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  1. +1 from me. Just remember if your trial is approved make sure to be active during that time so you can show your skills!
  2. An Auto-Compressor module would also be nice for borgs to do CPR.
  3. This is a no-brainer. Kyres is a dedicated member of this community. +1
  4. This one is a no-brainer for me from a player perspective, from a lore perspective I am not an expert but everything here looks interesting, and there is clearly a solid effort on the backstory. +1
  5. I've interacted with Yahir the most, and I can say those interactions have been positive. I say give them the trial! +1
  6. I like it, make people pay extra if they want to smoke like a vacuum.
  7. I assume when you say normal tea you mean the tea that can be mixed with stuff like sopophoric to make sleepy time tea, ect. The only issue I can see is that it adds another food/drink item to a vendor that can be gotten without interacting with the crew roles that provide these things, I've seen that argument in the past about certain food items/drinks, so I thought I'd post it. That being said, tea is a very basic recipe, so there shouldn't be an issue adding it. +1
  8. I think it should remain optional. However I do agree if you are playing a prominent role like the Captain or other figureheads, you should put the effort in. Everyone should, but throwaway characters do exist, for certain gimmicks or maybe even just learning a job. Maybe a middle ground could be a prompt that reminds you that the feature exists when saving a character.
  9. +1, I like it. AI can still notice small details like sparking airlocks and out of place items, but can't just directly say who did it, leading to investigations by Security without ending someones round directly. I see no reason this can't be a thing.
  10. If Defibs are added the rescue or medical borg should get them as a module.
  11. Will the user be invisible to borg/robot eye cameras as well?
  12. The Kataphracts I encountered so far seem to have played the role well enough. I agree with your assessment that the archetype is well enough understood that it does not require a white list like maybe playing the species full time might. I am sure failures to RP them properly can be handled on a case by case basis, there is no need for a whitelist for this limited role.
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