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Varan's Dataslate Custom Item

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BYOND Key: Gollee

Character name:Varan Truesight

Item name: Data-slate

Why is your character carrying said item to work? To check on his stocks, shares, and other business related affairs.

The idea behind this item is that Varan would want to be able to check his business statistics while on station; he only really works on station to have something to do, as his business is primarily run by supervisors and an AI system at this point; plus, NT likes having such an experienced military man on shift.

Item function(s): None, I don’t think it would be viable to code in an entire stock market, though a set of moving bar graphs on the sprite would be cool; like on Amy’s music player.

Item description: A chrome silver data-slate, the background is an image of two women and a male Tajara, waving at the camera. Along the side, there is a stylised brand mark, written underneath is Biesel Electronics Ophreion 4000.

Item appearance: A silver parallelogram, or rectangle, with either the mentioned background (At this resolution, probably stickfigures) or a set of stock barcharts.

Additional comments:

Backstory for reference.

“The board has come to a decision,”

Varan nodded and rose to his feet, striding into the center of the room; at the far end of the room was a large table, where a dozen men and women were seated. Every one of them wore ornate uniform, with varying numbers of stars on their shoulders. Varan stopped in front of the table, standing at ease. He himself was wearing the same uniform, with five stars on his left shoulder, on his right was an emblem of a hawk.

“The board has decided to accept your request for a discharge from active service; however, you have not been granted a discharge from projects director. You are expected to fulfil this role until you are otherwise removed.” The speaker was an aging man, sat across the table from where Varan stood; on his right shoulder was an emblem of an antique cannon, cut across with a bolt of blue lightning. Varan nodded, saluted, turned and left the room.

Once he was outside, the room filled with a hubbub of chatter, “Why do you think he wanted a discharge?”, “He is still projects director? Good. We still need him.” The old man raised a hand for silence, “Mr Truesight is still a part of King under the mountain; As are all of us.” There was a murmur of agreement around the room.

As soon as he had left the conference room, Varan headed to the building’s exit, passing the security checks easily, his insignia smoothing the passage through the security personnel. Once he had exited the building, he climbed into a car and headed home.

A few days later, Varan was sat in the land allocation office, wearing his full uniform again.

“So…Going over the contract… You are paying two point five million credits for this section of the Silithines… An area five miles a side… I believe this will be acceptable, Mr…?” The realtor asked, smiling slimily at Varan. “Mr Varan Truesight,” Varan responded, keeping his face neutral, the realtor smiled again, “Ah…Of course… The admiral… Retired… I am sure you are aware of the fee…?” The realtor tented his fingers and rested them on the table. Varan glared at him, “The only fee, is the one for the land.” The realtor sucked his teeth, “Ah… I am afraid not, sir… There are… Expenses that need to be taken care of… Nothing a military man would want to bother himself about…”

Varan responded very quietly, “I am not lining your pockets with my money… I am not paying you a bribe to make this quicker… I suggest you run out a print of the contract, and I will leave it at that…” The realtor smirked, “Ah…But sir…. It is not a bribe to speed things up for such a respected member of our community… You wouldn’t want deeds to get lost… We can take very careful care of them… For a price…”

Varan stared at him incredulously, “Are you really threatening me? You, threatening me? Do you not realise what I can do? Retired doesn’t mean I have no power any more. In fact, I think I will go call the police commissioner right now.” Varan stood up, taking a PDA out of his pocket, the realtor stood up as well, “No! Now…Now now…Lets not be hasty… I am sure something can be arranged… The fee can be waived at your convenience…” Varan paused at the door, turning around to face the realtor, “I pay for the land now, I get the deed now, I won’t call the commissioner, is that clear?” The realtor hesitates a moment, “Of course… Just a misunderstanding…” He returns to his desk and prints out two documents. He passes them both to Varan to inspect.

Varan looked over the documents for several minutes before carefully signing them, reassured that there was no trickery in the forms. The realtor took them from him and scanned them into the computer; with a whirr, the printer ejects a third and final sheet. “Your deed… Sir…” He holds paper out limply to Varan, who took it.

Varan leans back in his armchair, flipping through a newspaper, he turns his head sharply towards a noise at the entrance of the room, a tall, red-haired woman sticks her head into the room, “I am off to work now…” She says quietly, Varan can see light scars across the lower half of her face; looking at her for a long moment, he responds, “Amy… You don’t need to work, you don’t need to prove anything, I have enough money to provide for you, for Sel’tier; hell, for Savar and his as well, if he wasn’t so damned stubborn.”

Amy bites her lip and looks back up the corridor behind her, “I…. I do… I need to… I need to know I can do this for myself… I don’t want to just take and do nothing…” Varan sighs and sets down the paper, “Amy, you bring more to this house than you can ever take away, you are my daughter, and that means I care for you… Just… Remember that, okay? I love you.” Amy nods quickly, stepping past the room towards the door, her voice floats back, “I will… Love you too…”

Once Amy had gone, Varan scooped up a tablet from the side table next to his chair, a few quick swipes of the screen and the tablet blazed with light, projecting a graphical display of various stocks and shares.

Looking through the shares, Varan tweaked some, raised others, and lowered a few, in a few more months, he would be able to expand again, getting more land would be a great boon for the mine, though his earliest shaft was still producing record amounts of metal.

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I could; but it wouldn't have the same effect; Varan owns a rather profitable mining company, and he would use this to mess with his stocks and shares, rather than just holding a PDA in his hand.

It also gives traitors something to steal; as if it is unlocked, then they can syphon large amounts of credits from the company before he could stop them, making it useful for bribes, blackmail, and the like.

Or it could straight up be a PDA resprite for him.

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Well, as long as a simple PDA resprite can be done, I'd be more willing to accept this application. A simpler sprite to make would be so much more helpful for our dev team, and hell, even I could make the PDA like a different color or put a small graph on the screen or something. How does that sound for the sprite?

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Well, as long as a simple PDA resprite can be done, I'd be more willing to accept this application. A simpler sprite to make would be so much more helpful for our dev team, and hell, even I could make the PDA like a different color or put a small graph on the screen or something. How does that sound for the sprite?


I might be able to throw a sprite for this together. (Recently I've decided I'm not going to let sprites hold me back, and have taken to spriting my own assignments until we get more icon staff.)

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