a fix for it), so the dragging stopped and it registered the doubleclick on the gravity malfunction verb. I know this is hard to believe, and you don't have to believe me, nor do you have much reason to, but this is exactly what happened. 2. I tried to explain that it was a missclick, but it was misinterpreted as the explanation for the initial problem (the changing to code red while dead). 3. No. Since returning from my week ban, and especially after the latest warning I received, I've been doing much better. I have had numerous antagonist rounds that the other players have enjoyed, and I am sure that there are admins who will vouch for this because they have been present or even in league with me during said rounds. The issue that got me in trouble today was the result of a bug, and naturally, it should not have even been possible to happen. I understand that it did happen, but it only happened because I thought it was impossible. That being said, it does not change the fact it did happen, nor the fact I promise it will not happen again.
  11. BYOND Key: Kihatomay Total Ban Length: 1080 minutes Banning staff member's Key: ShesTrying Reason of Ban: As a dead AI, you decided to keep hitting buttons, changing the alert and messing around. Instead of ahelping after this bug, you let it sit, and you then lied that you clicked it on accident. Do not lie to staff. Do not do things you know you are not supposed to do. This is your last chance, because I really want to see you improve. So improve.. Reason for Appeal: Firstly, I am once again here, it seems like I am prone to failure, but I'm really trying. I really enjoy the server, to the point I find it worth it to admit my faults and publicly apologize when I need to. I'm sorry that I clicked the red alert. When the prompt came up, I should have just canceled it and asked if it was normal for the prompt to come up while dead. My curiosity and experience with verbs just not working while dead convinced me that nothing would happen, I would be fine. The alert went through, and I instantly knew I had messed up. In only a moment I got the admin message, and I panicked. I know I'm on thin ice, and I'm doing well. I've been doing so much better than I was previously, and I am afraid to be banned, yet here I am. In my panic, I accidentally clicked the gravity manipulation while trying to click onto the reply box for the message, and unfortunately, it has no confirmation, so I ended up slamming my dead AI core into the ground too. It looked bad, it WAS bad, but I didn't mean to. That doesn't change that it happened. When I'm dead, I'm going to just leave my body to be rid of the verbs going forward, whether you see it fit for me to be given the benefit of the doubt or not, I'm going to keep getting better. It's embarrassing, because I'm not stupid. I don't understand why I keep having these lapses in my judgement, and it's gnawing at me. I did not intend for you to think I was referring to the alert status change when I said I missclicked, I was referring solely to the gravity manipulation ability. I am not a liar, and I don't want anyone to think I am. I've began making in-depth records for all my characters, I've started making a lot more completely combat-unrelated characters in general, and I'm going to keep going down that path to show I really do want to participate in the depth of the server's RP and lore. I'm not here to robust villains and frag assistants as an antag. If I was, I wouldn't keep coming back despite my previous problems. If I wanted that, I could just go play one of the other generic servers, but I want to engage in this server's community and RP. Like I said, I'm going to make sure I leave my body when there are sensitive verbs that might actually still function after death from now on. And I'm going to continue to indulge in the HRP aspects as I iron out my problem habits. I'm almost to that point, and I would hate to lose so much time that I could be showing my improvements. And finally, to ShesTrying directly, I am sorry it looked like I was trying to deceive you. That's not the kind of person I am, and I would never want to do that, staff member or not.
  12. me revive this thread, because someone literally did a 'the thing' body horror rp gimmick recently as changeling and everyone loved it. now imagine if they had more mechanics to back it up, do this, please, im kind of an antag main and everything in this makes it easier to do what your job is to do as an antag. that being, MAKE THE ROUND FUN FOR OTHERS. if you have to worry about dying so easily, that is very hard
  13. It's been four days just about since the ban and I've had a lot of time to think about my actions overall since I've come back to the server a few weeks ago, could you please at least consider my request to shorten the time of the ban? I really want to be a part of the community again and have a chance to participate in the coming events. I know I did wrong, and I will do better.
  14. No, that's not what I was talking about. That was what led to my recent antagonist ban, and I spoke to one staff member. And I admit I felt really bad when it happened because I did not want him to cut your head off. I wanted him to cut you once or twice in the head with the scalpel beside you to stir up conflict and dissent among medical staff but he took the dominate message of 'Cut his throat' which in hindsight was extremely poor wording and I regret using that phrasing, as 'Kill the CMO' and chose to saw your head off. I'm sorry that happened, I am, as I was hoping to create a horror scene, not grief you. The proper escalation warning was during a round where I had been laying relatively low as cultist, secretly blocking some airlocks with wall runes, and near the end of the round, I began to create a barrier that would have barred off Red Dock, but I left the runes inactive. This was more than a week ago.
  15. I have been spoken to, yes, because I quite often am antag, as very few others apparently have the roles selected. And when you do things as an antagonist, people tend to adminhelp. This has been pointed out to me before. When people die in a round, they are not usually happy about it. I have two warnings, one pertaining to remembering to properly employ escalation, and the other because I was jumping out of stealth mode to attack ISD and TCFL who were actively hunting and shooting at me with lethals on sight. I understand that what happened in that cataclysm round can't go without punishment, I do. I have a lot of notes, yes. All I can really do to prove I want to improve actively is suggest that if you do lift the ban before it ends, I am willing to accept any conditions of scrutiny towards my behavior in the game you would like for however long you would like, as there are some canonical events coming up very soon and I would really like to participate in them. I know that canonical event rounds are more heavily regulated than others, at least from my last participated event, and so I feel it could be a good way to prove I can and will do better moving forward. If you don't remove the ban before the duration ends, I'm still going to make improvements as a player moving forward. As I have said before I really enjoy this server, and I don't want to lose my privilege to be a player on it, I feel like I've shown only complete cooperation with staff when they have contacted me, and I have never intended to ruin a round for anyone, I'm deeply apologetic if this has happened.
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