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  1. Q.e.d. I rarelly stick around for d-chat other than to observe my friends, and may have only straight up observed 2 or 3 times. I'd happily admit to being a hypocrit, should you tell me about what I did/said other than maybe saying "sec bad". Until then I'm just seeing this as a baseless accusation, aswell as stiring the flames. This'll be my last reply to the topic for now.
  2. I fail to see in what world this is a "funny joke" or a good side-jab mocking-wise. It's also nice to see the unwillingness of some people to settle conflict or the "wasn't me"-mentality. Sure it's easier to just "not like" people you (presumably) never interacted with on an OOC level, but it's certainly not what makes a good community. Hence the "invisible wall" around security and some of player base, aswell as the migration of many people to new servers.
  3. I fail to see that in the two screenshots you provided, is what I'm saying.
  4. That still leaves you posting the comment "He is on record for saying shit like" *what he said*, which is subjectively speaking still talking "mad shit". Repost or not. Why even post this, instead of simply saying "There was no doxxing involved?
  5. Same goes for drugs. One moment you're high as a kite. The next you're clean again. Should you decide to RP it out (Cause let's be honest, who just has a few minutes/seconds high), you're more likely than not going to be scanned and hit with the "nothing in their system, weird" scenario.
  6. Always nice to RP with, really outgoing/RP-seeking character. Honestly just impressed by the amount of thought/work that went into the current arc your character is going through. Keep it up!
  7. Engineering wanted to set up a disposal/waterslide/cannonball amalgamation. Banana Skrell Qoi got stuck in a pipe. Ines deconstructed the pipe, deleting Qoi along with it
  8. They look dope as heck! Edit: I'm retarded and can't read.
  9. I've seen Alex grow from the pink-haired revolutionist, through the ball-busting brute, past the "I am a himean"-person and now towards the lore oriented, more flavoured character. Every step of the way, I found her to be unique and interesting to RP with. Another big, BIG plus is that you're appreciative of being corrected. Keep on doing what you're doing.
  10. There's an export scanner in the lockers on the cargo surface. Scanning items with it reveals their sell value. Bonus (If it hasn't been fixed): The more you stack a sheet of material, the less an individual sheet in it is worth for some reason. . . according to the scanner
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