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Local miners terraform asteroid

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BYOND key: Lukebr2

Character names of all involved:

  • Alex Yammato(me) (miner)
  • Preston Tuc (miner)
  • Zachary Praxidike (miner and who had the idea)

Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album:

we were starting to mine when zach have a brilliant idea,to plant in the asteroid.

no one thought it would work but it did,so we choose the only possible thing we can do: terraform the fucking asteroid.

we planted a ton of grass that grew in space and used it to make grass floor,we also planted food.

the plants were growing at (according to the tray) 2.5k degrees the only problem was that it died after a while but it was possible to harvester 2-3 times until then

sadly the server crashed while we were in the middle so it didnt reached the bigger size possible

Have you read the application rules??:  Yep

Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action?
i even ahelped to see if it is worth to evaluation and the adm said it was so i dont think it was against the rules

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?:

because it is a simple thing that no one did it because it seens like it wouldnt work,but apparently it does, with all realism in ss13 we thought the code had stuff like "space bad for plants" and the fact that we reached ridiculos levels with it terraforming a big area before the crash

Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?:

100% sure since it was a brilliant idea of a brilliant miner

Final thoughts/anything you want to add?: 




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