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Robotic Potato

Staff Complaint - snakebittenn

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BYOND Key: Robotic Potato
Staff BYOND Key: snakebittenn
Game ID: b8m-amfl (The round after.)
Reason for complaint: 
I'd like to begin with I'm not asking for any punishment of the sort I simply wish to contest my warning.

The situation as it was, I joined into a Freelancer Mercenary team. We prepped up and our leader was asking about the job we were told there were multiple hostile people namely skeletons and robed persons dragging off bodies. After some negotiations we clarified who we were there for and what our plan of action was, specifically being to kill them and shoot on sight. We clarified our intentions before and as we docked that we'd meet our targets with lethal force.

We arrived immediately to find a skeleton trying to kill a member of the crew, which one again set the tone for our interactions going forward as our targets being hostile. We were then to proceed to Cargo, I headed that way and checked the upper and lower area it was clear. At about this point I was called by a member of Sec to Medical where I met him short of it and he called me over to the Robotics area. At this point we enter the area and I see one of the robed men we were tasked to kill along with another man which I believe at the time did have a cult sword. I opened fire on them, as that's what we were asked to do. At this point the Sec Member asks me to stop which I do, because I assume this may be mistaken identity. Both of the cultist pull to either side of the room while I clarify they're the hostiles I've been sent for.

The officer clarified, yes, they were so I said I would proceed as I was doing from there and I did proceed to kill them. After killing both cultist the officer did ask I not immediately kill any humans in the future and only go for skeletons which I acknowledged and planned to follow through on, though it appears only those two were cultist or at least openly so.

A few minutes later I was messaged by a moderator and told I didn't provide antiquate role play opportunities with them and I'll confess I was somewhat rude as I had felt the moderator was being somewhat confrontational with me as well. My argument boiled down to about, "We're mercenaries hired to kill these people. We know they're hostile, we have no non-lethal equipment and our intention is to kill them from the start which we clearly stated.". I was unsure what they wanted from me in the situation, they asked I attempt to tell them to get down or surrender, but once again we have no non-lethal weapons and I did not start with cuffs of any kind. I argued it seemed unrealistic for me to warn my target I'm about to shoot them as well because all it does is broadcast I'm hostile, which was already established, and allow them time to attack me in turn.

A bit later our leader did say in LOOC he asked us not to attack the cultist on sight, but after checking my logs I don't see it anywhere. Tt's likely I didn't because at one point my headset was EMPed and I had to re-enable it.

Evidence/logs/etc: In case it's not actually visible I was EMPed in the logs here is a screenshot from right after the time I had attacked the two cultist where I tried to radio in they had been handled but my radio wasn't active. There's not much else relevant to the situation. Unfortunately I'm not clear on when I was EMPed but after checking my own personal logs once again I hadn't noticed the Freelancer Leader ask us not to immediately open fire on them.



Additional remarks:I would like to apologize for my salting and abrasive behavior after the fact as it was uncalled for. I always try to keep it clean and polite even when arguing, but at the time I had felt my warning was unjust and figured there would be no recourse. After cooling down, of course I've reconsidered and apologize for my behavior.

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Hi, sorry for the time. @BoryaTheSlayer and I are going to take this complaint. Give us some time to go through everything.

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Hello! I'm really sorry for the long wait but we're back with a verdict.

We have deemed this warning invalid, as your intentions were indeed quite clear, considering by this point multiple fights between the mercs and the antagonists had already occurred. Not to mention that the shoot on sight order was announced as your team had arrived to the station, as well.

In addition and to clarify, your team leader actually never distinguished the cultists and the skeletons as they claim they did in LOOC, and if they did, it was eaten by logs. There was simply a blanket order to shoot hostiles and that was it.

The warning will be removed. Closing and archiving in 24 hours.

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