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  1. small aditions to my comment: while i am generaly welcoming to all kinds of feedback a lot of the things said in the logs are unescessary and just straight up offensive, i try my best to not follow stereotypes and i have not done anything that could had insulted the lgbt+ community especialy the lesbian one at any time. and i woulnt say that it is toxic but it does cause me to feel very unwelcomed since the insults were made by a staff member as said before i am not a kid and nor wish to be treated like one with that said i dont think it is "bullying a kid" but mo
  2. there is a lot to adress here so i will do that in parts 1.everything i posted on reddit was with shit and giggles in mind i do not condone male rape or anything of the matter 2.it saddens me that some people have resorted to talk shit aboult others in a discord server that they dont have access instead of talking to the person directly wicht could had prevented a lot of the problems we are seeing here today 3.according to my reflexions and other people comments i belive my charaters are unique in almost all things except their sexuality wicht i am not even sure why i made then
  3. after thinking for a while i decided to make this to ask you guys aboult my two main characters: Sam Chalegre,the dreg roboticist and Alex Yammato the Himean Quatermaster/Drill Tech what you think aboult then? what you like or dislike aboult then? do you think they are well Roleplayed or not? any comment and suggestion for improvement is welcome ready for the rain of critics i will get
  4. +1 in my opinion fierytech is a great person to RP with giving me a lot of memorable scenes that made my experience in the aurora way better
  5. +1 i only have great memories of my interactions with bjorn,with his solid RP and intresting character,making him one of the most memorable chars i have seen
  6. as someone that normaly force runs a lot,we need this placed in our code asap
  7. Yumi is a great character to interact with and i remember RPing with Rim Soo-Min in the past and she was a great Director i would love to see her back +1
  8. hey are you available for other commission or you are too busy?
    Sad that Layla Starr had to die but that is how the events go right?
  9. my dominian wears a dominia cape with a security badge and a dogtag over her security clothes
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