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  1. Then it's busted and that's a problem. There a lot of problems with this idea and part of the purpose of this suggestion was merely seeing if the concept was something people agreed on. The mechanics of this are an entirely different and annoyingly complex problem that we might never be able to pull off. But there are work-arounds. If we want to go full crazy mode saying your name letter for letter could trigger something that lets you add them to the list of people you know and start seeing them as George Melons. Perhaps something like this: Whacky Voice says, "Hello my name is George Melons." <- you would have the ability to click on the text George Melons which lets you add them to your contact list. George Melons says, "It is nice to meet y HELP MAINT HELP NINAJ SEC MAINT"
  2. @Zundy What are you referring to? My first reply to this post? In which case, no. You simply gain access to their name, but they got notified when you do. If you're referencing busywork, also no. I'm open to suggestions on better ways of doing this. I understand the systems I have proposed are a long way from perfect. This is a polite way of me trying to say I don't like trying to defend this system, so stop attacking it.
  3. I personally can't fathom how two clicks is too much hassle, but you could always just not do it, and use your memory to associate names with aliases.
  4. Mechanically it serves little value. OOCly you would attribute aliases to names or ckeys without the game doing it for you. The value of this comes from the roleplay aspect. We are a heavy roleplay server. Also, I don't think it is particularly hard to: Right click someone and press a button that adds them to this list Press a verb, opening a menu that lists everyone nearby, allowing you to pick who you want to add to the name list. Those are the two ways I envision this happening. Of course how it actually happens, if ever, is up to the developers. Heck, could even just tie it to examine or something dumb like that.
  5. Look at my response, the second reply to the original post, for answers to this.
  6. Hey this is a retrospective thought. You can also make people's aliases go away by adding them to a list but it notifies the person when you do it. This means no one can really just abuse it and add everyone to their list so they know everyone's names, and also prevents someone from staying perma alias'd to you.
  7. So basically, you create a secondary name for your character, that is more of a brief description. Take an 18 year old small cargo technician. What she lacks in height she makes up for in breast size Their name is Alex White. However, their alias is Young Woman. Whenever she speaks, you do not see Alex White. Instead, you see Young Woman. This applies to over the radio. The only way for you to be able to see Alex White is for their player to add you to a list. Being on this list then shows Alex White, and not Young Woman. This list would persist throughout rounds. It is a simple idea, quite dumb, but solves a lot of "i moused over the guy in the vault, i know exactly who they are", while adding a potentially good RP feature. Is it feasible? Not a code monkey, but it might be difficult. Not sure what sort of system would be needed to make the recognition persist throughout rounds. It might be easier to just have a verb that toggles between your alias and real name. To be honest, there are a lot of issues present with this. Aliases would become redundant unless you could change them between rounds, because people would just recognise your alias instead of name from an OOC viewpoint. Perhaps the benefits outweigh the flaws? If you know any better ways to do this or solutions to the problems in my proposed method, that do not cause more problems of similar scale, please post them. I am not interested in issues with my method, because I know they are plentiful, but I can not conceive of ways to solve them.
  8. hmm, today i will laugh at the people who are dumb

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      Heh, nothing to laugh at me about.

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      How does it feel laughing at your own reflection in the morning? :thinking:

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      pretty good for depression tbh always good to start the day off right

  9. Your horoscope names are just months with some apostrophes and some letters thrown in or replaced. In all honesty, I find your essay content to be incredibly uninspired and bland, while simultaneously confusing. You say the cycles are a year, but also that they last ten. I'm sure you can do better than Oqtober skrell are cold-hearted. This really doesn't demonstrate your capability to write creatively.
  10. Fuck you ! ! ! but take care, make good memories and do not dwell on regrets for too long
  11. hmm today i will spot a genetically altered and intensely trained beach-defense shark and baton rush it

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      hmm today I will play Aurora like it's /tg/

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      All while screaming the battle-cry of security: UNGA BUNGA

  12. Hi, I'm the player of Za'Akaix'Ryn Zo'ra. As you can see in the logs, I am pulling punches, in an attempt to down you, because you are stabbing someone in the head with a broken bottle. I did not know the context of the fight prior to seeing this, so my character assumed you were the instigator as you were holding the weapon, and unless I am wrong, Suzuul had their skull break due to your actions, the first major injury my character witnessed. I stopped once you were down and attempted to stop anyone else from harming you. I moved to disarm Suzuul as they continued to bite you but Daniel got there first. So when you say I tried to murder your character, you are wrong, and you have proved it.
  13. With an empty hand, toggling throw intent on and on a specific intent such as harm, by clicking an item on the ground you can launch it in roughly the opposite direction with a higher throw force than regular throwing. Perhaps with or without a short timer. Kicking grenades away from your friends, or at your enemies. Kicking floor tiles into people for slightly more damage. Kick sand into people's eyes. Adding another option that serves some mechanical utility is a good thing, right?
  14. You can always make a custom item application, but otherwise I don't really see why. They wouldn't really serve any general function.
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