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  1. Agreed, the changes made are a positive step. Removing it entirely is too far at this juncture.
  2. This is my first time creating a character feedback thread! I have been brainstorming ideas to further advance this stationbound's character, but I figured I would create this thread to see if anyone was interested in providing feedback on how this particular station bound is viewed so far. I am mainly seeking comments on its behaviors, and personality. Positive feedback is always welcomed, but I am more interested in pinpointing any problem areas I could work on before trying out some of the new character advancements I had in mind, as those can be difficult to catch through a first person perspective. Thank you in advance for any feedback you provide!
  3. I appreciate all your hard work, these look great! Please consider adding a way for stationbounds to help with CPR, maybe a auto compression module or something. Or maybe access to the defib item if it is added.
  4. Why not just add more glass types, and let the bartender decide if he wants to keep the metamorphing kind, or just serve things in generic glasses. I'd hate to lose the unique looking beverages.
  5. Several departments have pets! At the very least, it would give the merchant something cool to sell.
  6. Fair enough. It gets requested so often though when I play in chemistry as a borg, and we have to go through the ritual of throwing them on the floor for filling, it just comes off as awkward and unnecessary. To be clear, I'm not asking for them to be able to actually use the injectors, just pick them up for storage, if coding that is even possible. The module is clearly designed for 99% of chemistry tasks, adding this doesn't seem like too much of a stretch.
  7. An item that works like the PAI device, that lets a player request a player controlled pet (Mouse, Rat, ECT) - that would show up in the ghost spawner menu as an available role. I just thought of this since wild rats might be removed, this might allow players to have little critter pets if they wanted to, and might provide some interesting RP? You could even add other types of animals down the road if you really wanted to, like a parrot or a schlorgo, cockroaches, ect. To prevent this from being over-used, it could be something you have to special order from cargo or perhaps have a hefty starting item point cost, maybe even limit it to the merchant bringing them on board.
  8. Would it be possible to allow medical modules to pick these two items up out of their boxes with their gripper for chemistry purposes? For making adrenaline injectors, ect.
  9. After playing a bit with these changes I have to echo what Carver said. It feels like someone smeared vaseline all over my screen.
  10. Just a great role player in general. This is an obvious choice. +1
  11. The only issue I've found is that Doctors often take medicines out of storage ahead of time, and sometimes they get killed, cryo, or vanish somewhere with the meds, so having a few extra bottles can be necessary. Again a problem with medical play more than a requirement for a chemist.
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