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  2. Borgs should retain its flash. It has its uses. The clerical tools are a welcome change for all modules, they aren't for everyone, but I use them in my RP when I can. Rescue flying is fine, you can't do your job without it. There are areas of the station a borg can't reach or escape from without a jetpack, and these areas are frequently visited by clumsy miners with broken legs. The changes are great, my only slight worry is that Rescue can do 95% of chemistry tasks now, but that may not be a bad thing for when there is down time. The medical module still retains it's niche of surger
  3. I was the borg. A point of clarification. I did not release him. He unbuckled himself after healing himself. He was braindead and heavily damaged when I collected him, as a borg, I cannot unbuckle people, they have no hands. That is when the chase began. I don't know if it was you, but I saw an officer with a disruptor chase after him after he unbuckled himself and ran off. There were antag actions in play here I believe, as Bjorn 'died' several times during the round. I don't have all the details, I didn't see who 'killed' bjorn, but I wanted to clarify my involvement.
  4. Hello! I really like the idea of CORK-13, it sounds like an interesting IPC. I've also enjoyed playing with you in medical, you seem eager to learn and you remind me a lot of myself when I was first applying for white lists here. I do have one question. What is it that made you pick this chassis for CORK-13, as opposed to other models? Was it for OOC reasons or was it a certain feature of the Bishop Accessory Module that appealed to you for the character?
  5. While I generally agree with this sentiment, in this case there is no reason to salvage this redundant feature. Records aren't going anywhere, it is just getting rid of the section that resets itself and making it clearer how to access the permanent notes.
  6. I certainly agree with the void suit issue. Nothing more frustrating than losing a patient because you can't remove clothing or inject medication to stabilize a patient as a rescue borg.
  7. This is really cool looking. Would be awesome to see worn around.
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