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Requesting unban after a long time...

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Byond account: warez

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: paradoxspace

Reason for ban: Shitload of notes, warning and references.

Reason for unban: So...Been inactive for a few months. During that time, I re-read the rules and practiced on other servers in order to get better. It has been 3-4 months since the ban, and I would like to play here again. I know, I messed up and I take full responsibility for the previous actions.

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7 minutes ago, ParadoxSpace said:

What is your plan to improve from your previous history?

I'm gonna avoid doing references and stuff like that. Gonna read deeper into the lore and try to shape my character accordingly.

I also will lay low with antagging first and foremost. Gonna try and improve/focus on my RP skills.

Finally...I'll just stop being an annoying, arrogant person.

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