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  1. Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting. Application accepted.
  2. remember to eat gnocchi daily

    1. Mofo1995


      I misread this as to eat gacchi daily

  3. I have an issue when it comes to people using bound as their whitelist application characters. Unbound can reach much, much deeper levels of character nuance and detail, to the point where I'd personally consider applying with a bound akin to the act of shooting yourself in the foot. Regardless, this is done in an eloquent enough manner and I've kept you waiting. I also share the two above opinions regarding your characters, and roleplay. Application accepted. Also, join the vaurca discord. If you want...
  4. Hello, sorry this took so long. The application is good - just remember, there is no apostrophe between Ka'Akaix'Name and the hive. In this case, it'd be Ka'Akaix'Zoor C'thur. With that said, application accepted.
  5. Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting. I don't see any reason to deny this, so. Application accepted. I look forward to seeing you play Xor.
  6. Once again, you apply with a seven foot tall warrior from Zoleth who works in security. Coupled with the reports of your previous behaviour, it is difficult for me to think that you'll use this whitelist well. All I have to go off of is your word. But, very well. I'll take your word for it. Just please don't give me a reason to remove the whitelist. Application accepted.
  7. Application denied. Lack of feedback paired with reports on your behaviour. If I can't see improvement, I can't just assume you've improved. Aside from this, applying with a warrior, in security, from a warrior brood - doesn't lend you any favours in this regard. You're free to reapply after three days.
  8. No. No higher than 8 feet, and even that's a stretch. This is listed on the wiki. Please also list an RGB value for the character's body color. I will approve or deny this application after a few days. Please get feedback in the meantime. You can advertise the application in OOC once per round, with a link, as well as in the discord.
  9. Sorry for the late reply! In summary: Wow this is really good. Like, really good. There's 'application accepted' level, and then there's 'application should've been accepted a while ago'. I could go into detail but there are a lot of really good points about this application in general. And I might be lazy. So with that said, Application accepted.
  10. Hello. You show very good demonstration of the lore, and, well, Cnaym summed it up pretty well. Application accepted - but we'll be watching you, chief...
  11. Hello. While you show a good understanding of lore at this point, I also judge applications based on roleplay of existing characters. In this department, you suffer, as is reported and witnessed by me and others. So, for this reason, application denied. Vaurca are one of the harder races to roleplay as. Demonstrate you are capable. You may reapply after three days, but take more time to refine your ability.
  12. gasps!
    falls limp, eyes dead and lifeless...

    laments, "god antags no rp bad round"

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      the real boomers are the ones that detonate apc and fueltanks without a word and then blames it on minorities

    4. JamOfBoy


      ten four dinosaur

  13. For most other brood's I'd expect a warrior to be a paramedic or EMT. Xakt's brood is a curious exception to this and you've incorporated this extremely well into the application. This alone is worthy of merit, but the rest of the application is superb. Seriously. With that being said, I see no reason to keep you waiting. Application accepted.
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