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Antagonist Unban Request.

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BYOND Key: Canon35

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning Staff member's Key: Rusty Shackleford

Reason of Ban: When I first started playing SS13, I played on this server. After awhile I decided to try out traitor during an Autotraitor round, lo and behold I was given the objective of murdering an assistant. I remember buying a parapen, and an e-sword and heading to the bar to discover a mask party going on. Shortly after, my target wanted me to open maintenance so that she could check for something. Seizing the opportunity, I parapenned her, and then chopped her head off with an E-sword. Shortly after, Rusty PM'd me and gave me this ban for ganking my target.

Reason for Appeal: I've had a lot of practice with role-playing and playing as antagonist ever since this incident, and this ban also bars me from playing as ERT and dionae nymphs, two roles I enjoy playing. I've played as an admin-spawned antagonist before, and I did do well playing them, sadly most of those times there would be a transfer called before I could put plans into motion. All in all, I'm ready to be a better antagonist than before, and all I'm asking is to be able to prove myself.

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