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[Completed] Hazeri's Swag

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BYOND Key: BlueSp34r

Character name: Hazeri Saakhat

Item name:

  • Hazeri's Pipe

  • Hazeri's Cane

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

  • Because Hazeri enjoys a good smoke when he's not busy working. He's also homesick away from Moghes, and made something to remind him of his planet.

  • Because Hazeri is old, and needs assistance when walking long distances from RnD to cargo. Also, see above about Moghes.

Item function(s):

  • Like a corncob pipe

  • Like a cane

Item description:

  • A worn, smoking pipe. This one has little leaves sticking out from it and is made of a rare wood, found only in Moghes.

  • An old warped cane with a flat bottom. It appears very leafy and crafted from Moghian wood.

Item appearance: Guys I actually have sprites this time! Be proud of me!


Additional comments: I probably messed up with the sprites, but I am technological savage and do not know how to do these fancy thingymajibingies like you civilized people. But that's okay! Because I'm pretty sure you devs can fix whatever I fucked, because you are all smart, talented, athletic, hygenic, proud, amazing, beautiful, flamboyant, promiscuous, seductive people who can fix whatever problems Bluey makes.

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I'm willing to accept this. You have your own sprite for it (which greatly reduces the amount of work devs have to do), and I /think/ you could get some RP out of this. Application approved. The prefix of the thread will be set to Processing, and then the tread will be moved to the archives. Check back every now and then, and when the prefix is set to Complete, then the item is ready for use.

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