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Canon35's Tajara Application

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BYOND Key: Canon35
Character Names: Ka’Akaix’Dhan Zo’ra, Qleshi-Ras Tulo’Wesh, Za’Akaix’Nexot Zo’ra, Aatmaja Aaditya, Za’Akaix’Kakvak K’lax. 
Species you are applying to play: Tajara.
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Ruddy Njarir. 
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:  Of course, yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

To be honest, I had largely discarded Tajara as not worth reading on or caring for during most of my time on Aurora. During Mofo1995’s time as Loredev of Tajara, the later developments regarding the war and the building of the two newer nations (DPRA/ALA and NKA) had gotten me a little interested in the species lore, but it was not until Menown’s cat server and when the civil war ended that I had felt the need to study it proper. Tajara lore to me feels almost perfect. When I read it, I loved the level of detail and the variation you can find across Adhomai. Every inch felt covered. The world itself had felt fleshed out with its cultures, religions, nations and the 3-way conflict that has ruled over so many lives. All the factions have their draws and drawbacks, their lifestyles that vary depending on ethnic caste and class, and each left their marks on their people.  Their lore is exactly what I want from a species' lore on Aurora. I'd love to be able to play with it on station. 

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

You come directly from a planet with varying cultures and nations differing heavily from human ones. Tajara physiology means that they require custom equipment for some jobs, such as modified gloves and hardsuits. They also do not handle heat too well. There is an important ethnic caste system for Tajara, and every ethnic group has its own issues, differences, and places within Tajara societies. They are also known for sometimes taking on simpler names for humans to use. There are also different and unique religions and beliefs for Tajara. The twin suns of S’rendarr and Messa and the Ma’ta’ke gods are the primary faiths of the Tajara. There are also smaller faiths such as the infamous Raskariim. There are numerous languages for Tajara which they would know depending on their ethnic group and origin, when they speak, they normally refer to themselves in the third person. If speaking tau ceti basic, they roll their Rs.

Character Name: Zirhal Rkanazirr
Please provide a short backstory for this character 

Zirhal was born in 2434 in a coastal fishing town west of Miran’mir. He was the fourth son and child of his family, born to 2 Njarir of Kaltir. Years before he had been born the rebels came, and with them nearly came the end of his family’s lives. His family saved whatever wealth they could and fled to the hinterlands of Miran’mir, as far as they could from the violence. Zirhal and many other children of the town knew of the brutality of the PRA at a young age. The crushing of those who attempted to resist, the purges of innocent nobility, and the destruction of the once great kingdom their forefathers had built and defended. Zirhal had felt powerless. He grew up cursing the name of the Hadii for their damages against the Tajara. The burning of books, the upheaval of society, and the fear he and so many others were forced to live under. 

As the years continued on, Zirhal eventually found comfort in the few books and literature he could find. His grandfather saved some of the once-massive collection his family held before their home was taken. He had placed a heavy focus on his education. Zirhal had seen his intellectual pursuits as an escape, metaphorically and literally. He had hoped to one day be able to flee Adhomai like other Tajara had: On the ships of NT. However, Zirhal returned home one day to find an odd paper left in his school bag. A leaflet that spoke of a return to the old days of glory, a grand restoration, and a New Kingdom.

His family had pushed for Zirhal to focus on his education while the Imperial Army fought for the New Kingdom, underneath King Azjuna. The coming years had him witness turbulent times for the kingdom. Hadii’s death at the hands of a Zhan agent, the ALA bombing at the NKA Parliament, the PRA offensives and the NKA’s pushback to hold Kaltir. Zirhal’s time within the university saw him focus on gaining an Archaeology degree and Cultural Studies diploma, while dedicating two semesters of his education to working in the university’s expeditions and dig-sites. By the time he graduated in 2458, he was already set to join the Imperial Army. His family’s status as landless nobility had enabled him to aim for an officer position. However, despite his success in training and orientation, his weaker eyesight had him relegated to resource management and paperwork within the larger administration of the army. 

Still, Zirhal had done his best for his nation. He had worked hard and kept tabs on the progress of the fronts and war. However, the thought of his childhood had never left his mind. An entire galaxy was there for him to explore. From the deep tunnels of Ourea, to the forgotten colonies of humanity, to the memorial cities of Jargon and whatever else he could one day explore. He wished for a discovery of his own, something for him to dedicate to his family. That remained within his mind through all these years. No matter how harsh the rationing became in the NKA, no matter how many times he passed through the wastes of war, no matter how many people he had seen broken by the war. “One day, this will all be worth it. For all of us.” Zirhal had eventually been proven right. The fighting ceased, and the war came to an end. Zirhal had never felt as free as he did on the day of the armistice. As his service to the army had been completed, he knew of the next step within his life: Archeology, not among the snowy wastes of Adhomai, but among the stars themselves. 

It took much arguing for Zirhal to get his family to accept his choice. His army duties as a simple paperpusher had left him nothing to add to his family’s name, unlike his brothers. He was the odd one out. The youngest son who had not fought on the fronts, the youngest son who had little to speak of besides papercuts and headaches. If he was to bring glory for his family, it could not be through combat and war. Zirhal’s path was set into the stars. No matter how unusual the worlds he would see would be, no matter how far he would have to tread from his family, Zirhal saw this as the only path he could take. At the advice of Zirhal's grandfather and the family patriarch, they came to accept this choice. Zirhal had quickly signed onto NanoTrasen to work in their xeno-archeological fields after proving the validity of his education. A few days after that, well packed and ready, he had boarded a NanoTrasen vessel destined for Tau Ceti.

Zirhal’s mind raced as he sat within his new apartment on the Odin. A new land to explore. A entire galaxy was opening up for him. Across the stars where his destiny laid, he could take his path and find adventure and glory. Glory not just for himself, but his family and his homeland.  His path was the only path he could take now. But, where it led, only the gods knew. 

What do you like about this character?

 He’s more bookish than most of my characters, and more ambitious/hopeful as well. I have also developed a soft spot for nationalistic characters in the past few years. Zirhal has a clear goal for his life and something to work and attain towards: Winning fame for his family and hoping to increase their standing on Adhomai through his career in xeno-archeology. This also relates back to a deep love he has for his family, and a like of his fellow countrymen. He’s determined to prove himself in the eyes of others and find good standing among others. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability? In words, good. In an arbitrary number, 7/10. I never got many complaints on my time on aurora, especially when playing xenos like Unathi or Vaurca. 

Notes: Suns bless the north!

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The application display good knowledge of the lore and knows how to use it to create a character.

Application accepted.

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