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  1. after thinking for a while i decided to make this to ask you guys aboult my two main characters: Sam Chalegre,the dreg roboticist and Alex Yammato the Himean Quatermaster/Drill Tech what you think aboult then? what you like or dislike aboult then? do you think they are well Roleplayed or not? any comment and suggestion for improvement is welcome ready for the rain of critics i will get
  2. +1 in my opinion fierytech is a great person to RP with giving me a lot of memorable scenes that made my experience in the aurora way better
  3. +1 i only have great memories of my interactions with bjorn,with his solid RP and intresting character,making him one of the most memorable chars i have seen
  4. as someone that normaly force runs a lot,we need this placed in our code asap
  5. Yumi is a great character to interact with and i remember RPing with Rim Soo-Min in the past and she was a great Director i would love to see her back +1
  6. hey are you available for other commission or you are too busy?
    Sad that Layla Starr had to die but that is how the events go right?
  7. my dominian wears a dominia cape with a security badge and a dogtag over her security clothes
  8. Reporting Personnel: Sam Chalegre Job Title of Reporting Personnel: biomechanic engineer Game ID: b8Q-c0JU (was the one before it) Personnel Involved: Meria Volvalaad,captain (offender);Evelyn Morgan ,head of security(offender)Luke Conan,Security officer(wittness),April Esker,anomalist(wittness),Evangeline watari,mechatronic engineer(witness) Secondary Witnesses: all of security Time of Incident: Real Time: 14:50GMT-3;27/08/2020 Location of Incident: science and security Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ]
  9. judge the enemy of alex Yammato,dead.now buck arises to take his place
  10. BYOND key: Lukebr2 Character names of all involved: Alex Yammato(me) (miner) Preston Tuc (miner) Zachary Praxidike (miner and who had the idea) Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album: https://imgur.com/a/fRrb3Ju we were starting to mine when zach have a brilliant idea,to plant in the asteroid. no one thought it would work but it did,so we choose the only possible thing we can do: terraform the fucking asteroid. we planted a ton of g
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