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Telescience change


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All I ever see the experimental Telescience lab used for is rapid, no risk teleportation, or stealing things; I think it would be an idea to add a downside, either a risk of very severe damage; or a straight up burn/toxin drop, considering you are being moved through bluespace by an experimental technology that is meant to be in no way ready for active use.

Currently, the Telescience lab is a guided, rapid-fire, no risk Teleporter; with lower access, and the ability to reach each and every Z-level, baring CC level.

Currently, Telescience is completely safe; there are absolutely no downsides, baring the weak error that can be easily dealt with by maths; or by the spreadsheet that has made it's way into the hands of most telescientists.

Telescience is not a tool for Science to roll out in any crisis, it is highly experimental, dealing with an unknown dimension; hell, having it spark out in the corridors or medical should be gross incompetance, you hit someone with that, they could get half teleported, lost in space, vanishing into Bluespace never to be seen again.

I am not saying make it 100% lethal and unusable in an emergency, but it should not be the go to for every power gaming scientist who wants to be a hero, by completely saving everything and everyone in less than a minute, with no risks.

Maybe even a chance to sever a limb off of a humanoid in the field, taking into account that they might not get their whole body in; or a chance, like the normal teleporter, which is far, far worse, to drop them in space somewhere.

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I think the telescience terminal is /definitely/ DEFINITELY in need of some work. As a sometimes telescientist myself, not only does its no-risk make it very appealing to griffers and robbers, it makes it very boring for people who aren't in the two categories.

Some RNG from RNGesus would be very much appreciated. Toxins, limb removal, etcetera sound good. Some other things to consider, especially for the robber portion, is that if an inanimate object goes through the telescience computer, it can have a chance to be deleted, ported randomly, or turned into something else (presumably less valuable). GPS could potentially have a much lower chance of this happening (But let us not exclude them!)

Random mutations is also a good thing to consider. Really, a plethora of items could be attached, but I think challenge is a necessary addition to Telescience, and RNG is an easy and good way of adding this challenge.

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Most I've seen it used for is derelict teleportation by a powergaming scientist. Definitely agree with the points being displayed here, minor chances of a downside with maybe some ways to mitigate the damage could be good. Considering scientists experimenting on themselves AGAIN, is something we don't want.(See: Self testing)

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I don't even like Telescience. It's just a bad idea because it's too good no matter the cost. Bluespace teleportation was already pretty good even with the occasional being flung into space, but even if it had the same effect, then it would make Telescience less functional or useful. If there was a damage issue, they'd just scoop up Bicardine and what have you.

I'd just scrap it (with genetics) and make another thing. But I hate a lot of the science wings. So I'm not very helpful.

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