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Decoy Bombs in nuke rounds


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Everyone has the hatred over the internal bombs that nuke operatives get in every single nuke round. I've came up with an idea that might change the whole immersion of the gamemode. They are called Decoy Bombs. (I honestly don't really care about the internal bombs, but there should be a change,)

Every time after nuke gamemode ends, there is always this massive argument that comes, mostly because of the internal bombs that get detonated for brig, medbay or cargo. All three sometimes. Then there are people who argue all the time after every single nuke round. Or you can take example of me always arguing about ERT(with reasons of course. ERT baboons spaced me once because they didn't know how to carry people in space D:) Now, here's a bomb that can change stuff in the rounds of this gamemode.

What essentially a decoy bomb does is emit a very large "explosion" sound throughout the station, without causing any damage whatsoever. Possibly even send a shock wave of vibrations if possible, to get that feeling something blew up(if possible by coding). This should get the entire crew to stay alert of any bombs and stay away from various areas, that are very insecure and not safe at all. To get the bomb working, you need to first get inside the station and place it wherever you'd like, cargo, etc. Activate it, place it, then watch as the crew gets confused and not get in your way at hallways and so further.

The pro of this is that there will be no more silly breaches, that'll later on vent hallways because of some bald assistant opening shutters. No gankbombing will be used at all in process, good right? This bomb should also immerse everyone that they're probably dealing with a group of terrorists that are doing this and that you should maaaybee stay away. The bombs won't do anything at all but just emit a sound and (if possible) vibration nearby to get the feel of something blown up.

The only con of this, is the metagaming that'll be heavily used. "Oh look we heard a bomb, but there's no alerts, so meh let's just start patrolling everywhere anyways." or either avoid the problem at all and just go insecure, to kill a nuke op because their skills are bound to, then perhaps start ranting after getting killed. Which happens every time. You can of course get excused if you have good weaponry, because you'll have highest success rate(LWAPs, shotguns with incendiary, etc), rather than going in with one carbine and security belt.

Bad idea or good? Share your opinions if you have the urge to.

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I like that idea, this bomb could brake windows like vampire, because it emit only high value sound. I think that decoy bomb would give to the nuke op more tools of intimidation. Because I remember that round, when captain even didn't care about the nuke ops threat to blow up something. And when they blow up something this captain still want to argue with them.

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You can already make decoy bombs. Especially if you suck at making bombs in Toxins.

Joking, of course, but it would be cool to have a dummy bomb device like that.

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Why not have real bombs, and decoy bombs? Let the ops still spawn with real bombs, and let them get the decoys (As either an op-only antag item or a general antag item, traitors could probably use it for something) for 1 TC or something cheap for a single-use low-utility distraction tool.

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I recall accidently finding the shuttle, realizing what it was ICLY, and detonating all of their bombs on the ship while they were away. They ended up getting away from Sec, to only find their nearly entirely destroyed ship without a nav console.


good times.

But onto the this, It wouldn't HURT anything to have them, but their use would be limited at best. You could just set a real bomb to have a really long ass timer and leave it at that.

If we were to add this, I'd give it a twist by having it animate a little F raise out of the top, then have a sound effect of a automated voice saying "Fuck".

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