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  1. Being capable of reproduction does not make them pregnant. They’re, reproduction-wise, the equivalent of any other female crew member. I’d also suggest you stop bringing up pregnancy everywhere and just deal with it. If you have nothing to contribute please do not comment.
  2. Byond key: Jamchop23334 Discord key: JamOfBoy#8297 Character Name: Nai Eresh'Wake Items: starvoid blindfold Item function: The starvoid blindfold would function like regular blindfolds currently in the code, however they would have one exception - this character specifically is not blinded by it. @geeves crafted some snowflake code for this, a big thanks to them. /obj/item/clothing/glasses/sunglasses/blindfold/fluff/psionic name = "[placeholder] psionic blindfold" desc = "[placeholder] only a trained stand user can see through this" icon_state = "placeholder" item_state = "placeholder" tint = TINT_BLIND drop_sound = 'sound/items/drop/gloves.ogg' /obj/item/clothing/glasses/sunglasses/blindfold/fluff/psionic/equipped(mob/M as mob, slot) if (M.ckey == "jamchop23334") tint = TINT_NONE else tint = TINT_BLIND ..() Item description: An ethereal purple blindfold, woven from an incredibly soft yet durable silk. The faintest of light shines through, shading your darkened vision in a haze of purple. Item appearance: starvoid gloves Item function: No function. Merely gloves. Item description: An ethereal purple set of fingerless evening gloves, secured at the middle finger by a lace, with the palms exposed. The fabric is soft silk of some kind. Item appearance: Why is your character bringing this item to work? They wear the blindfold non-stop in an attempt to attune and strengthen their psionic power, by turning it into something fluid and natural. Like a blind man may hear grains of sand shift in a gentle breeze, Nai hopes to recreate a similar effect with telepathy, the Wake, and the Dream. How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please): The ones curious about the psionic limitations - the incapability to penetrate space, the similarities to slimes and their telepathy - would often find themselves down a path that lead to a certain banned faith. Nai had always been curious; finding this movement at an impressionable age only dug them in deeper. It offered friends, family, and a sense of excitement. Science explains the world, but something about their psionic abilities seemed beyond it, tied to other phenomena in ways they've been unable to explain. It was here that Nai partook of a method of training - under the illusion of an old fashion movement in public, of course. Provided, and unique to this faith; a blindfold. Obscuring vision forces the wearer to see in other ways. Woven from the same cloth, gloves, solidifying a deception, and a reminder of their family. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please): In the underbelly of Federation society dwells oddities, many of which are faced with eradication from Federal uniformity. To associate with some of these garners risks, should you not take precautions. Sleep in the wrong spot, an innocent enough action, and you may find yourself at the end of a lengthy bill, sincerely from the Jargon Federation. To break bans is to pay up, yet who better to weave their way through the Dream's psionic honesty than those who relentlessly strive to strengthen their telepathic sense? A small part scientific, large part religious movement, this faith lurks inside the Federation's underbelly, practising the growth of psionic potential via methods foreign to mainstream society. Young for a skrell, Nai is doing an altered form of training, said to improve the speed of use of psionic abilities, even allowing some to telepathically communicate without needing to touch their temples. Obstructing one of the senses - usually vision or hearing - can force the body to depend on means to compensate. Escaped to the alien stars, Nai now finds themselves in a place where they do not need to be so secretive. The risk is still present, by all means, but by pushing relentlessly toward their goal of conquering the space-based limitations of the Wake and telepathy, they may not need to go home to see their friends and family once again. They will always retain a memento of the order that welcomed them. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Nai now holds a slightly elevated sense of freedom - while the threat of the Federation is still present, their grasp is weaker. Here there may be destitute and lost skrell, yearning for the same purpose Nai once needed. A good preaching costs nothing, after all. Aside from this, Nai is technically blind with the blindfold on - this carries it's own RP merit. Reliance on others for certain tasks may be required. Explaining the purpose of such an item, it's origin, and likewise Nai's, I feel could heavily influence the perspective of skrell psionics on players, showing it's potential to be much more spiritually inclined. Sprites: I have a DMI ready, containing item and mob sprites. Additional Comments: thank you geeves and abo for helping - geeves for code and abo for lore and approving the concept. I am fully open to suggestions because god knows I've made a fool of skrell lore somewhere and or have created a massive snowflake. In case anyone has any wonders, I did consult Drago/Lady Fowl if an application involving unique code was valid, and they approved this, however I did word what the code did slightly different in my discussion with them.
  3. Well justified. I personally have no issues with the sprite. This has my approval.
  4. I don't want to let this die. Here are some new ideas: Right now you can pull people out of grabs. As in, if person 1 grabs person 2, person 3 pulls person 2, person 2 will go along with person 3. This is completely backwards logic - someone with an actual GRAB should not be beaten by someone pulling. Speaking of: Grabs are in a weird position. Simultaneously a fight-ender, yet easily avoided by not being unconscious. A nerf to the lethality of grabs while buffing how easily you can get one would be interesting. Resisting out of grabs should be changed - right now you can't hit the person who has neck grabbed you. If someone tried to get me in a headlock, I know I'd be trying to hit them. Resisting mechanically should still be an option, but attacking with some severe penalties might be easier. Targetting a limb while you have someone in a neck grab/blue grab should disable attacks regarding those body parts. Pinning the arms prevents them from punching, meaning they could only bite (bite attacks need a nerf - not the special vaurca verb bite, to clarify) or kick. This also affects grabs in another way - which body part do you target? Right now there is essentially no reason not to target the mouth unless you're going for some other manoeuvre. But with a change like this, you must decide between silencing your opponent of preventing them from attacking effectively. As the grabbed, you need to consider - this person DOES have me pinned, and in a position where they can inflict extreme damage. Is resisting via attacking worth the wrath I may incur? In terms of resisting out of grabs, the halloss damage on the grabbee should be a key factor. Kicking your opponent in the lower body, THEN resisting, should be more effective than spamming resist. An addendum on melee combat, the RNG of such things needs to be tweaked to be reliant on some kind of other factor - pain is an easy one, but dizziness, etc, could also play a part. I should not get punched once in the head and immediately fall unconscious. Changing disarm intent to be more of an "evade" intent could be useful - you're going to try your best to avoid a knife, and it is similarly not necessarily easy to hit someone with one. I don't know game design. My ideas might all be trash, completely unfeasible, or something similar. Please continue this discussion, as the results could improve the game. Thank you for coming to my ted talk
  5. Make more simple items such as crowbars have parry chances, make it so stuff like fists are easier to parry and swords are harder to parry. That way any sort of weapon is better than a angry medical doctor with blue hair who knows several forms of martial arts, and any actual weapon is better than some baldie with a toolbox.
  6. Kicking items is very easily stopped. A very common solution to a handcuffed person that might kick something at you is just to toggle throw intent, in which your use of hands comes into play, and you catch the item. Another solution is to not have anything on the floor. ANOTHER solution is to start dragging the person, in which case you can move them, interrupting the timer. I do not think allowing handcuffed people to attack others directly is a good idea in any means, you would make life ten times worse when it comes to people who really do not want to be brigged and try to escape at every opportunity. It OOCly devalues the use of handcuffs, which is not a good thing when we do not have anything else to restrain people commonly available. Devaluing handcuffs raises the value of putting someone in crit, dislocating limbs, and other stuff like that, such as outright killing people. in terms of an IC explanation, its actually pretty difficult but here's a stretch: someone is holding you by the handcuffs. Your arms are straight ahead, 90 degree angle from your body. The other person is two full arms lengths away from you. Trying to kick them from here would be difficult. Moving closer and trying to kick leaves you open to being pushed back, and with one leg trying to kick, you'd have only your other leg to support and balance you. You are not capable of easily kicking someone while handcuffed. TL;DR Handcuffed people can't attack you vs dead people can't attack you. One is bad for RP, one isn't. Which do you prefer?
  7. So, basically, I'm not against people being able to kick things while handcuffed, if it can be done code-side. Buckled, however, does not make sense, and I do not think you should be able to kick items while sat down on a chair. Its all in the legs, baby.
  8. For years I've laid dormant within the burning flesh of my forsaken carcass. Robbed of my life and my future, I could only feel the pain piercing my bones. That changes today. Anyway, to answer your concerns: If you cook a grenade properly people won't have time to either pick it up and throw it back or kick it. People already toss grenades back and as far as I am aware jumping on it is only really useful for frag grenades when you need 1000-ish brute damage and 20 pieces of shrapnel inside of your body but your big-chested cargo tech girlfriend is in the room and you don't want them to die because you have no one else to ERP with. Ideally you'd put a timer between starting the kick and actually kicking the item, you gotta wind up the kick. I'd that while the majority of these concerns are valid; just like how you can tug people's hair mechanically, eye stabbing will still do more damage. There are a lot easier ways to deal damage to someone than kicking something at them. Okay, actually, kicking uranium spear towards someone is pretty strong, provided it doesn't miss, they don't catch it, they don't just pick it up from the floor, or something. As for damaged legs, I don't really know the best way of handling this. I'd say if both legs or feet are broken, kicking an item has a chance to fail, but no matter if it does or doesn't, you take pain damage (and maybe some brute). You'd also need to be able to stand and have at least one foot. This is how I see it working, however it is ultimately up to whoever would implement it. I'd say that only items, as in, things you can put in your hand slots, would be able to be kicked. The heavier the item, the less far it goes and the more inaccurate it'd be. To elaborate, kicking a pen would probably send it in a straight line in the opposite direction to where you were when you kicked it for a pretty good distance. It'd have a minor chance to maybe go a tile to the left or right of straight ahead of you. O = you | / = pen | p = axe O / - - - - - - ->X O p - - <?XX But kicking something like a fireaxe, which is larger, would be different. You'd have a much larger chance for it to go left or right, and it wouldn't go as far. We have a size classification system for items, so we can already use this to determine if something is harder or easier to kick.
  9. This is wrong. At the top of every brood page it lists RGB values for unbound, bound workers and bound warriors.
  10. What if you could partially hear some words spoken by rootsong from across the station? Being in sight of whoever speaking it means you hear it fully, but from further away, you might "hear" a few words, as long as you're diona. For example: Urist Of The Sovereign Sky rustles, "God I love anime women." and they're in engineering. But you, Urist Blesses The Rains, are in medical, naturally you can't hear eachother, but you do hear... Urist Of The Soverign Sky rustles, "God... ...anime..." or something to this effect.
  11. I interacted with them recently, albeit only once. Throughout the entire thing I was waiting for some dumb meme, but it never came. It shocked me, but in a good way. Basically, good job. This is going in the right direction. If every interaction is like that interaction, then I won't have any complaints.
  12. Then it's busted and that's a problem. There a lot of problems with this idea and part of the purpose of this suggestion was merely seeing if the concept was something people agreed on. The mechanics of this are an entirely different and annoyingly complex problem that we might never be able to pull off. But there are work-arounds. If we want to go full crazy mode saying your name letter for letter could trigger something that lets you add them to the list of people you know and start seeing them as George Melons. Perhaps something like this: Whacky Voice says, "Hello my name is George Melons." <- you would have the ability to click on the text George Melons which lets you add them to your contact list. George Melons says, "It is nice to meet y HELP MAINT HELP NINAJ SEC MAINT"
  13. @Zundy What are you referring to? My first reply to this post? In which case, no. You simply gain access to their name, but they got notified when you do. If you're referencing busywork, also no. I'm open to suggestions on better ways of doing this. I understand the systems I have proposed are a long way from perfect. This is a polite way of me trying to say I don't like trying to defend this system, so stop attacking it.
  14. I personally can't fathom how two clicks is too much hassle, but you could always just not do it, and use your memory to associate names with aliases.
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