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Disguise Kit: Suggestion


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Hey folks! I've come up with an idea for a small traitor item (and a few non-antagonist uses that might be orderable through cargo). I'd like to get a bit of feedback on the idea.

As always, I'm willing to make this. Assuming I get enough interest and feedback on the idea. So please tell me if you do, or do not, like it!

Traitor Item:


Disguise Kit
Cost: 5TC
Sprite: Same as the forensics kit.
Description: A small box filled with makeup, dyes, and other odds and ends.




Stage Makeup
Uses: 2
Availability: Disguise Kit Only
Effect: When applied, changes your display name to the target name. Application takes time (about 30 seconds) and shows a public emote every ten seconds.

Once applied makeup can be removed at any time by the verb "Remove Disguise". Others can remove makeup by drag-clicking you and selecting "Remove Disguise" from the inventory menu. As how splints work. 

The real name of the target is not changed. While the dead will still appear to be who they disguised as, a cloned person will have their original appearance/name.

Contraband: Yes. Anyone can identify this as contraband. 

Hand Mirror
Uses: Unlimited
Availability: Cargo, Personal Item Menu (4 points), Kit
Description: A small hand mirror, for the especially vain.
Effect: As a wall mirror. click it inhand to change your hairstyle anywhere!
Contraband: No

Hair Dye
Uses: 4
Availability: Cargo, Kit
Description: VeyMed Adaptive Hair Dye. Don't like your hair color? CHANGE IT NOW!
Effect: Target mob you click with the item has its hair color changed to the selected RBG value. Application takes thirty seconds and has obvious emotes while doing so. Showering removes the dye.
Contraband: No, but discouraged by NT.

Fur Dye
Uses: 4
Availability: Cargo, Kit
Description: VeyMed Adaptive Fur, Slime and Scale Dye! Don't like your appearance? CHANGE IT NOW!
Effect: Target nonhuman mob you click with the item has its body color and pattern changed to the selected RBG and skin pattern. Application takes thirty seconds, and has obvious emotes while doing so. Showering removes the dye.
Contraband: No, but discouraged by NT


Questions and Answers

1. Jamini! Why you do this? - Our current disguise items for traitors are somewhat weak. This is harder to spot as an obvious "so and so is pretending to be what they are not." and could be fun. Plus it includes a few more things for cargo to stock!

2. Isn't a name change overpowered a bit? - It's powerful yes, but maintaining a disguise requires some acting skill as well. Just looking like someone is only half the battle. It's a bit stronger than a voice changer, so it costs a little more, but not so much that a dedicated infiltrator could not be able to afford a chameleon kit, an agent ID, and a disguise kit on a normal telecrystal budget. Additionally, it's limited. You have a set number of disguises, unlike a voice changer and agent ID. Use them carefully!

3. Will you really do this? - Yes. If I get positive feedback on the idea I would be happy to code this up. Ultimately it's up to Skull if he wants it or not, however.

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Back on target:

I'd be alright with taters reliably disguising as other people without the need for several prerequisitives being needed to be fulfilled, such as being the traitor geneticist and offering genetic backups, though really just taking their S.E. and using it later on.

This would allow for some pretty humorous and otherwise chaotic/interesting situations that would allow for legitimate assassinations to take place and allow the assassin to assume the target's identity, a la Hitman.

Or, you know, you could just dye your fur or hair pink and make everyone laugh.

I can see a lot of possibilities with this item. Implement it, I say.

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