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  1. I think security should stay. It has a clearly defined role. As with every department, the quality of players within it is in constant flux, but the majority of my personal interactions have been positive. Sometimes I see sec players jump to violence over minor things, but it's rare enough, and there are ahelps to aid with that sort of thing.
  2. you've done it again kyres, I love the way these look
  3. Benevolent ghosts have saved my butt a few times when I couldn't figure out a game mechanic. I can see how the chat suddenly flooding with LOOC can be immersion breaking or annoying though. I am guilty of it myself, usually because something hilarious happens but expressing it IC wouldn't make sense (Robot machine no laugh). It's a tough one, I can see the pros and cons.
  4. I was pinged into here so I will just say two things. One: I did not report Menown's post. I was a bit confused by the seemingly hostile reply, but we hashed it out in private. I am not sure who reported it. Two: My post was meant as a joke and a reference to a very old round where Menown's character got crushed by an elevator. That was the reason for the @ That is my involvement.
  5. The random mix has lead to some really interesting scenarios.
  6. Make candles last longer while your at it!
  7. I rather like the idea of doing away with the cryo announcements. Having to physically check those Cryo console logs would be fine. I'm not sure about the manifest though, it does seem like a full manifest should be something only available to certain people though.
  8. I'm not sure if it's possible but maybe make simple 'ghetto' surgery possible to do on yourself while sitting in a chair? I can see an Antagonist sitting in some corner of maintenance stitching themselves back together in a haphazard manner, obviously with the associated risks. Most of the items for this can be obtained relatively easily as well, as they are just things like wire, duct tape, wirecutters ect. I guess a cure all drug would be easier - for a TC cost, but this just seems like something cool to layer on top of that.
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