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The elevator door slowly shuts with a satisfying sound.

You look around the elevator and see an ugly wood wall, the top of the elevator is metal.

Music begins playing. ((


You begin to come to your senses and see several other people. You begin to count down some facts right off the top of your head to get an idea of what's going on. You're in LA It's around the ninety-sixties to eighties or, Miami? Somewhere around that area, what else... you're carrying some kind of guilt? Are you a criminal? Did you do something? You're frustrated, were you drugged? Why did you just wake up from some trance? Where do you live? Why are you in this elevator? What are you wearing?

All these questions fly through your head, you pause for a moment and try to think straight for a moment.

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Ugh. My fucking ears are ringing too. Why. God, why. This sucks. I wanna go back to sleep.

No, can't sleep. Have a job to do. Wait, what was the job again? Think. Think, think, think, you asshole. THINK.

Fucking head. Can't focus. Why am I here? Job. Score. Ears. Ringing. Ow.

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Vision. I can see now. Ugh, fuck. Pain. PAIN. THE FUCKING PAIN.

Wait. Where am I? It's dark in here. Really dark. And bumpy.

This isn't the elevator. This ain't sunny Miami or Tampa Beach.

I hear voices. Muffled. Talking about 'the guy.' 'In the trunk.'

Aw, fuck. Really?

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Your mind races as you realize you aren't in an elevator.

The truck begins roaring and loud mechanical clanking sounds are heard.

This place smells like shit, it's rusty and busted. You see a couple of glass shards on the floor and some blood stains. Beneath you is a collection of wooden boards working as some kind of floor.

A couple beams of light penetrate through the small holes in the back of the cargo container.

You see yourself and three other people in the container. You look at them, you're all in bindings.

You see one guy, he's average build, a little bit fat. he's in some fairly casual clothes, jeans and a t-shirt, he has a strip of scotch tape on his shirt that has the writing 'canon' on it. This guy looks like a sore thumb in comparison to everyone else, looks like they just picked some college student off the street.

Another one, wimpy kind of guy, he's dressed in his pajamas. There's a piece of scotch tape on his forehead that says, 'Hive'. But something looks off about him, like some kind of wolf in sheep's clothing.

Third guy, he's all beat up. He looks like some kind of old homeless person, but, he doesn't look like there's anything wrong with him, he's a little bit fat actually. He has a strip of tape on his left bicep that says, 'Delta'. He's wearing a nice, pinstripe suit.

Fourth guy, holy fuck he must be crazy, his name is apparently 'Lemon'. His hair's all messed up, he has all kinds of symbols and writings on him. You can't make out what they say but it's not gibberish, some kind of message? You don't know. He's dressed in nothing but his boxer shorts.

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