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  1. Hi. Vaurca lore writer here. After much deliberation, I’ll be accepting this application. You’ve shown good understanding of the lore, and the feedback assured me you’ll represent the species well. Hope to see you in game.
  2. Hello! Unfortunate about the lack of feedback, and while I'm curious as to your playtime I'm willing to overlook these questions as your backstory is very well written. So with that said, application accepted! Though we will be keeping an eye out to make sure things go smoothly.
  3. Alright, I'll be accepting this application. You really didn't do yourself any favours by applying with a bound character. Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  4. Hi, vaurca lore writer here. The biggest issue I have with this app boils down to the fact you applied with a bound. Why did a bound worker seek out a Shaper? They wouldn't do this; bound are already content doing the work they were made to do, Shapers wouldn't really be able to have the deep philosophical and existential conversations about assigned roles in the universe with a bound - they're too plain and not able to grasp the bigger concepts. All they know is their work, and the hive. Whatever they're told to do, they do it to the best of their ability. If no more instructions, they're content to do nothing. They don't face hardships that require counsel.
  5. Hello! Vaurca lore writer here. Your application clearly has a lot of passion put into it. While I could pick at minor issues with it, instead I will be electing to accept the application and be there to correct any blatant errors you make as I feel there is little point holding you back when you could be getting a feel for the species directly. So with that said, application accepted.
  6. Hi! Lore writer for the vaurca species here. I'll be reviewing your application. Very detailed backstory. Well made character, clearly showing good demonstration of the lore. I do have some issues, such as the part where you listed FreshRefreshments#2173 in your "what makes roleplaying this species different to a human" which I have my reservations about, but this is a matter of subjectivity. In the future I'd advise you consider other aspects such as their strong sense of smell - this sort of thing gives the wrong impression With that said, application accepted! I look forward to seeing you on station.
  7. Yikes, this has been up for a long while. Sorry for not getting around to this. I'll be denying your application.
  8. Hello! I'm sorry for taking a while in getting to this. Application accepted. I look forward to seeing you play Sikt on station.
  9. very cool and good, more antags is better, for one can not become robust without practical experience if you desire a gamemode, surely it isn't that much of a stretch to participate in the round as that mode's antag however, I foresee potential issues with people not wanting to be antags, and thus not voting, resulting in a lower amount of votes in general. this could also potentially bait newer players if not fully elaborated. perhaps in the voting menu, some big ol' text saying "voting = you could be the antag" would be nice albeit it is not necessary by any means but in summary yes very good i like this idea
  10. You can't do CPR on vaurca unless you remove their mask. So, if you really wanted to do CPR on a vaurca, you'd actually just be making things worse! But if we want to mechanically enforce this, sure. Not being able to be choked also sounds cool - but that's for another suggestion. Please don't mouth-to-mouth insect men who breathe a toxic, highly combustible super-fuel and also oxygen while you have a lit cigarette, thanks.
  11. Hello. I am a trained assassin when it comes to vaurca names. You made the horrendous error... of putting an apostrophe between the vaurca name and hive name. Ka'Akaix'Sirii'C'thur. This is incorrect, it should just be a space. Anyway, contracted killing aside, this app is very well done, and you answered the questions provided excellently. On top of feedback, I see no reason to deny it, so... Application accepted.
  12. Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting. Application accepted.
  13. remember to eat gnocchi daily

    1. Mofo1995


      I misread this as to eat gacchi daily

  14. I have an issue when it comes to people using bound as their whitelist application characters. Unbound can reach much, much deeper levels of character nuance and detail, to the point where I'd personally consider applying with a bound akin to the act of shooting yourself in the foot. Regardless, this is done in an eloquent enough manner and I've kept you waiting. I also share the two above opinions regarding your characters, and roleplay. Application accepted. Also, join the vaurca discord. If you want...
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