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Commendation Report 10/16/2462

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Reporting Personnel: Rajjurl Al-Thaalzir
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security
Game ID: b9E-dnfG
Commended Personnel: 
- Avery Bell, Detective 

Witnesses: -Saleema Rrhaskali, Head of Personnel, Witness to events described below.

Time of Commendable Act:
Real Time: 7pm 10/16/2020
Location of Act: Cargo

Overview: Detective Bell took initiative to step outside his acting roll of investigator and became a point of negotiations with the previously reported strike/mellow riot over food prices and warehouse duties. Mister Bell also acted as a point of information and a face for the team. His actions slowed destruction of property, loss of precious metals being used in the creation of barricades, and a point of distraction to the offender buying this one and his team time to move around and put an end to the events. These actions are worth merit and while he was proud of his entire team that day, this was an example of taking initiative.

Additional Notes:

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