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Tired of the hostility

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Right let me get straight to it, we're Aurora the friendly roleplaying server right?

"No Mr Tool, we're the super arrogant hostile Aurora which doesn't like civil conversations and discussions in general."

Recently I've noticed increasing levels of hostility in the community, swearing at each other, insulting each other for no reason other than they don't agree with your way of thinking. I don't think this is right, what kind of impression is it to someone who heard that this server was super friendly and community driven when they turn up and see the regulars all being dicks to anyone who doesn't follow their ideas.

Now I may be missing something here, but surely if a game.. Yes ladies and gentlemen... A GAME IN WHICH YOU PLAY 2D SPESSMEN can get you so angry then maybe you should try putting it down for ten minutes to calm yourself? And surely if someone is annoying you on the forum then maybe you can go off of the forum for ten minutes? It's not hard to stay calm and honestly most people don't want to be in an environment in which everyone shouts at each other for stupid shit.. It's a game, and we're supposed to be a friendly community - how about we act like it?

I'm fine with debates, but I'm not fine with the constant hostility.

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Eh, there are roughly three kinds of folks that you could be referring to, all of whom have poked their heads up in the past two weeks.

First are the group of people who get fired up and passionate about things. I sometimes fall into that category. At that point, it isn't so much as you're trying to be hostile, but rather, you're just trying to make yourself heard, and are getting frustrated whenever people don't understand their point, or dismiss it. Those folks, you just pay no mind and let them cool off for a day. They're usually rather decent people after that.

Second are folks who see something wrong and rebut it for the sake of rebutting it. Most notably, they butt heads with the first noted group and just don't let them calm down. Instead of focusing on the issue that is brought up, and continuing the discussion at the core of it, they tend to go after the means with which a point is being carried across, and harp on that. Which, contrary to their belief of "I'm helping the discussion stay on track," actually works to derail it more and create conflict. Those folks, instead of putting out a stout self-moderatory order of, "Hey, you, get back on topic," should instead lead the way and post something on target.

Third group of folks. The ones I actually see as the most disruptive. Are folks who don't contribute anything beyond exacerbated beliefs and screaming (or what I interpret as such).

We have all three represented, and that's really just how people are. If you see someone as getting too much in someone's face, click the "!" mark on their post, and report it for a moderator/admin of the board to review. As simple as that, really, as we cannot and do not read all of the posts.

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Thank you for the post Skull. The main point of this thread is that acting like this doesn't get us anywhere other than arguments with eachother over the tiniest things in a video game. I've spoken to a few people and we've agreed that we will start reporting people when they're going over the top.

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