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  1. No edit, no feedback, I don't rightfully want to accept an application for a character that won't be played. I'unno, it doesn't really sit right. Too ambitious a character on top of that. Application denied. You're free to reapply whenever you like.
  2. Lack of replies makes this tough. Quuv sounds more like a skrellian name than a vaurcese one. Minor nitpick. I feel weirded out by the concept of them being an assistant to the Ruupkala. With that degree of authority and control, would they just let Quuv... go? After all they've done and seen, working as an assistant? No one is going to chase them down, and the Skrell aren't going to have Quuv return through leveraging the hive? Especially since Quuv's involvement, as you stated, was known? If Quuv shared the information gleamed from working with the Ruupkala in good faith, not intend
  3. Hello. In short, Application Accepted. In long, You're the only applicant, sure, but you've been passionate and you show promise. If there were other applicants, I'm pretty sure I'd still have picked you. Queenless could definitely use some love. Well, vaurca in general could use some love - with lore as expansive as the domain of vaurcae, there are plenty of things that get overlooked. The Queenless were a project I had pretty much no involvement in, and I've struggled to shape them into something that does the original idea justice while still remaining grounded in the lore. I'm s
  4. Application denied. There are a number of issues with the application. Admins and code are not IC. Tomato Tom is not a valid name. I can go on. You can reapply for a vaurca whitelist in two months.
  5. This was last edited on the 27th, it's now the 14th, and you had received feedback between the two dates. Thus, I'll be denying this application, but you're free to reapply whenever you like.
  6. Hello. I'm here to squash the claims of a 'lack of individuality' running through your application. Akaix are individuals. They are capable of their own thought and feeling and the only thing they're incapable of doing is working against their own hive. This means they can argue, contest ideas, disagree with decisions their hive makes. None of them are clones, and although a lot of their experiences can be very similar and production line-esque, they're all made differently in psyche and physique. The more angles covered, the more beneficial a consensus. As cool as the Kataphract element of
  7. This is barebones and distinctly low effort. The backstory doesn't tell me anything about who Kuzi is as an individual, only what they do and why they do it, what job they'll do on the Aurora. This isn't creative. With no feedback to back you up, I can't accept this. Application denied. You're free to reapply whenever you wish.
  8. A little barebones, a lack of feedback, but nevertheless I don't see much reason to deny this application. Application accepted.
  9. tfw deputy approves so you have to approve the app But in all seriousness, I know you RP goodly, and I know you're shensible enough not to misuse the whitelist. Medical Za aren't entirely unheard of, either! The blanket for Za covers any vaurca that works on or for or with weapons - and other vaurca can fall under the category of weapons, too! It's not unreasonable. So, with all that said, application accepted. I hope you have fun.
  10. Hello. The lack of feedback and singular character listed isn't a solid foundation for which the quality of the application can rest, and coupled with this application being your first makes this all the more challenging. This isn't entirely correct. They're able to reach a consensus mainly because they do conflict from time to time. Different perspectives find a middle ground which works best. Less of a queen dictatorship, more of a entire-hive consensus. Anyone can weigh in on a major or minor decision, and from everyone's perspectives and opinions, the queen or whoever else designat
  11. Hello. I'm sorry this took so long. Application accepted. You'll only be able to play vaurca on the key you listed here as new. You can contact me if you want the other key to have access, but for simplicity's sake I suggest picking one and sticking to it for further whitelists.
  12. Hello. I'm sort of sick right now, so I can't go into much detail, but this application is very good, and as a result I'll be accepting it, also given I've witnessed you demonstrate good understanding of the lore on the lore discord as well. So yeah. Application accepted.
  13. Hiya. Vaurca developer here. Sorry it took so long to get around to this. The lack of feedback isn't ideal. However, application accepted. You show a good enough understanding of the lore. I look forward to seeing you play.
  14. Hello. Vaurca lore writer here. Application accepted.
  15. Hi. Vaurca lore writer here. After much deliberation, I’ll be accepting this application. You’ve shown good understanding of the lore, and the feedback assured me you’ll represent the species well. Hope to see you in game.
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