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Pauls4eva's Custom Item app

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BYOND Key: Pauls4eva

Character name: Bob Dolf

Item name: Rocket Wheelchair

Why is your character carrying said item to work? (All I can think of is this) Gotta go fast, NT allowed him to use this wheelchair at work, hoping he doesn't know how to pilot it

Item function(s): Just a wheelchair, legit, different sprite

Item description: It's a wheelchair with rockets instead of wheels, quick, disassemble it for free metal!

Item appearance: A wheelchair, black rockets instead of wheels, the rockets have blue flames

Additional comments: I don't even know anymore, I couldn't think of a legit reason

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I'm gonna be the first to come here and say...while this idea is amusing and creative, it cannot be allowed because it gives your character a mechanical advantage over everyone else, regardless of job.

Also, custom items are things you can hold in your hand. You can't hold a wheelchair.

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Guest Menown

Blue, my character Cassidy has her own custom wheelchair. You can apply for something that isn't an actual item.

However, this is extremely out there. You're substituting a gameplay mechanic to gain an advantage over others, Paul. I'm not exactly sure if this will be accepted.

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