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  1. I +1'ed their Head of Command app, so I'm +1'ing this for the same reasons as the other one
  2. Acted like a competent roboticist during last round and helped out where they could. Didn't really interact much but from seeing them I get a good impression. +1
  3. I haven't interacted with you so far, only seen you around, but so far all I can say is: I adore that name. Missed opportunity for a giant mustache though.
  4. Can confirm. This seriously hurt my trust in Matt. I can never take the ERP police serious again after this ;_;
  5. I just love spending 10 of my traitor TCs on a random assortment of empty oxygen tanks, bags, watches, clothes and stuff! The other 15 usually go into Riot shields, Baseball bats, door locks, enough medkits to survive a TG greytide and fake guns! In all honesty though... there is some cool stuff in there, it's just random. No firearms, no OP lethals. The coolest things you can find are voidsuits and RIGs IMO. The RIGs are ... rigged though. So without the help of a roboticist or METAing robo knowledge you're endangering yourself... like a lot. there's also sometimes a
  6. April good. Bunga unga Also very friendly and goes out of their way to thank someone 😄 +1
  7. Not your run off the mill captain, brings a breath of fresh air into captainhood +1
  8. I would actually really like to see something like that... and based on the voting results we could see if others would too?
  9. Viax Ma's behaviour was unique to me! So, either I'm not too familiar with Vaucra lore, or Lmwevil was very creativ with their chars gimmick. Either way tons of fun! +1
  10. Jose Dean has been a station engineer for ages now. The next logical step would be to aim for CE. +1 for the nice RP I got out of them
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