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  1. @VisVirific I love this guide, but it seems some more changes have been made/chemicals added. Mainly butazoline and saline plus. There have also been some pretty heavy overdose/chemical reworks. I am assuming it will be updated when you have time, but I wanted to leave this note here incase someone is browsing the thread! Here is the chem rework thread.
  2. This sounds really cool, if it is doable code wise.
  3. I think the five second unbolt was fine. I can see the bolting process taking longer, possibly even 10+ seconds, the audible notice is also a great idea. This would add tension to bolting, and give people time to react. Overall this is great, at the very least the AI should be able to lock down its own core. Thanks for taking the time to code this. In the future we could even consider re-adding these features to all airlocks, with more low security areas possibly taking longer to lock down than high security ones. That is just something to consider. As a borg I haven't missed bolting too terribly much, but I can certainly see how the AI might feel a bit lacking without at least some ability to secure areas. As a side note, I think traitor borgs/AI should retain the ability to insta-bolt, as it is a part of their traitor toolkit to be able to lock down areas and cause trouble.
  4. +1 The player knows their stuff and has been around for awhile. I say give them a trial.
  5. Please. They can sit on it, they can raise the kick stand, they can turn on the engine, but they can not ROLL. Let them roll.
  6. The age stuff doesn't really concern me, but we do need a role for people who are new to medical that makes sense. Intern should be added back. It is essentially medical bay's cadet role. Every complex department should have one.
  7. Most of the complaints here seem to be a result of the player piloting the wizard more than the wizard itself. I have witnessed some amazing immersive wizard rounds, with creative uses of the spells to drive a narrative. It would be sad to lose yet another mode because of player mistakes.
  8. Oh I love that one. I know you are probably swamped, but I'd love to get a commission of F.R.E.N. someday, I'm pretty sure I've said it before but I love your art style.
  9. Excellent roleplayer. +1 Looking forward to interacting with Trix.
  10. Cheers to all of you for your efforts.
  11. A champion appears in these dark times. +1
  12. Entering into combat with a heavily armed antagonist with what is supposed to be a maintenance platform is a violation of law four. Now I agree we need to enforce this mechanically, by nerfing the remote mech so it cannot attack effectively, but if it was used in this way in its current form it should be an easy bwoink in my opinion. I hope it will return after some tweaks, and not be removed outright.
  13. Well one thing is for sure, an item of such great power should not just be sitting out on a wooden desk. If we choose to keep it, secure it.
  14. I would say don't remove it. I think it is fine to have bounties that are hard to fill, as they also open up interesting gimmicks for traitors. If someone with access just hands over a security voidsuit, and there are consequences later in the round, that's fine. Your decisions have weight, centcomm only requires the phoron cannisters, everything else is a bonus. If an officer is foolish enough to do this sort of thing, handle it icly.
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